Summary: The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God. We need to know that even though we can’t physically see faith, we need to just believe. All things are possible to him who believes

Seeing the invisible

Tonight, I want to teach on the subject of faith. I know that we have heard this faith message many times, but tonight, I don’t want you to just listen to a message, but tonight, when you leave this building, I want you to start seeing things differently.

There is something so amazing are those who have the ability to visualize something on the inside that is not manifested on the outside. When you can envision something and it becomes so real to you that you are seeing things that are not there, it is a sure sign that there is something you see on the inside that comes from God.

If we can get excited about the invisible it is a sign that we can do the impossible. I am not talking about faith that comes from talking yourself into believing something, but I am talking about faith that enables you to see things differently than what others see.

David was a man who cold see the invisible.

1 Sam 17:33-49

Now, what was the difference between the army of Israel and David.?

The only difference between David and the rest of the army of Israel was that David had the faith in God,

Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.

Understand this, and get this into your spirt. You have to target your faith towards something. You can’t just say you got faith, and have no target.

You have the power only when you have the vision for the task. There is nothing as frustrating as being stuck with a task which you have no conviction. When you have a conviction, you can do anything!

Gideon was a man who could see the invisible

Judges 6

Gideon took on the Midianites what was really bad is that Gideon started with an army of 32,000 strong, but ended up with 300 men. He and 299 men had victory over the Midianites, which was ab army of thousands.

V9 God knew that there was fear in Gideon, and how many knows that faith is the opposite of fear, God had to encourage Gideon by allowing him to go into the enemy’s camp, and listen to them.

Then there is Noah, how many knows that Noah had to have faith?

Genesis 6

Everyone must have thought that Noah had lost his mind. I mean think about it. People didn’t even know what rain was, much less a flood. So when they saw Noah building this ark, they probably thought he was nuts. I mean, he was creating a floating zoo.

Noah knew what he had to do, He listened to the voice of God, and when the flood came, he and his family was safe.

He followed his inner compass, and him and his family was blessed. We have got to have that same inner compass working in us. We got to go towards our dreams, we got to go towards the vision that God has laid our for us, and follow it will all of our heart.

We got to get some tenacity with our faith, that nothing by any means will stop us.

Abraham, was a man who had the sight to see the impossible things come to pass.

Genesis 22:1&2

the Lord told Abraham to sacrifice his only son.

Honestly, I wonder what was going through Abrahams mind as soon as the Lord told him to sacrifice his only son.

For those of us who have children, what if God told you to sacrifice your child.

Abraham had to believe that God was probably crazy at 1st, but he also knew that there was a reason for God telling him to do that.

There are others that seen the impossible.

Anne Sullivan, who was Helen Keller’s teacher. No one could do anything with the belligerent, angry child whose blindness and deafness left her confused and disturbed. But Ms. Sullivan had a vision for the task.

1 Cor 2:9-12

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him but God has revealed it to us by His Spirit.

- Story of the Darlene Bishops brother who had cancer, and actually got down to 82 pounds, had to eat through a straw, but God raised him up. Darlene Bishop had great faith to see him made whole, and with her tenacity, her faith arose, and got him to believe the same thing. He saw himself whole. He saw himself normal, he saw himself healed, and it happened over a period of 4 months, that he was totally restored.

When we operate in the natural realm, we can allow doubt and unbelief to enter, but when we are in the Spirit, we allow faith to enter in. Many times we operate in the flesh, when God wants us to operate in the Spirit, because it’s in the spirit where your faith will come, and faith will arise.

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