Summary: What a horrible Saturday Jesus’ disciples had, not understanding that Sunday, and His resurrection, were just ahead!

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Saturday is not the End

April 14, 2001

Saturday can be quite an ‘in between day’ for people. As they live their lives, it’s the day between the end of the five-day working week, and Sunday- the real day off. It’s often the day for errands to be done and for catching up on everything that wasn’t done through the week, so it can, for many, become quite a tiresome and down day.

What was Saturday like for the disciples after Jesus died? Can you imagine a darker day than those disciples had that horrible week? Peter, James, John, and the other disciples, experienced the longest Saturday in history, that week when Jesus died. When he died, they lost everything they had lived for. Their hopes were not only wounded; they were exploded out of existence! They were annihilated and blown to bits. Their dreams were not shattered, but they were completely stripped away and destroyed beyond imagination. I think God can only know the torment of that Saturday in the lives of the first disciples- He watched as they plodded through that day. He watched as they just put in the time that Saturday. He was there with them, although they might not have been really aware of that, as they hit a bottom in despair and sadness. They remained locked away together, and the questions, the anguish, the confusion, and the fear must have been so incredible!

They had left their previous lives to follow Jesus, their rabbi. They had been stirred by the ‘call’! They had responded to the great hope that Jesus aroused in them.

You and I have been there, to a degree, at least, and we need to get in touch with that a bit today in order to understand something so crucial in this season.

If you’re married, I want you to think back to the wonder and excitement and the anticipation you had when you were married. Remember the idealism and the idea that nothing could possibly go wrong. For some of us, it might be good to think back to the time when we came into the faith- whether you define that as coming into this church, or the time when you first responded to God’s call to you. I well remember my youthfulness and enthusiasm at that time and the lengths I would go to, even adjusting my life as I saw God’s call putting different requirements on me. I remember the hours of prayer and study and the miles driven just to go to church. I remember the excitement in the air at church and in me, as I was with the church! This was where I learned Christianity as a way of life! (Tell my personal story in 3 minutes.)

The disciples were there. You don’t have somebody come up to you and say, “Follow me,” and go, immediately, without having incredible hope and anticipation and energy to do that! The disciples had that. They pinned all their hopes on him and on his vision of the future. They saw him as the one who was to come. In fact, where most would not have been so bold, on one occasion, Simon Peter declared the belief he had and which was, likely, the belief of so many others, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!” To the disciples, he wasn’t just the nebulous ‘son of man’, but they grew to recognize him as God’s Son and the hope of the world!

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