Summary: As believers, we don't have to live with insecurities.

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A. Reasons People Feel Insecure

1. Rejection

2. Relationships gone sour

3. Abuse, physical and emotional

4. Enemy behavior

5. Financial setbacks

6. Appearance

7. Job status

8. Education

9. Social standing

10. Continual sinful slip-ups

B. My Secure Walk

Donned in my walking attire, I looked at my wife and said, “Anyone who can wear this is secure in themselves.”

Lately, I’ve been trying to walk off the extra pounds. On this particular day, I dressed in the clothes I intended to wear while walking. My wife took one look and said, “That’s a hot mess.” My pants had stripes, and my jacket had checks. I topped off my outfit with a striped Fedora hat. I really didn’t care what anyone else thought about my outfit—but that hasn’t always been true.

C. My Insecure Beginning

When I was a young lad, my appearance caused me great insecurity: freckles, glasses, skinny, didn’t play sports, always the new kid on the block, high moral standards.

Somewhere along the line, I stopped caring what others thought and became secure in whom I was. Something about reaching 50’s allowed me to be secure in my skin.

D. Paul’s Situation

Paul had many reasons to be insecure after choosing to follow Christ. He was hounded frequently by unbelievers who would have loved nothing better than to destroy his ministry. The multiple trials he faced also added to his precarious situation. But he was confident.

I. Believers Can Be Secure in Their Identity

A. The Bible Calls Believers Saints

As a follower of Christ, I can be secure in my identity. The Bible calls me a “saint.” The last time I checked, I was far from sainthood, but in Christ that’s my position. When I trusted Christ as my Savior and received His forgiveness for all my sins, I traded in the label of “sinner.” Though I still sin, it’s not the pattern of my life, nor does it have to be. The indwelling power of the Holy Spirit gives me power to life above sin on a regular basis.

B. Sin Should Be Abnormal for the Believer

Believers are not perfect, nor will they ever reach perfection this side of heaven. But thinking with a have-to-sin attitude versus a don’t-have-to-sin attitude are two different things that will lead to two opposite lifestyles.

II. Believers Can Be Secure in Their Life Situation

A. Paul’s Example

Paul experienced good times and bad times. He established many churches and witnessed thousands trust Christ as their Savior, but he also experienced patience-trying and life-threatening situations. Yet he was secure. In another place, he wrote, I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content. Learning that lesson isn’t easy or quick, but when I’ve mastered it, unpleasant situations won’t cause me to feel insecure.

B. Life Is Never Lived on an Even Keel

Life is peppered with mountain and valley trips. I can’t say on the mountaintop, nor should I want to. Vital lessons are learned in the valleys. But neither do I want to spend all my time in the valley. Staying here permanently leads to discouragement. Knowing God is in control of my journey allows me to be content regardless of where I am at the current moment.

III. Believers Can Be Secure in Their Gifts

A. God Gives Gifts to All Believers

As God’s child, I can be secure in my gifts. God gives all believers at least one gift of the Spirit, but most have more. My responsibility is to use it (or them) wisely, faithfully, and in ways that honor the God who gave them. When I use them faithfully, God will normally give me more along with more opportunities. When I squander what he has given, he may very well take what I have and give it to someone who will use it faithfully.

IV. Believers Can Be Secure in Their Churches

A. Many Churches Are Closing

According to LifeWay Research, more than 4,000 churches were started in 2014, but at the same time 3,700 closed. Research shows that newly planted churches outpace the growth of established churches.

But no church has to be a closing statistic. Through outreach, building personal relationships, and offering those things that will lead an individual to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and spiritual growth, any church can grow.

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