Summary: Continued Discussion of Young World


A. Influx of meteoric material from space (space dust)

1. At 5 billion years -- 182 feet thick

2. At 5 million years -- 2 inches thick

Lunar Dust (

Back in the 1960's estimates of the depth of the dust on the moon were made. This was important information to know during the Apollo program, because if there were a thick layer, the lunar landers could have sunk and disappeared. The dust on the moon results from meteors falling onto the surface. Each meteor strike, no matter how small, knocks some debris from surface rocks, and this gradually accumulates along with the incoming material. If we can measure the rate at which meteors are falling today, then we can estimate how much should accumulate over 4.6 Gyr. Actually, this would be an upper estimate since the meteor flux would have been greater in the past. Measurements of the meteor flux made nearly 40 years ago indicated that the lunar dust should be many meters thick. The actual depth is only a few centimeters, consistent with a recent creation but not an old one.

This remained a mystery until new meteor flux measurements in the early 1970's were far lower, consistent with the measured depth of lunar dust and an old age. Creationists apparently were ignorant of these newer

measurements that were consistent with an ancient moon, and were rightly criticized [52, pp. 143-145], [53, pp. 67-82] for this lapse. Snelling and Rush [49] have reevaluated this issue, and they recommended against using this argument for recent creation.

Many creationists have abandoned this argument, but some continue to use it. It seems that there are some

questions about the more recent meteor flux measurements, especially when one considers that the earlier

measurements that were supposedly too high have never been explained. About the time that the paper by

Snelling and Rush appeared, a new, more direct, and higher measurement of meteoroid influx was published [34]. This has been one factor in the rejection of some creationists to the warning by Snelling and Rush against this argument. The newer measurements should not be taken as the final word in this matter, and future measurements should be carefully monitored.

B. Influx of materials into the ocean

1. Chemical Elements

2. Sediments Both inconsistent with 5 billion years.

C. Dating Techniques -- Based on "assumptions"

D. Population Statistics-- If humans were on Earth 500,000 -- 1 million yrs., why are the population problems just occurring?


Earth's Physical features were vastly changed and many of its physical processes were modified in various ways:

A. The oceans were much more extensive (after the flood), since they now contained all the flood waters.

B. The thermal vapor blanket had been dissipated, so that strong temperature differentials were inaugurated.

C. Mountain ranges uplifted after the flood emphasized the more rugged topography of the post-

diluvian continents.

D. Winds and storms were possible for the first time, as well as rain and snow.

E. The environment was much more hostile to man, especially because of the harmful radiations from space no longer filtered out by the vapor canopy, resulting in gradual reduction in human longevity after the flood.

F. Tremendous glaciers, rivers, and lakes existed, with the world only gradually approaching its present state of semi-aridity.

G. The lands were barren, until plant life could be re-established through the sprouting of seeds and cuttings buried near the surface.


[Notes are incomplete beyond this point.]

A. Dinosaurs? Ps 74:13 “Thou didst divide the sea by thy strength: thou brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters. (v. 14) “Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness.”

[leviathan] Hebrew: livyathan (HSN-3882), great sea serpent, a symbol of Satan (Ps. 74:14; Ps. 104:26; Job 41:1; Isa. 27:1). The language here is figurative of the defeat of satanic powers. Just as a great dragon would be killed and be given to the people of the wilderness for meat, so God defeated Satan and his hosts and caused Israel to triumph over them in the wilderness (Ex. 14 -- Ex. 15). In Rev. 12:1-17; Rev. 13:2-11; Rev. 16:13-16; Rev. 20:2, Satan is symbolized by a great dragon with seven heads and ten horns, picturing his power over the great world empires that have persecuted and will persecute Israel in The Times of the Gentiles. Dake’s Notes

-- Read 3-4 paragraphs of "Why the Dinosaurs Died"

-- Read "At Last the Smoking Gun" -- possible impact

-- 1989 close call -- spend $1 million /yr watching

-- Explanations/Possibilities of "The Great Death"

-- Supernova; average 1 per galaxy per 300 yrs.

-- 5 in our Milky Way during the last 1000 yrs

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