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  • Discipline

    Contributed by Bala Samson on Dec 5, 2019

    What I want to emphasize today is not the food but the DISCIPLINE OF SITTING IN ORDER!

    After DISCIPLINE Luke 9:14,15” Jesus said to his disciples, “Have them sit down in groups of about fifty each.” 15 The disciples did so, and everyone sat down.” Children in Abide School were getting very unruly, undisciplined, and naughty, I was just wondering what to speak in the assembly on more

  • Peace In The Midst Of Storm

    Contributed by Bala Samson on Dec 3, 2019

    Many misunderstand ‘chaos’ as absence of God and they mistake ‘silence & peace’ as God’s presence, this is very misleading, we cannot analyze spiritual things based on feelings, you can go crazily wrong at times, caveat!

    PEACE IN STORM Acts 25:26"Yet I have nothing definite about him to write to my lord. Therefore I have brought him before you all and especially before you, King Agrippa, so that after the investigation has taken place, I may have something to write.” Many misunderstand ‘chaos’ as absence of more

  • The Jonah Dilemna

    Contributed by Craig Benner on Dec 3, 2019

    When the will of God encounters reluctance, God goes to work for the sake of all involved.

    THE JONAH DILEMNA Are you really willing to do whatever God calls you to do? Personal Illustration: I was raised in northern Missouri in the 1960s and 70s. I never met or knew a hispanic person in my adolescence. After going to bible college and moving to Texas, things were quite different. I more

  • Real Strength

    Contributed by Bala Samson on Nov 26, 2019

    Real strength! I am not talking about muscle power, gym power, street smart, energy drink power, sharp acumen, I am talking about ‘strength’ that you receive from going through sufferings, agony, sickness and emotional strain.

    Real strength 1 Chronicles 29:12 "Both riches and honor come from You, and You rule over all, and in Your hand is power and might; and it lies in Your hand to make great and to strengthen everyone.” If you want to stay away from stress, strain and pain then you are missing out on real more

  • Getting To Know God

    Contributed by Pablo Catala on Nov 24, 2019

    Trusting in His plans

    Susie is one of the most trustworthy people I know; I trust her with my life. Imagine she is in a long line at the bank. The individual behind her is holding $1,000 cash with a completed deposit ticket. This person is obviously anxious and in a hurry, so Susie politely offers to help; “if you are more

  • "rowing Through Life" Series

    Contributed by Joshua Neal on Nov 22, 2019
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    Anyone who has lived understands that in life there are hinderances and obstacles. Many of us have faced hinderances and have often wondered if Jesus recognizes where we are and what we have to deal with. The disciples are rowing and are hindered by a wave as Jesus passed was passing them by.

    “ROWING THROUGH LIFE” Mark 6:45-52 intro: Famous Painting = Under the Wave off Kanagawa, about 1830–31, Katsushika Hokusai. Woodblock print (nishiki-e) in Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. William Sturgis Bigelow Collection, Museum more

  • Friends

    Contributed by Jeff Pearce on Nov 21, 2019

    The people we surround ourselves with have a direct impact in our lives.

    Friends Proverbs 13:20 He that walketh with wise shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed… ME: I never realized how much power other people have in my life. 1: I thought I picked my friends My friends were all just like me My friends liked the same things as me My little more

  • Do You See What I See???

    Contributed by Jeff Pearce on Nov 21, 2019

    Seeing what God sees, so I can do what God says

    10/30/19 Do you see what I see??? Romans 12:1-2 SERIES RECAP: SEEING WHAT GOD SEES, SO I CAN DO WHAT GOD SAYS What do I see when I look at me??? (Introductory statement) ME: That question is normally answered by what others say, not what I see. 1:Easily influenced Looking at self I see more

  • Authentic Faith

    Contributed by Jeff Pearce on Nov 21, 2019

    They say trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship

    8/7/19 Proverbs 3:5-6 Authentic Faith INTRO: They say Trust is the most important thing in any relationship. ME: Trust is something that I have a hard time with 1: Trust in Trusting in something is easy, I expect this thing to do what it says it does Trusting in someone is a little more

  • Thanksgiving 2019

    Contributed by Jeff Pearce on Nov 21, 2019

    Being thankful for something is different than being thankful in something

    Thanksgiving 2019 11/20/19 Story of Thanksgiving Pilgrims/Indians, Turkey, dressing, green bean casserole etc. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, being thankful, and being thankful is about showing gratitude or being grateful. Thanksgiving is more than a day with turkey and family, more

  • Contender

    Contributed by Jeff Pearce on Nov 21, 2019

    Most people believe some things need to change.

    Contender 1/8/20 Jude 3,22;24 YOU: How many of you believe that some things need to change in our world today??? What does it mean to change??? 1: Change To make different Everyone agrees there are things that need to be different Do any of you believe more

  • Praying

    Contributed by Jeff Pearce on Nov 21, 2019

    What is prayer???

    Praying James 5:13-16 What is prayer??? ME: If you’re like me you’ve heard it countless times, just pray about it, or come down here and pray. 1: But what is prayer really? How I talk to God How I get stuff from God How I get help from God Application: Those are all true, but what if more

  • You Gotta Have Faith

    Contributed by Jeff Pearce on Nov 21, 2019

    Faith is simple, so they say...

    You Gotta Have Faith Proverbs 3:5-6 ME: Faith is simple, I have a tendency to make it complicated 1: Faith is like a) Belief b) Like a trust fall c) Just take a leap of faith, a step of faith Application: Faith is more than blind obedience, faith is trust that something or someone is more

  • In Christ There Is True Freedom Series

    Contributed by Dean Courtier on Nov 21, 2019
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    Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Galatians wrote: “it is for freedom that Christ has set us free”. These words, written by Paul to first-century followers of Jesus are an important truth that is still relevant to us today in the 21st Century.

  • Broken Things Series

    Contributed by Jeff Pearce on Nov 21, 2019

    We've all heard "let your light shine"