Summary: A historical look at the Temple and how believers may enter beyond the veil today.



B In 70 AD the Jewish Temple (Herrod’s Temple) was utterly destroyed by the Roman Army but it wasn’t the first destroyed by a foreign army. (Picture from page 110 in Complete Guide)

1 Solomon’s temple built around 960 BC was one of the wonders of the ancient world.

a Solomon hired about 200,000 workers to build the temple on the foundation stone of the world, Abraham/Isaac, King David purchased for 600 shekels of Gold from Ornan.

aa 30K loggers

bb 80K quarry workers/masons

cc 70K general labors to carry timber/stones.

dd 3,600 foreman to manage the workers.

b Show picture from pg. 104 The Complete Guide to the Bible. (Search internet for this JPEG to avoid text)

2 In 587 BC, Nebbecanezeur destroyed Solomon’s Temple.

a 70 years later, Israel was allowed to return and began rebuilding the Temple in 521 BC.

b In 20 BC, Herrod the Greek renovated the Temple.

aa JPEG (From North side)

bb JPEG (Temple)

c The Temple was a large complex w/ three courts.

(Page 362 picture of Temple, Complete Guide)

aa Outer courtyard (Jews/Gentiles)

bb Courtyard of women

* Temple Mount Illustration

* Temple Illustration

* Model of Court of Women

cc Courtyard of Jewish men (14 steps)

* View going up to Courtyard of Israel

dd Courtyard of Priests/Sanctuary (Only priests, sacrifice/offering/worship/alters/trumpets/dimly lit, smokey) Heb. 9.1-5

* Temple Illustration

* Cutaway of Holy Place/Sanctuary

* Pic on pg. 81, Perry Stone, Mystery of the Priesthood and the Blood.

* Inside sanctuary/priest

3 Inside the Holy Place was the Holy of Holies/Most Holy Place.

a Inside the MHP was the Ark of the Covenant . . . and nothing else but the presence of God, Shekaniah Glory, where God dwelt. Only the High Priest could enter, 1 time a year.

aa Jews considered the Temple “God’s home away from heaven.” 1 Kings 8.13

bb No wonder the Jewish people have such an affection for this spot!

cc It’s just God behind the veil!

b The work of man wasn’t allowed behind the veil.

aa If you saw anything behind the veil it is because His glory allowed you to see it.

bb He shined on you.

C Who doesn’t want to be within the veil?

1 To go behind the veil, we first must enter the Temple.

a Get saved, become one of His chosen.

aa Many never move beyond this spot.

bb Get saved & stop (Believe that’s all there is)

b As we engage our gifts we enter the court of Israel.

aa Spirit & human strength are co-mingled.

bb It’s here people will compete/compare.

c Behind the veil . . . presence . . . seldom breached.

aa We’ve been given access!

bb Paul tells us in Hebrews that Jesus has made our way clear to enter in the Holy of Holies.

d Hebrews 10.19-23

2 There is a secret to entering into this greater realm and it has nothing to do w/ what you can do.

I 1 Corinthians 13 unlocks a more excellent way . . . . within the veil.

A The Corinthian church wasn’t unlike most churches today.

1 There were some things she did very well, some things stumbled.

a In chapter 12.4,5, Paul explains all about Spiritual gifts.

aa Words of wisdom, knowledge, , faith, miracles, healing, distinguishing spirits, tongues, other ministries.

bb various members have various gifts, ministries 12.12.

b Paul goes to great lengths not to put one gift ahead another.

aa If you have word, faith, discernment, you have no greater gift than healing, miracles, tongues.

bb 12.11

2 He does this because he knows how people are.

a They want to showboat, showcase, showoff.

b They want to formulate, program, legalistic, methodical.

c He spends an entire chapter of God’s Word telling the church at Corinth how to use (not abuse) the gift that God had given them. (Balance: The answer for abuse is never disuse.)

aa Paul must have felt like he was back at his old job of telling people how to apply the law.

bb Then at the end of 12.31, it as if Paul throws up his hands and says, “Stop . . . there is something better!”

B Paul asks, “You really want to be spiritual? Persue something? Excellent way?

1 He asks them why are they persuing the Gifts of the Spirit of ch.12.

a He reminds them what the divine motivation was behind every ministry, gift, unction of the Spirit . . . the Love of God.

b Paul wanted to know why they were desiring the gift(s.)

aa Motivation? Goal?

bb You get words, heal, miracles, speak in tongues: why?

2 Sounds like Matthew 7.21-23.

a The only pure motivation, goal was out of a relationship with God.

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