Summary: Sermon on MLK jr. and YOU

I. Today's message will be focused on the famous African-American leader named Martin Luther King Jr. Before we go any futher let us pray. Dear God thank you for this chance to learn about someone that went before us. God please let us realize that we can do anything with your help. Also, allow us to understand that we cannot do anything without your help. Reason being is because we are not strong enough to do it on our own. You oh, God on the other hand are strong enough to handle and do anything.

II. Martin Luther King was born at noon in 1929 on Jan. 15th, just like you and I have a start date Dr. King did too. In 1944 when Martin was only 15 years old he got accepted into Moorehouse College. This goes to show us that we can accomplish anything in life no matter how young we are. King graduated three years early from High School, if you just apply yourself this could be you.Dr. King was ordained at the age of 19, just think about all of the things Dr. King accomplished before he was 20 years old. The things that he accomplished before he was 20, you can accomplish to if you just apply yourself.

III. God created you and I to be different people, this I cannot and will not disagree with. I can however tell you this God wants us to dream to be something great one day. God has brought people before us to be our role models. Our role models are there to show us that we can accomplish anything when we just put our mind to it. Now yes it will not be easy, and you may lose some friends along the way but always remember that God will not ever leave you! AMEN!

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