Summary: A message to encourage us not to become trapped in a life described by self pity.

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Self Pity: An Enemy of Joyous Living

Luke 15:25-32

I. We See the Curse of Self Pity (v. 28-30)

A. Self Pity destroys our happiness.

“..but he became angry and would not go in….” v. 28

• The older brother was angry and would not go in.

B. Self pity will destroy our usefulness for the kingdom

“..and was not willing to go in and his Father began entreating him..” – v. 28b

1. We fail to see where we are needed

2. We can often distract the work of others

3. We can hinder the effectiveness of the whole body

C. Self pity will destroy unity

“..but when this son of yours came..” v. 30

II. We See the Cause of Self Pity (v. 29)

A. Restricted vision causes self pity

1. He could not see beyond himself

2. His favorite words were “I, me and my”

B. Distorted values cause self pity

“…you never killed a kid for me…” – v. 29

1. He did not realize what he had

2. He wanted something that he did not need

C. Wrong virtues cause self pity.

“…for so many years I have served you…”

III. The Cure for Self Pity (v. 31)

A. We need an abiding presence

“Thou are ever with me…”

B. We Should Recognize Our Abundant Provision

“All that I have is yours..”

C. We need to celebrate the achieved purpose

“..for this thy brother was dead and is alive again, was lost and has been found..” – v. 32

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