Summary: satan appears with three common methods of attack against the Christian. he comes as tempter, deciever, and the accuser.

There are three angels mentioned in the Bible by name, they are Michael the warrior angel, Gabriel the messenger angel, and lucifer the light. I want to dwell upon the tactics of the fallen angel who was known as lucifer, now called satan. You might read more of him in Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14.

Jesus told His followers to be wise as serpents.(Matthew 10:16).

I list Three Methods Of Attack Used By satan

(1) The First Is As A Tempter

(A) The devil, aka. satan first appeared as tempter to Eve in the Garden of Eden (Gen.3:1)

(B)(Matt.4:3) he tried to tempt Christ in the wilderness.

(C) Early Christians were aware of the term and tactics the ’Tempter’, Paul wrote, "For this cause, when I could no longer forebear I sent to know your faith, lest by some means the tempter have tempted you, and our labor be in vain." (1Thess.3:5)

(D) Jesus easily overcame satan with one single stab of the sword of the Word of God.

(E) Notice sin always starts with a small temptation. Read (James 1:15)

(2) he Next Comes As The Deceiver

(A) More believers are harmed by the adversary when he comes as a deceiver.

(a) Paul wrote in (2 Cor. 11:14-15). "And no marvel for satan himself is transformed as an angel of light.

the word ’Transformed’, is better translated as ’Disguised’

(b) his purpose is to get the Christian to accept the false for the truth.

he does this by getting God’s children involved in the cares of this world.

(B) Jesus used the Word to overcome the devil , so must we.

See (Revelation 21:7) "He that overcometh shall inherit all things."

(C) when satan comes as a tempter his presence is obvious, however when he appears as a deceiver he becomes a little harder to discern.

It is the third method of attack in which we must be on our toes.

(3) he Then Comes As The Accuser.

(A) satan accuses the Believer to God, and accuses God to the Believer.

Read these verses (Job 1:9 & Job 1:11 & Job 2:5)

(a) "Job will curse you" (b) "Doth Job fear God for naught."

(B) satan accuses other Christians to a Believer.

(a)(Matt.7:1-5). We look upon a brother in the Lord and immediately judge him by the eye. This accounts for suspicion, distrust, faultfinding, and criticism.

(C) satan accuses a Believer to Himself through condemnation and guilt.

(a) A common name of satan is ’devil’ from the Greek ’Diabolos’ which means prosecutor, slanderer, or accuser.

(b) In the Book of Job we read where satan presented himself before God. he took the opportunity to slander Job.

(D) you must rest assured you are on the devil’s hit list when you serve God.

(a) Jesus was inspected by the devil, in (John 14:30)we read, "Hereafter I will not talk much with you; for the prince of this world cometh and has nothing in Me."

Jesus was saying here in effect, satan has come to inspect Me, but he has no claim on Me.

(b) satan cannot get an advantage of us, because of our advocate.

Praise God! we have a better attorney than Perry Mason or Ben Matlock. Bless God! Let us be on guard against the enemy of our souls.

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