Summary: You are either in a first hand relationship with Christ or you are not in one at all.

Proposition: You must personally seek the Lord!

I. Because it is the only path to wisdom!

A. Only He can give it to you! James 1:5,6

B. He gives it only to the willing! John 7:17

II. Because it is the way to honor Him!

A. You show your faith in Him! Matthew 8:5-10 (Centurion)

B. You acknowledge His Lordship! Matthew 15:21-28 Syro-Phonetician woman, no help until she said Lord!

III. Because it is foolish to trust in men!

A. Men will err! Matthew 15:1-9 Traditions instead of truth.

B. Men will fail! Psalm 118:8,9 Trust Lord not men or horses

IV. Because it is the way to fellowship!

A. Sitting at His feet brings fruitful service. Luke 10:38-42 Martha and Mary

B. Learning of Him brings rest! Matthew 11:28-30

V. Because it will keep you from ruin!

A. You will be given discernment! I Kings 13:18 (Unnamed prophet)

B. Your ministry will be spared! II Chronicles 16:12 Asa’s feet James 5:14

VI. Because He is the final authority!

A. He wrote the Book! Matthew 7:28,29 Taught with authority

B. He will not confuse you! I Corinthians 14:33 I John 2:26-29

Saul heard of Christ, but Paul saw Him!

Peter was told, but no change until he saw Him!

Joshua was only a helper until his meeting with the pre-incarnate Christ make him a general!

Have you seen Him?

WARNING! Second Hand Religion Produces Cults

Signs of a Cult

1. A cult worships its leader instead of Jesus.

2. A cult quotes its leader instead of the Bible.

3. Cults believe in only parts of the Bible.

4. Cults use other books for divine truth.

5. A cult requires allegiance to the leader instead of parents.

6. A cult leader lies and makes threats.

7. A cult emphasizes money.

8. A cult has sexual issues; total prohibition, communal wives, open relationships, etc.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 24:23-27

Bulletin: Job 42:5

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