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Summary: some would like to believe that my security is in my bank balance,life insurance policy,marriage,but our lasting and true secirity is in christ.

We see security cover for Very important person (VIP) inner cover as well as outer covers. security personals fully alert ready to protect their boss at any cost.

Such was the case of Indian Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi.wherever she went 360 bodyguards gave her excellent cover but one of her own bodyguard shot her dead at point blank range.Her security could not provide her security.

Some try to find security in marriage and say if I could marry a man/woman with a good job…some in huge bank balances, some in life insurance policies, and some on their wealth/property

But our security is in the Lord, not on people

We cannot find peaceful, lasting security in all these.

In 1994 world cup USA vs. Columbia, a Columbian player by the name of Andres Escobar by mistake gave a suicide goal which brought defeat to their team.

After going back home he was murdered by a fan. They forgot all his contribution to the team and just remembered one mistake. His own people murdered him. Where is our security then?Our very own people could’nt even be our security.

Our security is in the Lord and so even in bad and ugly times we know that these cannot finish/devour us because we know we are secure in His hands.

Hab 3:17-19 (Read)

It is one of the strongest affirmation of faith in all scripture..

2 Chronicles 32:7-8 (read)

Pro 14:26(a) He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress.

Job went through a lot of trials and tests. even his friends came to accuse him/discourage him…. But what does he say? Job 31:24,25

1.If I have made gold my hope

2.If I have put confidence in fine gold

3.If I rejoiced because of wealth

4.If I rejoiced because my hand was successful making me rich

In other words he is saying He is my refuge, Security, Hope

And the scripture goes on to say that jobs’ later life was more blessed than his former life.

Our security is in him because—

He provided food and water for the Israelites in the wilderness

Because Noah and his family was preserved in the ark

Rahab chose to find security in the Lord than in the army of Jericho/nor the great walls.

If God worked then. He works now too because He said I am God I change not. God is the same and He is still working.

During my childhood days I was terrified of the dark, and would even start sweating if left alone at home even during the daytime.

But as I hear the sound of my mum or Dad coming back I would feel so secure.

2 Chron 16:9 says for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole

Earth to show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.

Moses, Noah, Rahab Etc showed loyalty and trust to God and he showed up

You may say all these are O.T what about New Testament.

Let me state one example out of so many in the bible.

Acts 12:6 (this was after James was murdered)

The night before Peter is condemned to death…. But before this let me tell you an incident…

In 2001 December the Indian parliament was attacked and in 2006 the mastermind behind the attack was apprehended. When he was convicted of his crime and was condemned to die by hanging. The date of his hanging was not set but the news was, he was not eating. he was terrified of the verdict.

My point is. Let us see what a man of God is doing in the prison awaiting his trial.Acts 12:6 Peter knows that James has been murdered and the same fate awaits him at the break of dawn.

Let’s see what the scripture says. and when Herod was about to bring him out, that night Peter was sleeping..Ha ha..The soldiers could not sleep but the man who is condemned to die is sleeping. I’d like to believe that he was snoring….His last night and he is sleeping…

He was neither afraid nor anxious…his hands were tied with guards watching over him. there is no way of escape and yet he enjoys peace. It was his security in Christ that brought such peace.


Maybe you’re going through difficult/impossible situation and you are feeling hopeless, but let me finish the end of the story. The Angel of the Lord came into the cell released Peter of every bondage and led him out of the prison.

When there seems to be no way, there was a way made available for Peter.

God often waits for such a moment before He acts.

When there is no Hope, He does His greatest Work so that His name is glorified.

So whatever situation you may be in today Iwould like you to trust the Lord because we are secure in HIS Hands.Haleluyah!!

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