Summary: Spiritually, the enemies of one’s goodness take careful consideration to watch one’s steps. They can only succeed in people’s lives after they had surveyed and understood your weaknesses.

Anyone that has ever lived in a country such as Britain and in London in particular will be in a good position to understand what a surveillance society is. With progressively more electronic eyes that are increasingly intruding into private lives and with great impacts on everyday activities. It had been said that new technology and "invisible" techniques are being used to gather a growing amount of information about UK citizens. It is also believed that the level of surveillance will grow even further in the next 10 years!

Spiritually, the enemies of one’s goodness take careful consideration to watch one’s steps. They can only succeed in people’s lives after they had surveyed and understood your weaknesses. When the bible says the devil prowls to and fro seeking a prey to destroy, it is suggesting surveillance, strategies and attacks. One needs to be vigilant to satanic observations.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

1 Peter 5:8

A lady called me on the phone one afternoon. She had never called me in the afternoon before; it was unusual as she always called in the evening. A strange thing had happened to her. She said she was ironing her clothes the day before and she literally felt someone move behind her, even though she was the only one in the house. Also the same day, she said she had finished frying some meat in the kitchen and had turned off the cooker while the meat was still on the cooker. What alarmed her was the smell of burning meat coming from the kitchen. Something had turned on the cooker!

Further, to confirm her worries, her thirteen-year-old son suddenly decided to vacate his room for the living room. When the mother asked him why he abandoned his room, the young man said “I feel I’m being watched in the room.”

In the physical, the pickpockets put in a great deal of study at the ATM machines where people withdraw their money. They have to be very observant with eagle’s eyes to spy on people’s bank cards’ pin numbers. Armed with information, they can proceed to the next stage of operation. The ignorant prey in no time will be robbed of his or her hard earned money.

A man was said to have escaped overseas from his mother whom he believed was a witch. In the new country, the Lord had blessed him. He was happily married with children. After many years, he prepared to pay his mother a visit back home in West Africa. At the end of their brief meeting, before he departed, his mother called him to her room to show him something. In her room by the wall was a large mirror. The mother asked her son to take a close look in the mirror. To his amazement he could see his whole family in the living room overseas as they relaxed in their routine watching a programme on the television. In fact the man’s dog was also in the picture lying down on the floor.

The witch asked her son, “Is this not your family that you are hiding from me?” The man was shocked at the vivid revelation. “Let me show you something,” the woman continued. “Is that your dog in the mirror?” she asked. The man could barely nod his head for his mouth had dried up in fear and shock. The mother then rendered some incantations against the dog and at that very moment, the dog had a seizure and died. She could easily have killed him or any member of his family as easy as she demonstrated.

Alas, the display showed the extent of satanic surveillance and how the enemy could easily terminate a destiny no matter the distance that one maybe from the danger. One should regularly pray against evil monitoring eyes and mirrors because such shadowing activities eventually lead to evil visitation. One must destroy evil monitors before they perpetrate their wickedness.

While I was writing this book, my family and I visited the home of a couple. They were family friends as well as active ministers in our church. After concluding our church service one Sunday we went to visit them. The wife told us a frightful story that will remain with me for years to come.

Many years ago, she owned a hair dressing salon and employed some workers and apprentices. One day, a strange woman walked into her salon to plait her hair. The competent staffs and apprentices offered to do the job but she rejected the propositions. The woman insisted she wanted only the boss, my friend, to plait her hair. It was not unusual for some customers to be resolute about who they would prefer to weave their hair. Some clients were sensitive about who they allowed to lay hands on their heads simply because they considered it to be the symbol of their destiny and as such, they would not want any evil hand to manipulate their fortune. However, some preferred the expertise of one of the staff and in most cases this was the boss or the manager.

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