Summary: Learn how to say 'no' to offences and how to overcome the enemies subtle trap

Saying “No” to Offences

By Paddick van Zyl

Definition according to dictionary: displeased, enraged, angered, a sense of

A violation has occurred. Resentment: a persistent ill will

A Never sign for an offence

B Proverbs 18 :19

C Offences are destructive forces and very painful experience to go through

D Matt 18 : 6-7

E Often the statement is made “I take offence to that’ fact is you don’t have to take

Or sign for the offence….

F often times in marriage, there are unresolved offences that lead to divorce

G Matt 18 offence: Greek skandalon where we get the Eng word ‘scandal’ from

Meaning: trap-stick, a snare, occasion to fall/sin , stumbling block….Strong’s


H *** Look up Webster’s dict definition of offence:

I Luke 7:23

J Skandalon: the part of a trap where the bait is put on a trap or a snare eg. mouse

trap , the section where the piece of cheese is placed is the skandelon…

K Matt 16:21- He was saying to Peter you are a stumbling block to me for an

opportunity for me to fall you are trying to trap me to do something that God has not

called me to do….you are a skandelon

L Farmers used to make holes in pumpkins to ensnare baboons in their fields that steal their crops they will put in their hands

to eat the flesh & pips in pumpkin and get caught like wise the devil uses offenses to trap Christians

M how does it comes: 1. people say /do things that offend u


N Monkeys enjoy seeds of pumpkins farmers use this to trap monkeys hand trapped

In side pumpkin and wont let go to save his life

O when I take offence I loose my:

• JOY,

• blocks Anointing in my life

P Luke 6;27-31, 35-38

Q When carrying an offence its like carrying around a suitcase /cage everywhere u

Go ….

R John the Baptist offended at Jesus….John 1 22-23

S Naaman offended at Elisha : Luke 4:27, 2 kings 5

T Mark 8:31-33 stumbling block

U Can become offended at the word (eg the Pharisees) 1 Cor 1;22; Luke 11: 45

1 Pet 2:6-8

V Mark 9:42-48

W How to not take offence Phill 4:4

• Choose to rejoice in the Lord

• Don’t worry, Don’t be anxious

• Take everything to the Lord in prayer….

• Think on the good , the word……

• Don’t listen to gossip and don’t gossip about others…sowing & reaping make sure your ears are not garbage cans

By loving someone instead of being offended by them is powerful. Jesus said tom love our enemies and do good to those who hurt and use us! There is power in love and forgiveness.

Let’s pray

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