Summary: This message describes characteristics found in the lives of believers who are seizing opportunities to impact their world for Christ.

Seize the Day

Acts 3

Years ago I can remember hosting an older pastor who our church was holding in revival. He was a wonderful preacher and really had a heart for people. Everyplace you took him he seemed to develop a meaningful conversation with someone, regardless of it was at a restaurant or in the hallways at church. One day we were out and he said before we leave I must talk to that young lady over there. He approached her and her son that was with her and they began to talk. During the conversation he learned of some needs she had and he led her to Christ.

For years I have admired this mans abilities to sense the needs of people.

• He has always had a knack for knowing if someone was in need of some help.

• He just is a very discerning man.

But you know, the more I think about it….the more I think I have been admiring just part of his gift.

• Yes, he was good about being able to discern the needs of individuals.

• But what I think I have grown to admire the most is His willingness to act towards those who have needs.

This dear old preacher who is no longer on this earth certainly taught me that it is one thing to

• Understand the needs of individuals

• And it is a completely different thing to actually help them.

Well in Acts 3, Peter and John kind of give us the same picture.

• They were two guys who were willing to act on needs.

• To get involved with those who needed assistance and give them a lift.

• They certainly were to men who were willing to seize the day!

• And take advantage of opportunities that God gave them to impact lives.

It is my prayer that God will give us this same kind of passion.

• Passion to understand how we can help.

• Passion to not be content until we get involved in the lives of people.

• I am praying that God will give all of us a Passion to Seize the Day!

As we look at this passage of scripture I am hoping that we will discover some qualities that made these disciples prepared to Seize the Day,

• Seize the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

I. They Were Open to Interruptions. 1-11

As we read…we see that these disciples were on their way to worship…and guess what time they were going to worship.

• The Bible say’s they were going about the ninth hour.

• This was not only the time that Jesus died during the afternoon.

• But it was also the prescribed times for Jews to come to the temple to pray.

• This was the time in the afternoon when perhaps there would be the greatest crowd that came to offer their sacrifice and prayers.

Here we have two men- both driven to get to church so they can offer their sacrifices and prayers.

• And in verse two they are interrupted by a man who was crippled.

• A man who was placed at those gates everyday, so that he could beg for help.

This man’s life was obviously a tragic experience.

• He was lame from birth.

Think for just a moment what that had meant to his parents.

• Perhaps they looked at their little angel and saw that his legs weren’t right.

• The defect became more and more obvious with each passing month.

• He could not stand, and he never learned to walk.

Think for just a moment of what it meant to that boy.

• He could never run or romp..

• Never play games or join in on any activities.

• There had never been a day in this man’s life whenever he didn’t feel like he was a burden to someone.

• He would not walk and he couldn’t work.

• All he could do was to sit there and beg.

• And hope that his plight would produce pity.

As John and Peter passed through the gate called beautiful, they came into contact with this man.

• All he asked them for was a coin or two to help him buy a crust of bread.

• You know, when you stop and think about it….Grinding Poverty doesn’t tend to lift a person’s thoughts much higher than their pressing need.

• So all he asks for is a couple of coins to buy some bread.

Peter and John had an amazing couple of weeks. They were now celebrities…in Jerusalem.

• Thousand had come to Christ as a result of their preaching.

But I am so thankful they didn’t get caught up in Celebrity Status.

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