Summary: We who are believers, have a great promise in this passage that God will give us the victory over evil and over the schemes of the Devil.

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INTRODUCTION… It’s Not the End of the World (p)

I’d like you to imagine that this has been your morning:

You awake to discover your alarm failed to go off and so you wake up late to get ready for work. In your rush out of bed, you immediately stub your toe. Then you get into the shower only to realize your spouse and kids have used up all the hot water and it is a cold shower for you. When you go to get your breakfast in the kitchen, someone put the milk carton and the orange juice cartons back into the refrigerator empty which is par for the course because you discovered all the cereal boxes are empty anyway… and there’s are no clean coffee mugs. You grab your phone before you head out the door and realize you didn’t plug it in all the way the night before so it’s dead as a doornail. You walk outside to go to work to find a tree limb sticking out of the front windshield of one of your cars which blew down the night before in the storm. You can’t call the insurance because your phone is dead. Not only that, you accidentally left the driver’s side window down in your other car and the driver’s seat is soaking wet from the storm. You back out of the driveway and hit your mailbox.

What are you feeling and thinking?

What level is your stress and frustration?

What do you expect to happen the rest of the day?

Now I realize this is an imaginary morning, but sometimes we can have days like that can’t we? Sometimes we can have weeks that drain us and we feel like the whole world is pressing down on us and laughing. We go though seasons when whatever can go wrong does go wrong. Sometimes our best efforts and all our good intentions come to nothing. Circumstances can create a perception about our lives that the whole world is coming to an end. Bad things happen and sometimes we have a parent, sibling, spouse, or friend that might say to us, “It’s not the end of the world.” We know that! This small statement is meant to put things into perspective and help us see our lives clearly and in a better light.


We have been studying the Book of Revelation and we have been reminded of some powerful passages and heard some powerful challenges for our faith:

We have been challenged to make Jesus Christ the absolute directing head of our lives.

We have been reminded that God always forgives and allows us to come back to Him.

We were challenged to live up to the name Christian that we claim and honor it.

We were reminded that our spiritual health is of utmost importance.

We discovered that Jesus Christ is our ultimate hero in this life and the next.

We applied the truth that if Jesus is our hero, then we can persevere in suffering.

We were challenged last week to open up our lives and our mouths and share the Gospel.

Today we are going to talk about “seeing clearly” when it feels like our world is absolutely coming to an end. To get that perspective, we are going to look at some great and wondrous verses in Revelation 12:1-17 which has three main people/characters for us to look at and one main point. It is a little bit longer passage than we normally read, but it is action packed so stay with me.

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