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Summary: The word of God instructed all that will get to heaven after there life here on earth to make the kingdom of God there highest priority in life, and to pursue its righteousness with the whole of their heart. He promised that other things will follow.

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STUDY TEXTS: MATT 6:31-34, COL 3:1-3



Seeking first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness is a statement we all agree with and we advice people of doing it. We teach it and preach it, but do we really understand what it means?

We are to diligently seek to have the rule and power of God demonstrated in our lives and assemblies, and seek to obey the commands of Christ, possess his righteousness, remain separated from the world and show Christ’s love toward everyone.

We shall discuss the topic under three (3) sub headings:

1. Set Proper Priorities

2. Seek Personal Purity

3. See Promised Prosperity


• If priority are not in order, your life will not be in order

• We are to make the Kingdom of God the highest priority in our lives. This implies that :

1. The Kingdom matters must be the first to be attended to at any point in time.

2. The kingdom must be sought with supreme earnestness.

3. The kingdom must be sought with perseverance

We must press on until we obtain it. Phil 3:12-15

4. All power, intellect, sensibility and desires must be absolutely put into it.

5. Everything else must be thrown into the back ground and the kingdom be placed formost. Luke 9:59-60

6. We must seek for guidance and approval by Kingdom principles before taking action.


• We are not to passively accept Jesus, but must be ready to actively seek his righteousness.

• The Kingdom of God must be sought with the righteousness that comes with it. This implies that:

1. We are to seek both God’s control and God’s character in our lives. Rom 8:10-11

2. The Kingdom is not only to be inwardly experienced but must also be outwardly expressed.

3. We must desire the righteousness of the Kingdom before we can possess it. Matt 5: 6

4. We must derive the righteousness from God and not fashioned it for ourselves.

Rom 10: 1- 3 before you can live it, God must give it.


• If we seek the Kingdom and its righteousness first, all other things shall be added to us. This implies:

1. All the things that we need to be comfortable in this world Phil 4.19

2. All the things that people worry about Phil 4:6-7

3. All that we don’t have now is all that God knows we don’t need now.

It is our responsibility to serve God faithfully, and it is God’s responsibility to provide for us sufficiently.


Do you want to make the rest of your life the best of your life? You allow Jesus Christ to be your Lord. Put him first, and live every moment for him, and he will take care of the rest.


1. How have you understood the imperative of Jesus to seek the Kingdom of God?

2. In what ways do you seek God’s reign each day in your life?

3. Where do you find it especially challenging to seek the reign of God over your life?

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