Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Exhortation to young people not to be limited by their age.

Say not that I am a child

Text: Jeremiah 4:1-10

Nothing to offer


I feel like someone needs to here the Words of God and “ say not that I am a child”. Sometimes the Devil lies to us and would say that as young Christians that we do not have anything to offer to our church, family, community. Devil says that you cant preach, you cant sing, cant testify, lay on the hands of healing etc… he would talk you into saying you know that I am just a child . Just as the Lord told Jeremiah I tell you tonight, say not that I am a child!

Knew you before the womb

v. 5)

The Lord told Jeremiah even before I formed you in the womb I knew thee. I want to tell you that before you took your first breath God saw you, before you told him for the first time to come into your heart God knew you. He knew the problems you would face and the temptations that would test you and even the times you would fall, but above all that God knew that he would ordain you and call you, that you would be a over comer and a conquer a warrior in Christ Jesus.

Pre-game or Scrimmage

Sometimes as young people we are fooled to believe that because we do not have children or sometimes jobs etc….. that every thing we do doesn’t matter that somehow until we reach that magic number 21 or 25 or 18 whatever the mile marker is to you that until then our life is just a pregame or a scrimmage if you will and later we will begin our real life. Right now it doesn’t matter if I chance getting hooked on drugs or thrown into jail doesn’t really make a difference if I dabble a little in pornography or some R rated movies or date this person of questionable character. It will all be OK because I am just a child and later all this will go away and I will suddenly be a Man of God or Woman of God a good Father or Mother etc…. Brother and Sister I tell you now the decisions you make now will shape and mold the person you will be tomorrow and the world of tomorrow.

Old Men from Great Depression

I have heard stories from the elders that grew up during the “Great Depression” of how they would work all day and never get a chance to play like most kids for the simple reason of survival for themselves and their family. You would ask them but elder when did you get a chance to be a child? They would smile and say strongly we didn’t have time to be a child. Church I am telling you in this day and this hour we don’t have time to be children we don’t have time to spend time running in the world and experience all the fun but sinful things. Why? Because the world is dying and going to hell.

We have a responsibility we represent God, don’t listen to the lies of the Devil, say not that I am a child!!!

He touched my mouth

Apostle Paul said,” when I was a child I spoke as a child but when I became a man I put away childish things”. I believe that just as he did Jeremiah God has touched the mouths of some tonight, I am talking about when he filled you with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I am telling someone tonight that you can preach, you can sing, you can testify in this world and be not ashamed why? Because these words are not your own but Gods Word. If this world is offended they are offended by God not you.

Power to root out, Pull down, and to destroy


God has given you the power in your family, friends, job etc.. to spot to detect to discern the works of the Devil, when the rest of the world is be fooled by the Devil God has given you the power and responsibility to root it out through the word of God and his Spirit and destroy it by intercessory prayer.

God has given you the power to plant the seed of the Gospel in this world, he has given you the power to build truth and faith in the hearts and minds of your loves ones that they would be compelled to the family of God, but you must first remember friend these words say not that I am a child.

Military ( Men from boys)

First thing they tell you in the military. As you stand at attention and they scream into your face the way they are going go change your life, the first thing they say is, “ It is time to separate the Men from the boys” Why? Because before you were just running around with your little cap gun in your hand just having a good time but now you are holding a M-16 in your hand you have the power to give or to take a life and the future of your platoon and your country lie in your hands. It time to separate the Men from the boys, the future of your church your family and your world lie in your hands tonight, God wants you to have the faith of a child but God desires for you and I to live like Men and Women of God.

Solomon and David

Just as David was about to die he whispered these words to his son in regards the promises of God he said, “ Show thyself a man”

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