Summary: The Biblical kiss was one of submission/worship, that’s the attitude we need to have for Jesus.

Title: Sealed with a Kiss

Text: Psalm 2


Before I heard the doctors tell

the dangers of a kiss,

I had considered kissing you

the nearest thing to bliss.

But now I know biology

and sit and sigh and moan;

Six million mad bacteria,

and I thought we were alone.

1. If you want to be happy, healthy, successful, and live longer,

A. give your spouse a kiss before you go to work each day.

B. A study was conducted by a group of doctors and psychologists.

C. According to Dr. Arthur Sazbo, the study found that those who kiss their spouse each morning:

i. Miss less work because of illness than those who do not.

ii. They also have fewer auto accidents on the way to work.

iii. They earn 20 to 30 percent more money per month

iv. and they live an average of five years longer than those who don’t kiss their spouse in the morning.

D. The reason for this, according to Dr. Sazbo,

i. is that the kissers begin the day with a positive attitude.

E. That makes you just want to kiss someone, doesn’t it?

2. Well, you are probably wondering what all this kissing has to do with a sermon.

A. You will find kissing mentioned throughout scripture.

B. I found the word “kiss” and its forms in Scripture almost 50 times.

C. Some of the more famous kisses are:

i. The father in the story of the Prodigal son saw his son afar off and ran to him and showered him with kisses.

ii. Judas used a kiss to betray Jesus.

iii. Some churches still practice kissing, as found in various places in the New Testament, “greet one another with a holy kiss”.

3. As we read Psalm 2, you will notice the reference to kissing.

4. Read Psalm 2:1-12

5. This is a great Psalm.

A. It is one of the Messianic Psalms,

i. which means that it provides a description of Jesus,

ii. way before He was ever born.

B. This Psalm paints 4 pictures,

i. and each picture is made up of 3 verses each.

ii. In the Hebrew language,

iii. each verse has an equal number of words.


1. The first picture is one of revolt

A. From the very beginning of time, people and nations have:

i. Rebelled

ii. and Revolted

iii. The KJV says “Why do the heathen Rage?”

B. Verse 2 is actually a reference to Jesus Christ as the Anointed One.

i. People still rebel against Jesus Christ today.

ii. We, in the 21st Century are just as guilty as anyone of

a. rebellion

b. and revolting.

iii. Our country has a total disregard for things that are spiritual.

iv. Christianity is attacked on every side.

v. You might wonder what God must think of all this.

2. Well, the 2nd picture, is a picture of the Lord’s response.

A. So the view shifts from earth to heaven where the Lord sits on His throne.

i. and you see Him laughing at the ineffectiveness of man’s efforts to destroy God.

ii. You see Him respond with rebuke and anger.

iii. You see Him respond by installing His Son, as the King.

B. So,

i. in spite of the raging of the heathen

ii. in spite of their plot to squash Christianity

iii. God’s plan goes marching on.

a. He still plans to send His Son into the world.

b. He still plans to provide a way out for those that are lost.

c. He still plans for His Son to provide salvation for many.

3. The 3rd picture is a picture of Jesus Christ, the King.

A. Here we see Jesus establishing His sovereignty and authority.

i. By virtue of being God’s Son, He has power.

B. We also see Him establishing the importance of missions.

i. In verse 8, we see the plan to have Jesus’ Name spread to the ends of the earth,

ii. and in Acts 1, Jesus begins to carry out the plan when He said,

iii. “you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

C. We also see Jesus ruling with an iron scepter.

i. This phrase is referred to 3 different times in the book of Revelations.

ii. The scepter paints a picture of a king holding an ornamental rod or staff that symbolizes his authority.

iii. Jesus has authority over all people.

iv. And those who continue to refuse to give their lives to Him,

a. will ultimately be judged

b. and verse 9 says that they will be “dashed to pieces like pottery”.

D. So:

i. these people who are so stuck on their own importance,

ii. the same one’s who ridiculed Christianity,

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