Summary: Still fear the credit crunch, redundancy, illness, rejection, pain all these things might come, but through the storm through it all remember God is Good, God will not forsake you and leave you and Jesus has paid the price, the Victory is yours, its fact

Verse 1 - 4;

This is a celebration song of victory so let Gods word stir up a victory dance in your heart today

It is done we have won the followers of Christ should be singing and celebrating, yes even in these times of gloom, especially in these times for what is it to us?

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good his love endures forever

Psalm 118 gives us a framework for prayer for communion with God

In many ways it echo’s the Lords prayer. It starts by centring on God, centring on some of his key attributes’ like he is eternal, good, his love always endures forever

What does forever mean to you? I mean in this time driven priority orientated work that we live in, what is eternity, do you have time for it, time to ponder?

Lets consider, I do believe that God has placed in all of us a creative spark if you like, some might chose to snuff that out, some might fan it into flame, its your choice.

I do believe the God really loves his created ones to take time to appreciate his awesomeness, the shear fantastic nature of it all the complexity and depth the totally mind blowing and unbelievable brilliance and beauty of his creation, his story and this compared to our little micro second snap shot we get to see from the perspective of our lives

The more we let this soak into ourselves the more we lose us and find the I AM

Against the backdrop of his infinite story, his unbelievable creation from the smallest of atoms to the unimaginable vastness and complexity of the universe

And here we are in the presence of an almighty God who loves each and every one of us, who can never fail or will never turn away and on it goes a never ending river of love, on and on beyond what our small minds can understand what is the span of our years against eternity?

Does this not stir you to worship, to fall to your knees and bring praise to the I AM the author and creator of all things, for whom all things are by whom all things are, who is and was and most definitely will be

Will you not trust your life, your existence to the Lord, lets all of us cry out Give thanks to the Lord his love endures forever”

Whose love endures forever as mountains are ground to dust and dragged by streams to the seabed as the molecules that are part of our bodies return to the dust to be recycled into earth and in time might become another worshiper praising God

His love Endures forever

No matter what comes against us, no matter what disappointment, what failure, what success, what riches, whatever happens to us, his Love endures forever its a promise that stretches through all of creation and sustains all of creation never to fail

So let go of all those burdens, distractions, fears and worries and trust God

His love endures forever , it is never diminished, never “crunched” and always there

Verse: 5 - 9;

Have you ever cried out in pain?

Being male and not being able to give birth I am informed that I will never truly experience pain, but I have had a few moments that were close enough in my book:

I remember vividly a trip to a dentist for “deep root” surgery being told that as the nerve in my tooth was most likely dead there was no need for an anaesthetic, I trusted that dentist as he selected which long wire to insert into my cavity to remove what ever was left before sealing the chasm. The dentist inserted the wire an twisted it. Now I’m not small at 6ft 4inches and to be polite lets say well built, so as I screamed and reached out to the thin 5ft dentist and as in the haze of my pain I lifted him from the floor by his throat region, I believe he heard my anguish and then set me free with a injection to dull the pain before starting the procedure again

I remember times of betrayal that cut deep into my heart, pain beyond a flesh wound these are the deepest cuts that never seem too heal a soul wound like Frodo stabbed by the ring wraiths sword an ache that will not heal

I remember times of fear wondering how the money would stretch, how the family would be fed and would we keep the house for another month

If we live we will all suffer pain, if we truly live and love as Jesus calls us to we will suffer deep pain because our hearts will be open as Jesus shows, in fact we are promised trials, rejection, hurts and the like, Jesus never promised a life free of anguish, he understands, he had enough moments to cry out to the Lord even to the point of sweating blood, that’s anguish

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