Summary: The security offered by Christ on the cross to His mother and essentially all mankind.

Security in Christ

John 19:26&27

As a human being there is something that we all have a yearning for and that is for security. We as people want the feeling of security. Wives want the feeling of security from their husband, in that they will never have to worry about anything. The husband has everything under control.

We as men want the security from our jobs. There is nothing worst than not knowing if we will still have a job by the end of the week. We look down the road to ensure that we will have plenty of money when we retire.

And last but certainly not least, the children. Children always want the feeling of security through the parents. Think about it when you were a child and you got scared, be it by the dark or the monster in your room, or the thunder and lightning. Think about the times when you were in school and someone was picking on you, what did you want with each of these circumstances? You wanted either Mom or Dad. You wanted them to just hold you, or protect you. You wanted that sense of security.

I believe in tonight?s text Jesus saw that same need in His mother and the disciple John. Tonight I want to tell you about the security that we need here on earth as well as the security in Christ.

The security here on earth was something that Jesus recognized that we needed. Not only did He recognize the need for it but He also played the role of security for His mother. And that is because Jesus? dad was no longer around by the time He was hung on the cross. And because Jesus? dad was not present I believe Jesus took responsibility for covering, protecting, and securing His mother. And I am able to make that statement because of the text. And you will see it in just a few minutes.

Now Jesus being who He is realized that His mom was looking at things in the earthly aspect rather than that of the heavenly. He had to remind her that yes I am your son, and yes I am a part of the family but there is a bigger picture that you need to look at, and that is your Heavenly family. That is why Jesus says ?Woman, behold thy son! Then He said, ?Behold thy mother.?

You see there are two different types of family, you have the earthly which you are a part of by either birth or by blood or by taking the same last name.

The second type of family is the heavenly, Jesus describes this family in Luke 8:21. It reads ?My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.?

Now everyone knows how hard it is to do the things of God when you hang out with people that do not believe the same things that you do. Sometimes you feel insecure and are unwilling to do the things of God. And Jesus knew His mother would be put in this predicament if she were left with her other kids.

You see John 7:5 says, ?for even his own brothers did not believe in him.?

And I believe again that Jesus saw this in His mother. He knew that His brothers would not be able to secure her in the Godly lifestyle she was trying to live. They would be unable to encourage her or help her in the spiritual life that she wanted if they did not even believe in what Christ stood for.

Now one thing that I realized that people do is make Christ out to be, well like Superman. Most people think that because Jesus was God that meant He did not have any feelings. How untrue. Jesus was as much flesh and bones as you and I. He felt every bit of that pain when He was hanging on the cross. He felt the thorns that pierced His head. He felt the beatings from the Roman soldiers, he felt the whippings that He received. He even felt the nails that were driven into His hands and feet. And just as he felt that, He felt the realness of losing His very own mother.

This was the woman that nourished Jesus from the time of His birth.

This was the woman that stood by Him until the very end.

There were two people standing at the cross that Christ truly acknowledged, guess who they were. One was John, the disciple whom He loved, and the other was His mother.

Just imagine how Jesus must have felt in all that pain, He, the one as the man, usually making His mother feel secure, but now there was nothing that He could do for her.

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