Summary: Make things right with God and be faithful to Him

As you reflect back on 2013, I'm sure there are times in your journey that you will somehow say to yourself; Did I do that? or in the words of our heading; SAY WHAT?!

Yes we are all guilty of that and we want to change and not repeating our stuff ups of 2013.

Whatever you've done let me remind you with the words of Dr Steve Thompson (Senior Lecture Avondale College). He said these words during one of our classes on the Gospels in 2005; "IF YOU WANT TO SECURE TOMORROW, TRUST IN GOD TODAY."

Let me ask you a question.

What is your resolution for 2014?

Is it lose weight, eat less, exercise more, buy a new car, buy a new house, spend more time in prayers, do more chores at home, find a new friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, be faithful and more romantic in your marriage and relationship, be more involve in church, communities, help someone, give more to charities, sponsor a child, stay off Facebook, read more of the Bible, buy new shoes, decorate the house, new kitchen etc...

Whatever your new resolution is in 2014, let me just remind you of three stories that can assist you and me in 2014.

I hope and trust you've read these stories in your daily walk with God. If you haven't then now is a good time. If you have, let me draw 3 major points to help us during 2014.

Key Points

1. MAKE THINGS RIGHT WITH GOD (Moses) Exodus 4:24-26

Moses was born a Hebrew, raised a Hebrew even though he was destine to be a Prince let alone been a Pharaoh one day.

You all remember the story of him in the basket weaving through the crocodile infested Nile River. He was found by the Pharaoh's daughter and was adopted by her as a son.(Exodus 2:1-10). Then his sister who kept an eye on him all along, asked the Princess if she could go and get a Hebrew lady to care for him. Moses was reunited with his mother once again.

This reminds me of the care and unconditional love of my big sisters. I'm the baby (youngest) in our family. And my sisters make sure I am treated as a baby all the time. Hahaha I love my family.

Moses grew up knowing very well he was a Hebrew, his mom taught him the Jewish way and remind him now and then of who he is. That is why when a task-master was beating a Hebrew man, Moses intervene and in the process killed the Egyptian man. But when he tried it with two Jewish men who were fighting they turn around and curse him with questions. Pharaoh heard about it and wanted to kill Moses, so Moses fled to the land of Midian.

There he found refuge under Jethro's (Reuel) home and during his time there married Jethro's oldest daughter Zipporah.

Let me make something clear. When you read the story you'll find the name Reuel meaning Friend of God, this was the real name for Jethro. But Jethro was his priestly name or royal name.

It was here God called Moses from a burning bush. And in our reading this morning he is on his way with his wife and son (Gershom - an alien in a foreign land) back to Egypt.

Zipporah knew who Moses really is. He is an Egyptian Prince but he is a true Hebrew. Zipporah knew the Hebrew tradition and culture. She must have learn it from her father who was a priest.

It was Abraham who lived in these valleys long before Moses and that tradition and covenant Abraham blessed his two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. It was a covenant given by God for each male to be circumcised. (Genesis 17)

Zipporah was a descendant of Ishmael.

So at the motel (lodging place) while Moses was resting the Lord visit him not to bless him but to kill him.


Exodus 4:24-26 explain why

You see Moses was on a mission for God, while on this journey. God wanted Moses to know, before a new beginning starts. He must MAKE THINGS RIGHT FIRST.

Praise The Lord for the wisdom of Zipporah, I'm not too sure what would happen to the children of Israel if she didn't intervene during the night.

You see my friends, Moses should have MAKE THINGS RIGHT in front of God. He has a son and according to the covenant he should have circumcise him. But Moses during his desert experience have forgotten what his responsibilities are.

Did you know that even most of us, we are also like Moses sometimes. We are too glue to the worldly ways and culture that we also forget our responsibilities with God. Like the dust of the desert, sin's dust can easily blur our vision in what God wants to do to us and through us.

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