Summary: A sermon describing the dynamics of salvation

Saved and Secure

Colossians 1:21-23

Introduction: Many people have a misconstrued view of salvation. Some feel they are too far form God to be saved. Some are confused about where they stand in relation to God after salvation. Some think that being saved means looking forward to heaven. This sermon will explain that no one is too far from God, in relation to God the believer is acceptable and holy, and that once we are saved God calls us to remain dedicated to him. In other words Jesus saves us…

I. W e are saved in spite of our rebellion; v. 21

A. We were once alienated from God

1. This word was used referring to one belonging to another

2. Illustration: Say a space ship landed, out walked aliens, what made them aliens is because they are from another world found in our world.

3. This combats the idea of inclusivism (everyone will be saved)…we must be adopted into God’s family…change our citizenship, become a citizen of God’s kingdom instead of remaining a citizen of the kingdom of this world…CR Philippians 3:20-21

B. We were once hostile in mind toward God

1. This points to deliberate rebellion

2. To the Greek the mind was the controlling faction of the body, i.e. what controlled us before salvation was in deliberate rebellion toward God

3. We refused God’s evaluation of us

4. We refused God’s sacrifice for us

C. We were once engaged in evil deeds against God

D. The whole point of this verse hinges on the word “although”…even though we were all this Christ died for us and accepts us

1. Illustration: I had a children’s book where a little boy invites pigs into the house when his mother is gone. When she returns she runs the pigs out, the boy goes with them. She goes after the boy explaining that she still accepts him because he is her son.

II. We are saved for the purpose of our presentation; v. 22

A. Our presentation is based on the reconciliation received through Christ’s death

1. Removed the obstacle between God and man

2. Christ’s death prepares man to accept salvation when he sees the length God would go to offer it

B. We are presented holy

1. Without sin

2. This also means set apart for God

C. We are presented blameless

1. The word comes from a word which means “disgraceful person”…literally it means without a spot or blemish

2. Illustration: The only lamb acceptable for God in the OT was one without a spot…through Christ God makes you what he will accept

3. This means we do not have to be good enough o be accepted by God, he makes us acceptable

D. We are presented beyond reproach

1. This does not mean we are going to be perfect, but it does mean we are going to be free from the charges of sin

2. Satan’s can not accuse you of sin in front of God…this applies for earth as well as heaven

E. Notice this is all based on the relationship to Christ, not us

III. We are saved as seen through our dedication; v. 23

A. The word translated “if” is better translated “since”…the author is stating a fact concerning those who are saved

B. Founded upon grace

1. Illustration: How many homes have you seen that sag due to a weak foundation. Our dedication to Christ is based upon his foundation of grace and his saving acts.

2. The Colossian church was located in a area known for earthquakes. They knew the damaging forces of being “shaken”…Satan knows the damaging forces of shaking your faith, this is why we must be founded upon a strong foundation

C. Resting in steadfastness

1. I say resting because the word picture of “steadfastness” is being seated in a chair

2. Illustration: The only way to sit in a chair is for the chair to hold us up. I remember falling through a rotten lawn chair. God’s grace will never fall through with us

D. Holding to the hope

1. Satan’s best tool is to cause us to forget who we are in Christ, that is why Scripture tells us to hold to the hope of grace

2. The hope of grace is that God promises to accept us based on his Son’s sacrifice


1. Forget your past

a. You are blinded to the reality of the present…Illustration: This is like a 60+ year old man still trying to be a rock star…they cant see how silly they really look

b. You are unable to grow any further than your past will allow

c. This means you might need to make peace with your past, but when the peace is made accept the forgiveness

2. Focus on your present

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