Summary: How Hezekiah faced opposition from the King of Egypt.

See Ya Later, Sennacherib

From II Kings 18-19

Hezekiah is described as a good king.. (18:3-7)

A. He sought to remove every influence of idolatry and sin and to turn the people’s heart back to God.

Important Application-- What are you doing to remove sin’s influence from your life? Your home?

What are you doing to turn people’s hearts towards God?

Important Application # 2: -- Hezekiah is described as a great king because the Lord was with Him.

People need to see that the Lord is with you, but they will never see it if you don’t follow God.

One of Hezekiah’s great reforms was to stop paying tribute to the King of Assyria. This was during a period of time that many others were also rebelling against this evil Empire that had arisen.

I want you to see a Spiritual application to this story. Hezekiah moved into power and said “We’re not cooperating with this evil ruler anymore. We’re going to find a way to be free from his bondage.”

Every once in awhile we come to a place in our lives where we tell God, “God, I’m not going to be in bondage to Satan anymore. I’m not going his direction! I’m not listening to his advice. I’m going to follow you.”


The Scripture tells us “and the Lord was with him and he was succesful in whatever he undertook.”

Whenever we have a renewed zeal for living for God we will experience a measure of success as we walk with God.

Hezekiah was smart enough to know, however, that just because he was winning some important victories and accomplishing great things with the help of God, the battle wasn’t over. So he began preparing for the day when he would have to stand against Sennacherib. During this time he fortified watchtowers and cities. History also tells us that he dug a huge tunnel through over 1700 feet of solid rock.. No dynamite.. This tunnel brought water into the city so they could stand under a siege. That tunnel brings water into Jerusalem, even today.

YET... despite all of his hard labor and preparations, when Sennacherib started towards Jerusalem, he caved in.. he compromised... Look what he did--

II Kings 18:15-16 He compromised... He hoped the problem would go away. He tried to pay the evil King off. And he did it with the silver and gold from the temple.

Important Application # 3--Whenever we compromise with Satan, we are giving to Satan what belongs to God.

Illustrations: When we fail to spend time in prayer, we are giving time we committed to God to Satan.

When we indulge in sexual immorality we take our bodies that we have given to God and give control over to Satan.

When we take that temper which we have given to God and use it to hurt or

humiliate others we have given it to Satan.

Every compromise we make to do evil gives Satan something that we committed to God when we gave Him our heart and life.

But I want you to note something else here... Sennacherib didn’t go home. Instead he marched on Jerusalem and surrounded the city. He demanded the immediate surrender. He sent His messenger to the gates and there they met Hezekiah’s representatives.

Now as they make their demands, the representative of Hezekiah made a request.. (18:26)

He didn’t want the soldiers to hear the threat they were facing.

This is just like a lot of Christians. Satan comes against us and makes demands us of threatens us and we begin to fear what will happen if people find out.

We wonder-- What will happen if people find out the church is having a tough time financially?

What will happen if people find out the church is facing some sort of


What happens if people are attacking the church leadership.

So we quickly try to minimize the problems.. hush them up from the common members of the church... In our fear, we cower and fear that the workers of the church will desert because of the odds against them.

When Peter and John were warned about preaching in Jesus’ name they didn’t hush it up. They came back to the church and reported the opposition. In their prayer, they pointed out to God the power that the officials had... They were honest with each other and God about the threats that they faced.

We cannot run and hide from Satan’s threats.

BUT-- The representative of the Assyrian King got louder.. he turned and spoke in Hebrew to the men on the wall and told them just what a rough time they were going to have. He told them how they would have to do without, and that they would have little to eat. (He got very graphic and crude with them)... He did his best to frighten these people.. and to some extent it worked.

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