Summary: Thi slesson is about doubt. Dounbt can feed upon itself if we are not careful and then we do not have any confidence.

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We have talked about Worry and Fear in the past two sessions and today we will talk about doubt. Doubt is a very strange emotion as it can start a vicious cycle that feeds upon itself.

Doubt - not trusting somebody or something: to suspect that somebody is not sincere or trustworthy, or that something is not true, likely, or genuine Encarta Dictionary

The trouble we have in this life is when we relate a word or emotion form the temporal to the eternal. Many of us have caused people to doubt us or we doubt them. People may have said that they would do something and then did not follow through. Then the next time they tell us they are going to do something we can start to doubt them. Then God says that His promises always ring true. God cannot life. But we have a hard time differentiating between what people say and what God says. Promises instead of being held in high esteem just become a word.

So how do we shake off the sin of the world and truly believe and NOT DOUBT God. God made a promise to Adam and Eve of all the things they could do and not do in the Garden of Eden. Then in Genesis chapter 3 Satan says “Did God really say”; You will surely not die if you eat that fruit as you will become more like God knowing the difference between good and evil.

First of all our doubt comes into our soul when we lose the “Awe” factor of God. Satan says eat and you will be like God. That is the first and last mistake. Our lives turn into turmoil when we desire glory instead of giving it to God. We will never be God but we try to make decisions without asking God first. We doubt others because they are sinful like us and then we automatically doubt the promises of God because we put God on the same plane as man. So how do we become in awe of God?

Exodus 12:12,13 ““On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn—both men and animals—and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the LORD. The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are; and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.”

This verse talks about how the “Passover” was started in the Jewish tradition. Pharaoh would not let the Israelites go so the Lord said that he would strike down and kill every firstborn men and animal. God was gracious to the Israelites. He told then to put blood from a lamb on the door post. When the Lord would come through at night to kill and He saw the blood then he would “Pass Over” that home.

I talk a lot about God’s grace and mercy in the devotionals that the Lord allows me to write to you because I desperately need His mercy and forgiveness. But we also must realize that God is a God of just scales. God will still punish and do whatever it takes to make things right in this world and the world to come. Maybe we are not in “Awe” of God the way we should be because we talk too much about Grace and Mercy. If God so chooses He could demand your life today. So let us try to change our mindset from thinking that our boss or anyone else for that matter has more control over us than God. God holds the breath of your boss, your enemies and you in His hands.

It is a travesty to God when we try to relate to Him like we do other mean and women. Our sin nature will always want to creep up within us if we are not careful. Then if we do not think God notices or that He will not do anything about it we get deeper and deeper into sin. Let us stop doubting God. His promises are real and perfect. Pray that you would not try to figure God out. If we could He would not be God. When we can stand on the promises of God then and only then will we not doubt our security in the only One who can save us. People no matter how good their intentions will always fail us and we will fail others. But never let that doubt of the promises of people ever cloud your judgment of the Promises of God. So what are these promises? Ahhhh, that is the million dollar question. They are found all throughout the Bible. It is up to you to search for God’s promises as you would treasure. Mediate on them day and night and doubt will become a thing of the past. Joy will flood your soul and you will finally know what real security is.

Have an awesome day and give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt and a second chance.


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