Summary: One of the biggest enemies believers face is in the mirror--"Self."

I. The promise of blessing (Jer 29:11)

II. Obstacles that keep you from your blessing/promise – The Self Giant

a. Unbelief (v 19)

b. Unbelief dominates the life of those who bend the knee to Self

c. The Israelites saw giants instead of God’s greatness

d. The Israelites looked at the problem instead of the promise

e. They decided based on logic and self-preservation instead of the promise

f. Joshua and Caleb ignored Self and they entered the promise (Num 13:30)

III. Other obstacle that keep us from the blessing/promise – Self Giant Mindset

a. Our beliefs – Mindsets (1 Cor 2:14)

b. Everyone has preconceived ideas about life, self and theology/doctrine

c. When the promise is contrary to any of our mindsets we fail to accept it

d. Our opinions can keep us from the promise (Mt 16:21-22)

e. Our theology/doctrine can keep us from the promise (Mk 7:13)

IV. Another obstacle is self-sabotage

a. Low self-esteem (Ex 3:11)

b. Failure complex

c. Fear of rejection (Ex 4:1-2)

d. Don’t be afraid use what you have (v 2)

e. Fear of man (1 Sam 15:20-21, 24)

f. Impatience (Ecc 7:8)

i. King Saul didn’t wait for the prophet to offer the sacrifice

ii. Abraham and Sarah didn’t wait on God

g. Disappointment and Disillusionment (Abraham and Sarah)

h. Don’t limit God – Keep swinging (2 Ki 13:14-19)

V. Defeat the Self Giant with Obedience to God

a. Obedience is required (1 Sam 15:22-23)

b. Understand that the Promise is a supernatural phenomena (Mt 19:26)

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