3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: mankind is descended from an alien race of gods called ‘thetans.’ Scientologist are encouraged to wake up their thetan or god powers by removing all mental blocks called ‘engrams.

Scientology By Jeston Bennett

Matt 9:36-39

Luke 10:1-3

I. Scientology was started by L. Ron Hubbard. His first major work was published in 1950. The book was called, “Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health.”

In it he offered a methodology designed to help alleviate such things as unwanted sensations and emotions, irrational fears, and psychosomatic illnesses.

The book became a best seller. In 1951, after seeing the popularity of his book, Hubbard concluded that an individual was neither his body nor his mind, but rather an immortal spiritual being.

And this became the true beginning of scientology, as Hubbard moved from being an author to a spiritual leader. He also wrote another booklet that is widely distributed to interested people called “The Way to Happiness.”

The beliefs of Scientology

A. Hubbard taught that mankind is descended from an alien race of gods called ‘thetans.’ Scientologist are encouraged to wake up their thetan or god powers by removing all mental blocks called ‘engrams.’ Engrams are traumatic experiences from the past or from past lives which stop spiritual progress. Dianetics teaches individuals how to clear oneself of all these hinderances. (Same as new age or witchcraft)

B. The word “scientology” means “the study of knowledge or truth.” The main practice of Scientology is spiritual counseling called “auditing.” It is seen as a form of personal counseling intended to help an individual look at his past hinderances or engrams. They use a set form of 200 questions, called a ‘personality test’ to ask the person being audited. This test tells them what exactly they need to work on to improve their condition. Auditing is a thoroughly codified activity with exact procedures. A Scientology counselor is known as an “auditor.” Those who remove all their past hinderances are said to be now be ‘clear’

C. Scientologists also use specially designed meters, called E-Meters or Electro-psycho meters, which are like lie detectors. These meters help to locate areas of spiritual distress by measuring the mental state of change of the person being audited. Scientologists insist that this is very much like a church confession of past sins.

D. Scientology places a strong emphasis on continual training and education in the scientology principles. This is what has caused a lot of concern today, since they charge exorbitant amounts of money for people to take these education classes, literally tens of thousands of

dollars. While auditing teaches them to see that they have some hinderances, it is ongoing training that teaches one how to overcome the experiences of their past.

E. People in Scientology believe by using both auditing and training, they can raise themselves to a higher spiritual existence. The end goal is to free themselves from the dependence on the material universe.

How does Scientology differ from Christianity?

A. As with all false religions, Scientology differs with Christianity on the three S’s that we have been talking about.

B. Savior: Jesus Christ

1. Scientology, teaches that Jesus was a good teacher that learned to be clear of his past hindrances. He is considered the model of a self actualized person that we should all follow along with L Ron Hubbard.

2. Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ is the second person of the trinity, God the Son, the Savior of the world. He did not attain perfection. He was born without sin with His virgin birth and chose to live a sinless life and as a result He was able to offer Himself as a sacrifice for all mankind.

C. Scriptures

1. In Scientology there are scores of books and over 15,000 pages of technical writing and more than 3,000 recorded lectures. These books and lectures are considered to be scripture to a member of the church of scientology. The Book, Dianetics is a must read for all Scientologists. Followers are taught of list of ten rules for keeping Scientology working, the first few rules convince followers that EVERYTHING L. Ron Hubbard ever said and wrote is correct and infallible and that by following them to the letter the student will

achieve superpowers.

2. Christianity teaches that God gave us His Word, the Bible and that in it we can find God and learn of His plan for all mankind. We believe that the Bible is a ‘must read’ for all followers of God.

D. Salvation

1. Scientology is like all the other false religions. Salvation is based on one’s good works. Scientologist are continually encouraged to develop into that ultimate spirit being by working harder, taking more classes and doing good deeds. It is a religion of good works that never offers peace. Scientologist, believe in the continual cycle of reincarnation of the spirit until a person gets it right and attains the state of liberation from matter, energy, space, and time

and then enters immortality.

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