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  • End Times

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Sep 20, 2023

    In Matthew chapter 24 Jesus laid out what the times just before His return would look like. From Growing Trials to Global Testimony leading to the Great Tribulation and finally the Glorious Trumpet.

    END TIMES It was a mild October afternoon in 1982 and Badger Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin was packed. Over 60,000 die-hard University of Wisconsin fans were watching their beloved football team take a beating by Michigan State. What seemed odd was that it seemed the more their team lost the more more

  • Tale Of Two Kings

    Contributed by David Welch on Jul 17, 2022

    This message draws observations and principles from David's encounter with Saul in the cave were DAvid spares Saul's life.

    “Tale of Two Kings” One waited on God, the other didn’t. Introduction The historical narrative style of literature comprises nearly half of the Bible. 43% God chose to reveal Himself in the context of relationships, not a theological text. We best understand relationships through story. Everyone more

  • Recognizing Life's Awe-Full Moments Amidst Life's Awful Moments

    Contributed by David Welch on Dec 7, 2021
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    No one escapes tragedy, struggle, and awful moments in their life. This message explores a number of Biblical events that demonstrate an opportunity to recognize the AWESOME God in the awful events.

    Chico Alliance Church November 14, 2021 Recognizing Life’s Awe-Full moments amid Life’s Awful moments Introduction We live in an awful broken world and won’t fully realize the God-embedded longings and dreams for a restored Eden until Jesus’ glorious return. For now…we don’t fully realize the more

  • "why Even Try To Be Good?"

    Contributed by David Welch on Dec 7, 2021

    This message follows Aspah's journey from envying the godless to embracing God.

    Chico Alliance Church Psalm 73 “Why Even Try Being Good?” Introduction Nearly everyone struggles with the application of God’s goodness at some time in their life. We observe the chaos and injustice in our world and either scratch our heads or kick the cat. A drunk driver who lives to be a hundred more

  • A New Foundation Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 3, 2021

    Because of Easter we have a new foundation for our lives. That foundation is built by hearing the truth, living the truth and resting in the truth.

    EASTER – A NEW FOUNDATION In May of 1981, a woman named Mae Rose in Winter Park Florida heard her dog barking outside. She thought that maybe it was barking at a squirrel. Turns out the dog was barking at a sinkhole that was opening up in her back yard. It kept opening until it had swallowed up more

  • A New Fellowship Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 3, 2021

    Because of Easter we have a new community. Jesus says that the church is important because of it's foundation, it's function, it's fruit and it's future.

    EASTER – A NEW FELLOWSHIP I heard the story of a pastor who was the supply preacher for church in a small town in Texas. He would drive to that town early Sunday morning, preach a sermon to the congregation, and then leave after lunch. Usually he would arrive before the service and go to a local more

  • An New Focus Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 3, 2021

    Because of Easter we have a new focus in our lives, something to live for. That focus is shaped by our worldview, witness and works.

    EASTER – A NEW FOCUS When Cynthia Manley realized she had only twenty minutes left to live, she figured the best thing she could do with the time she had left was to send text messages to her two daughters. Her one daughter, Alanna, was a student at Seattle University. She texted, “Stay strong and more

  • A New Future Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 3, 2021

    Because of Easter we have a new future. How do we know that the resurrection is true? Because of the external testimony,. the empty tomb, the expensive toll and everlasting transformation.

    EASTER – A NEW FUTURE Does anyone have a cross necklace on right now? Have you ever thought about what the cross really is? Originally the cross was a tool Rome used to execute its criminals. It was not just a form of execution; it was a form of torture and humiliation. The victim usually more

  • Mothers Day

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 3, 2021
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    Mrs Zebedee wanted her kids to be part, participating and powerfully used in the kingdom.

    MOTHER'S DAY One of the comics that I used to love reading was Calvin and Hobbes. I remember the one were Calvin is standing by his mother’s bed on Mother’s Day and he says, “Hey, Mom! Wake up. I made you a Mother’s Day card.” His mother was very pleased and started to read it out loud. “I more

  • The Power Of Prayer Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 3, 2021

    The story of Elijah reminds us of the power of prayer, the person of prayer and the product of prayer

    THE POWER OF PRAYER While crossing the Atlantic on a ship many years ago. Bible teacher and pastor F.B. Meyer was asked to preach at a service for the passengers. The topic he was given to speak on was Answered Prayer. After the message an agnostic man came up to him and said that he did not more

  • The Focus Of Prayer Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 3, 2021

    What do we pray into the lives of other people? We pray for purpose, productivity, power and perspective

    THE FOCUS OF PRAYER D.L. Moody once entered a tavern in order to ask the bartender if his two little girls might be allowed to attend his Sunday School. He was told that there was an atheist club that met in that bar every Thursday night and the owner of the bar did not want to offend them. Moody more

  • The Invitation Of Prayer Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 3, 2021

    Looking at the prompting, promise and provision of prayer

    THE INVITATION OF PRAYER The story is told about a poor widow with several children. Every day she would go out on her front porch and raised her hands in prayer saying, “Lord, you know I have no food to feed my children today. Please provide for our daily needs.” Her next-door neighbor was an more

  • The Week After Easter

    Contributed by Charles Wall, Jr. on Apr 5, 2021

    What was it like on Monday for the disciples & followers of Christ after His resurrection the previous day? How about on Tuesday or Wednesday? Does your Christian life look more like the pre-Pentecost disciples or Post-Pentecost?

    This past week was a very fascinating week in the life of a church if you stop & think about it. We celebrated Easter last Sunday with special services & music. The church builds toward Easter for weeks but then as soon as Easter is over – it’s almost like back to business as usual. more

  • He's Alive; I'm Forgiven; Heaven's Gates Are Opened Wide

    Contributed by Charles Wall, Jr. on Mar 24, 2021

    Sunrise Service - He's Alive by Don Francisco - a perfect blend of words and music that communicates powerful truths.

    There is a new, old song that I have loved ever since the first time I heard it. It’s new in the sense that’s it’s not a hymn of yesteryear but it’s old b/c it was first released in 1977 & some of you weren’t even alive then – 41 years ago. I wish I could play the guitar & sing it for more

  • Are You A Proof Of The Resurrection

    Contributed by Charles Wall, Jr. on Mar 22, 2021

    Sunrise Devotional - The resurrection - too big of a sign to ignore!

    Earl Palmer, a Presbyterian minister who is with the Lord, tells the story about an experience he had while he was in seminary in Princeton, NJ. Following final exams 1 summer, he & 3 friends were returning home to the West coast from NJ. They decided to drive straight through with each of more