Summary: Faith in Jesus allows us to have a real personal relationship with God.

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Focus Passage: Exodus 33:7-23 KEY VERSE 18 “Show me Your glory”

Supplemental Passage: John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Introduction: References to second hand clothing or other items, or living vicariously through someone else.

I. Second Hand Religion (vs 7-10)

a. vs 7 – EVERYONE who sought the Lord

b. BUT vs 8 & vs 10 People stood at their tents

c. Today we have:

i. church membership, but no participation

ii. Bibles, but never read

iii. a Savior waiting, but never spoken to except in times of crisis

II. First Hand Experience (vs 8-17)

a. vs 8-9 Moses would enter, spoke with God face to face (later, he had to wear a veil)

b. Moses understood importance of God’s presence/work in his life vs 12-16

c. Today you can:

i. have Sunday School, two worship services, mid-week prayer and Bible study

ii. Search and understand Scriptures for yourself

iii. have access to the Creator God through prayer

III. Personal Relationship (vs 18-23)

a. God knows our name (vs 17)

b. Moses wanted to know MORE (vs 18)

c. God Revealed as much of Himself as Moses could stand (vs 21-23)

d. Today we can:

i. have our name written in God’s Book of Life if our faith is in Jesus

ii. know more about God each day than the day before as we learn about Him through Scriptures and experience daily walking with Him.

iii. Have our own personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ

Invitation: Have you asked God to “Show Me Your Glory?” Do you DARE pray that prayer? Are you living in a second-hand relationship, a second-hand religion. One intended for someone else, but you are claiming for your own?

Almost Persuaded

“Almost persuaded” now to believe;

“Almost persuaded” Christ to receive;

Seems now some soul to say,

“Go, Spirit, go Thy way,

Some more convenient day

On Thee I’ll call.”

“Almost persuaded,” come, come today;

“Almost persuaded,” turn not away;

Jesus invites you here,

Angels are lingering near

Prayers rise from hearts so dear;

O wanderer, come!

“Almost persuaded,” harvest is past!

“Almost persuaded,” doom comes at last!

“Almost” cannot avail;

“Almost” is but to fail!

Sad, sad, that bitter wail—

“Almost,” but lost!

Words: Philip P. Bliss, The Charm: A Collection of Sunday School Music, 1871.

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