Summary: This message is part of a series on relationships and dating emphasizing the need to marry a committed believer (based on Neh. 10:30). Power Point with pictures for message available. Email


Theme: We can be fully satisfied in God. John 4:27-42

Intro: Have you ever been full? So full you felt sick?

We fill our lives up with so many things, but on the inside we are empty and lonely. The Samaritan woman had six men, but was still not satisfied.


Nehemiah 10:30 People make a commitment to marriage

John 4: Jesus is talking with a woman burned by bad relationships. The disciples are focused on food, Jesus refuses.

We can experience complete satisfaction in God by...

I. Eat! Learning to eat right (spiritually)

What is normal? Big Macs for every meal? Dear Annie? Food is “normal.” Jesus isn’t. Illus: You can look normal, but be obese. Normal leaves us hungry. Taste and see the Lord is good!

Jesus is saying “Ministry brings satisfaction.” Jesus gave up one meal for something far better.

Have you ever experienced a changed life?

“If our worship simply becomes about ‘Jesus and me,’ and doesn’t have any real impact on broken humanity, then I don’t think we are fully joining into the story,” Michael Gungor

II. Look! Seeing the food right in front of us.

Jesus has found another food – a spiritual harvest.

Sometimes we are waiting for a better day. Today is the day. Psalm 23.

Numb: We get so full of stuff that we don’t realize there is food all around us and that we are starving. (TV)

Illus: Rocks in a Jar

Have you ever felt like there must be more to life? There is! Can you see the "spam" in your life that is crowing God out?

III. Know! Knowing God like God knows us

Exposed: Jesus knew all about her but loved her. Why do we expose ourselves to the world, but not to God?

The questions is not does God know you, but do you know Him?

Her whole community was changed by relationship. To share God, you have to know God. Some people are only interested in what God can do, but Who is more imporant than what: John 4:43

Illus: My son won’t talk to me…

What do you need more than anything? Would you die for? A boyfriend? What if it was your baby?

Are you happy? When you are all alone, no music, no TV, no internet, no phone…are you okay? You can be! Because God is more than enough! “AH!”

Do you ever feel like there must be more? I am a Christian, I am serving God, but there is something I am not doing. There is something else, there is more to it.

Conclusion: We can be fully satisfied in God. Be Full...of God!

One Hour Challenge: Give something up for something better: ONE HOUR – No electronics – focus on God, ministry to others. Going without – fast for God, not for things.

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