Summary: This sermon discusses how the enemy tries to seduce us and cause us to stumble into sin using the example of Samson & Deliliah.

Judges 16:1-21

Ushers, you may admit the door, as the worshippers enter in to hear a word from the Lord. Amen. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. This text is getting to me on today. And it’s getting to me for several reasons. Here we have this beast of a man Samson and this crafty woman Delialah. And in the text, he rips out the city gates, carries them up a hill, and then defeats the Phillistine army. But then he almost in the same breath allows a woman to coax him into giving up his secret to her as to how to lose his strength. And this text is pregnant with possibilities. I could really talk about a few things. I could talk about how the enemy uses people, I could talk about the power of money and of lust. I could even talk about strength. But that’s not what’s getting at me. Verse 17 says, "Finally, he confessed his secret to her." And that’s what’s nawing at me. I’m thinking, "How in the world, could this man be so foolish, as to allow an enemy to seduce him into something, and he knows that the enemy is seducing him, and yet, and yet, he, he still allows it. And I want to keep it simple on today, I don’t wanna get too deep on you, so for just a little bit of time, I want to talk as the Holy spirit shall lead & guide from the subject of, " Seduction." hmmmmm....

My Brothers and my Sisters, if I could keep it real with you for just a few minutes on today, I would submit to you that the enemy is an excellent seducer. He has a way about him of being able to use people and money and things to seduce you into doing things that you really have no bissnuess doing. He has the ability to attract us to the wrong things, and to seduce us with them. Yeah, he’s crafty, cunning, seductive, and decieving. But I also believe that we as the people of God one, give him too much credit. We give him too much power & authority over us when in fact the word says that "If you resist the devil, then he will flee!" If you rebuke the devil, he HAS TO GO!! But not only that, I also believe that we have become comfortable with the enemy being around us and dwelling with us. I said we’ve become comfortable. So much so that we’re to the point now of where we allow him to sub-conciously control our minds, bodies, and spirits and allow him to just come into our lives and to "Make himself at home" and to "Set up shop." We let him seduce us. Well, what does seduction really mean? I have a few definitions for you but I first need to tell you to take your mind off of the sexual conotation that we so often put with this word becuase it is a whole lot more to it than that, amen?

The first thing seduction means in the biblical terminology is, "To lead astray from", or in the Greek it is translated as "Poplana" or "Seducco" But it means to lead astray from. And that my friends is the devil’s whole desire... To lead you astray from God. Can I get a witness in the house? But not only that, seduction or "to seduce" also means in the greek transliteration, "To lead away from the truth and into error." And not only that, not only that, the final thing that seduction means is "To go astray or to be lead off of the assigned path." Well I think now that we have a better understanding as to what seduction means I think I can take this thing a step further and that now I can drop a few things on you as to why we allow the devil to seduce us. I think this will help you so can I go ahead and drop it? The first reason we allow the devil to seduce us is because we don’t know the word. Yeah, I said we don’t know the word of God. And the word is one of our chief primary weapons that we use to fight the devil. Amen? The Bible says that "The word cuts to & fro, sharper than any two-edged sword", When you know the word of God you can use it as a weapon to cut the enemy down!!!!! When you know the word, you can speak it with confidence when the enemy comes to rise up against you with a seducing false hood or lie. We as believers don’t realize HOW MUCH POWER THERE IS IN SPEAKING THE WORD!!!!!!! We don’t come to Bible study, we don’t read on our own personal time, we don’t do anything but dust it off on Sunday and then bring it in to the house of God, use it for the readings and the sermon, and then we take it right back home & we put it right back on the shelve. All of the enemies schemes are in the word, and how can you expect to fight the enemy if you don’t know his battle plans???? Y’all ain’t likin’ me, but it’s okay, because I didn’t come to make no friends on today. But one of the reasons the devil is so easily able to seduce us is because we don’t know THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!!!!! I wish I had somebody to help me up in here!!!!!

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