Summary: Third message in a series concerning personal and corporate evangelism.

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Seizing Evangelistic Opportunities

Acts 8:26-40

I. Philip Was Moved From A Place of Comfort (Acts 8:4-8 & 26-27a)

A. He was in the middle of a great soul-winning revival

1. He was enjoying preaching daily

2. He was enjoying people coming to him

B. He was instructed to go to a place of supposed barrenness

“Arise and go toward…the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” This is desert. – Acts 8:26

1. It was simply a road

2. It was called “desert”

C. He not only was instructed, but He listened to God

“So he arose and went.” – v. 27a

Many opportunities are missed because:

1. We don’t listen

2. We don’t take time

3. We don’t feel they are ready to hear

II. Philip Took Advantage of the Opportunity (v. 27-35)

A. There was a divine appointment (v.27-28)

1. The eunuch was where God was sending Philip

2. The eunuch had been prepared for Philip

B. There was the involvement of the Holy Spirit (v. 29)

“Then the Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go near and overtake this chariot’”. – v. 29

C. There was enthusiasm with the opportunity (v. 30-35)

“So Philip ran to him…” – v. 30

1. Philip was excited to share the gospel

2. Philip initiated the conversation (He opened the door)

3. Philip kept the message simple

“Then Philip opened his mouth and beginning at this scripture, preached Jesus to him.” – Acts 8:35

III. Philip Saw Results in Seizing the Opportunity (v. 36-40)

A. The Ethiopian Eunuch was gloriously saved (v. 36-38)

1. His belief and confession came first

2. His baptism came second as a testimony

B. Philip was not allowed time to glory in the man’s salvation (v. 39-40)

1. God moved him to another place

2. He stayed faithful to spread the gospel

C. There was the most likely the law of the harvest (v. 39b)

1. The eunuch was rejoicing in his salvation

2. The eunuch went back changed and with a testimony

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