Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Part of a series of sermons on THE sermon. This one looks at the Golden Rule and give new light to an old understanding.

**** I read the entire Sermon on the Mount from the message Bible before each of the sermons in this series, I recommend it.

Sermon on the Mount: Golden! Mat 7:12

We have all heard the golden rule; do unto other before they do unto you!


*****There is a great clip from Sanford and Sons where Fred messes up Golden Rule and comes up his own, you can find it on You Tube*******

There are really two ways of looking at this verse (I really wanted to find a 3rd way but I just couldn’t think of one)

1. is the way we kinda always have, it’s the golden rule way

Treat others the way you would like to be treated

That’s good right, sure it is

It’s kind of reactionary, when presented with a situation, respond to that situation in the way you would want to be treated.

That’s an awesome way to live, nothing wrong with at all and we would all be better off if we did this a whole lot more

But I think there is another way of looking at this as well

Now let me read this from the Message Bible,

Matthew 7:12"Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them. Add up God's Law and Prophets and this is what you get.”

2. Find some way to do for someone else what it is you would like done for you

Now this new way will flat mess you up!!!!

As a matter of fact if you follow the teachings of Jesus it will wreck your life!!!!!

Jesus always goes a step farther

Look at the way we have always thought of this, it is passive

If you are presented with the opportunity, then choose to treat that person the way you want to be treated.

This new way is Active,

Basically what it is saying is, find ways to bless people!

Be out there actively thinking about what you can do to help, or bless, treat someone well.

Think about what you would like someone to do you, then find someone to do it for.

One is passive, the other is active

Being a Jesus follower will wreck your life, because Jesus is telling us here to go out and find ways to be nice to people

Not if they have been nice to you, not if you need something from them, not if it is convenient for you, not if it is easy but just because.

You know with this instruction here, Jesus takes the wind right out of so many people’s pity party--- oh, no one ever does anything for me, why doesn’t anyone do anything for me, no one come here or goes there

My parents never do this, my kids never do this, my husband, my wife won’t ever do whatever

That preacher down there to the Foursquare Church in Lucas hasn’t one time done this!!!!

Jesus says, Well what have you done?!!!

Stop sitting around complaining and get out there doing!!!!!

Being a follower of Jesus will wreck your life, it will mess you up!

No I’m not talking about being a church goer, I’m talkn’ about being a Jesus follower!

All it takes to be a Church Goer is a couple hours on Sunday Morning, if there ain’t nothing better to do

To be a “Jesus follower” or a “Christian” you have to follow the leader—Jesus so:

First take the time to find out what your Leader says

Then you have to do it!!!

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is great if your churchgoer, if your “religious”

But if you want to be a Christian or a follower of Jesus, the passive, maybe if you want to…kind of stuff won’t cut it

Jesus was radical, and calls us to be radical too

Jesus says be meek, be a peacemaker(did you catch that, not be peaceful, which is passive but be a peacemaker, which is active) be merciful, be pure in heart, be salt, be light, be active!

If to be a Christian is to be “Christ-Like” then we have to stop viewing the word Christian as a noun and start thinking of as a verb, it is active, what can I do, who can I serve, how can I help

You see, this is how God works

He sent Jesus and Jesus sends us, we are, right now, quite literally His hands and feet on this planet

Jesus was

Now we are!!!

1 Jesus

2.1 billion people call themselves Christians

Two men were walking along discussing God, eternity, and judgment. One of them stops and says, “You know, there is a question I’d like to ask God.”

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