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Summary: Since creation mankind has always been in pursuit of happiness, contentment, fulfillment. Anything that will bring to their lives the smallest measure of satisfaction. But the woman at the well discovered what everyone was looking for.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

John 4 (quickview) : 3-15

INTRO: 1. Since creation mankind has always been in pursuit of happiness, contentment, fulfillment. Anything that will bring to their lives the smallest measure of satisfaction.

a. In vain, some pursue riches, while the rich pursues more.

b. Some pursue fame, while the famous is constantly in the headlines having taken their lives.

c. Some pursue success, but discover what they’ve fought all there life for wasn’t worth fighting for.

ILL. Multimillionaire George Vanderbilt killed himself by jumping from a hotel window. Lester Hunt, twice governor of Wyoming before being elected to the U.S. Senate, ended his own life. Actress Marilyn Monroe, writer Ernest Hemingway, rock star Janice Joplin and the list goes on and on.

d. Some pursue relationships, but divorce rate testifies that human relationships isn’t enough to satisfy our thirst.

e. Some pursue pleasure, but finds it only leaves them burned-out and even more empty than before.

f. There is a hunger in man that this world can never satisfy!

(created with a God-shaped vacuum in our soul)

2. Jesus at the well of Sychar found a women whose life had been wasted in the pursuit of satisfaction.

a. She had married five husbands in hopes she’d find someone to bring to her life what she’d always longed for.

b. She came to well in the middle of the day, most likely because she had become the object of scorn from a life devoted to pleasure and sin.

c. This pursuit had left her feeling worthless and burned out. Hopeless to ever find what her heart so desired.

d. But what she found at that well was what she’d been looking for all along.

3. The words He spoke she’d never forget – He quickly let her know that what He had she could receive.

a. He placed within her reach the keys to satisfaction.

b. He unfolds to this sinful women what the whole world had been striving for.

c. This is the single longest conversation recorded in the gospel between Jesus and an individual.

d. He, in detail, outlines the nature and the abundance of a satisfication guaranteed by Heaven.

4. This Samaritan women wasn’t convinced right away, she resisted at every turn.

a. She attempted to distract him with “religious talk” and bringing up political contraversies. Getting too personal, embarrising.

b. But Jesus didn’t stop until she ran to tell her neighbors about finally finding satisfaction.

c. You may be sitting here today skeptical that Jesus can really deliver what He promised, but Jesus isn’t intimidated by our doubts or our questions – but is willing to patiently work to give you what you’ve desired all along - Fulfillment of the soul.


a. Jesus didn’t answer the question on her lips, but the question on her heart.

b. He started by revealing to her that this satisfaction is a gift from God.

John 4:10 (quickview)  Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.

c. Didn’t come to give her a reward, but a gift.

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