Summary: It is a sad thought to know that that there is a lot of gossip going on in the church that causes or creates a lot of tension. We must be watch out for them that will try to cause the unity and the harmony to be disrupted.

Romans 16:17

We are living in times when the enemy is viciously attacking the Church. It doesn't matter what devices he may use he will do what it takes. He comes not but to kill, steal, and to destroy. He is seeking your demise and wishes bad for you. One of the weapons in his arsenal is the weapon of sowing discord among the brethren.

To sow is to plant seeds. This is indicative to a slow process. Discord is disagreement, argument and violence. To sow discord is to say and do things which cause a group as a whole to distrust one another, and begin to argue and then to fight. Usually the ‘sower’ is acting AS IF he or she is not trying to cause arguments. They will appear to have good intentions in mind. Sowing discord is something done in secret, by deceit and subterfuge (sneakiness, gossip and lies).

Sowing discord can cause a great deal of harm if it is not detected and then intercepted. For you will find those that love to see the harmony in the house of God disrupted. They feed off of negativity .They will appear to be a child of God, but denying the power to live right. They will wait for an opportunity to strike, to find the right timing to make slurs and to slander anybody.

The Apostle Paul saw this problem happening and made an appeal. He told the saints to mark those that cause trouble. In so many words we must keep an eye on them and don't take them off of them. They are dangerous and are like wolves. When we notice someone in the church always gossiping and making secret conversations, we need to pay ATTENTION! IF they are causing problems in the church don't take this lightly. Do not laugh at their jokes, and participate in the madness. Its time then to stand up against the enemy. Having done all to stand we must stand up for the kingdom of God. We must fight the good fight of faith laying hold onto eternal life. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. Jesus died for the church and we are to stand up against Satan and his imps. We must continue in prayer that God will keep the unity in the church in which Christ died for. Beloved we must watch as well as pray. The enemy is trying to infiltrate the church to cause a massive divide in the house of God. He wants to cause arguments, disagreements and if possible fighting in the church. Keep an eye out for those that cause trouble every time they attend your church.

Proverbs 6:16-19

In this passage of scripture it tells us that this is one of the sins that God really hates, which is sowing discord among brethren. It is called an abomination. If God hates it we should not put up with it in the house God. You will find those who will fall prey to this spirit if they are not strong. They will find themselves caught in a serious snare, finding out it is hard to get out. These type of people will have a foul spirit that will say that if they don't do what I want I will leave the church. My take on that is to say GOOD BYE. They are usually the type of people that are not that supportive but very critical anyway. They will usually bring to question what the pastor is doing with the money and don't give anything at all. They will always try to find a fault to bring into discussion behind closed doors. There is no common ground when standing up for the truth. We must stand on the word of God whether we are liked or not. Let us stand strong beloved and continue to move forward in Gods Grace!!!

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