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  • The Thing That Should Not Be Series

    Contributed by Wes Taylor on Oct 2, 2017
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    The church suffers when it is made into something else. In this message we learn how to have the kind of church Jesus wants and we desire.

    Series: 1 Corinthians: Church Off the Rails Sermon: The Thing That Should Not Be - Part 1 Outline and Manuscript: I. Jesus’ Grand Plan II. When Church is Made into Something Else III. Church Off the Rails IV. Hope for a Church Off the Rails Manuscript: Introduction: We’re in more

  • Practising Worship Series

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Jul 9, 2017

    The message is a study of the conduct of the assembly at the Lord's Table

    “In the following instructions, I do not commend you, because when you come together it is not for the better but for the worse. For, in the first place, when you come together as a church, I hear that there are divisions among you. And I believe it in part, for there must be factions among you more

  • Doing It Right Series

    Contributed by Kevin Ruffcorn on Sep 7, 2017
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    Holy Communion is meant to bring us closer to God and to each other, and not separate us.

    1 Corinthians 11:17-34 “Doing It Right” INTRODUCTION Do you remember the school days of “Lunch Box Envy”? I do. My mother firmly believed that all school lunches should be packed in an ordinary brown paper bag. Metal lunch boxes with Roy Rogers, Sky King, Buck Rogers or Mighty Mouse more

  • There Is A Power Shortage

    Contributed by Luther Sexton on Feb 26, 2019
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    "the woman ought to have power on her head"

    A POWER SHORTAGE Scripture: 1 Cor. 11:1-16 Key Verse "the woman ought to have power on her head" I. THE POWER (authority) OF MEN OVER WOMEN A. "The head of the woman is man" v. 3 1. Men ought to love their wives. 2. Men ought to lead their wives. I Timothy 2:12 more

  • Exam Time Series

    Contributed by Donald Mcculley on Mar 19, 2019

    In Paul’s day the early church met in homes and had a meal (agape feasts) that was followed by the Lord’s Supper. One of the many problems in the church was the abuse of this event. Paul had a word of rebuke for them.

    EXAM TIME I CORINTHIANS 11: 17-28 INTRODUCTION: Exam time can be pretty intense. As we prepare for that moment we can get pretty anxious. This passage concerns the observance of the Lord’s Supper. A key verse is “v.28”. In Paul’s day the early church met in homes and had a meal (agape more

  • Cultivating Disciples

    Contributed by John Oscar on Jan 29, 2019

    Teaching how to grow in God by Growing others

    Cultivating Disciples CCCAG Jan 27th, 2019 Scripture- Acts 4:36, Acts 16:1-3, 1 Cor 11:1 Intro: Has anyone here ever gotten into an argument and when it's over you look back on and say man that was a stupid thing to argue about? Back in the time before Facebook, or Twitter and other social more

  • Setting A Good Example (Part Two) Series

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Oct 1, 2018
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    Paul was a good example. Paul said in 1st Cor. 11:1, "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ." How did Paul set a good example?

    SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE (part two) In life there are good examples and there are bad examples. We need to set a good example for the lost to see and be drawn to and for the church to see and want to follow suit. Recap: Jesus was a good example of humility and service. When he washed the disciples' more

  • Communion And Jesus.

    Contributed by Claude Alexander on Oct 12, 2018
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    The Lord's Table. The Communion Table. What does Communion mean.

    Jesus and Communion. 1Corr. 11:17-34 An understanding of historical background is essential in the interpretation of any document, biblical or otherwise. Consequently, this factor plays a larger role in the interpretation of many books of the New Testament . Romans is one of those books where an more

  • Minding Your Manners At The Lord's Table

    Contributed by Kevin L. Jones on Apr 24, 2010
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    We have certain things that we know are acceptable and unacceptable at the table.When we come to the Lord's table we must have the proper manners as well.

    Minding Your Manners At The Lord’s Table I Corinthians 11:17-32 When I was growing up there were certain things that were not tolerated at my house. I have always worn a baseball hat. I knew that when I was at the table that that hat had to come off, it was not an option. I am a grown more

  • Discerning The Body

    Contributed by Mark A. Barber on Mar 26, 2018

    How should the Lord's Supper be observed?

    Discerning the Body 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 God has called a people from all nations and from all classes of people. He has called them to be united together in the body of Christ. This shows the great ambition of God. People have tried to find world peace and to come together as one. After more

  • What's A Woman To Do? Series

    Contributed by David Welch on May 24, 2018

    Message 30 in our exposition of 1 Corinthians. This message deals with proper decorum in the worship assembly. We touch on the woman's role in the church.

    Chico Alliance Church Pastor David Welch “What’s A Woman to Do?” I Corinthians 11:2-16 Review I. Reproof for fleshly behavior 1-6 II. Responses to specific inquiries A. Concerning marriage 7 B. Concerning voluntary limitation of Christian liberty 8-11:1 Do whatever it takes to more

  • Accountability To The Next Level Of Authority

    Contributed by Luther Sexton on Jun 16, 2018

    Every adult is accountable to many people around them.

    ACCOUNTABILITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF AUTHORITY I. INTRODUCTION: As a teacher, I must enforce the rules of the school. Not always do I enjoy this portion of my job. In fact, this responsibility is often a dreaded one. We are teachers who often must perform in the role of a patrol officer. more

  • Divine Dinner

    Contributed by David Welch on May 16, 2018

    A discussion of the Lord's supper from 1 Corinthians 11.

    Chico Alliance Church Pastor David Welch "The Divine Dinner" Review Paul included some answers to issues raised by the believers at Corinth. Questions about marriage. Questions about eating meat offered to idols and Christian liberty. Questions about Worship in the church The three more

  • Do You See What I See? Series

    Contributed by Christopher Lanham on Jul 19, 2010
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    What does it mean to "examine yourself?"

    Do You See What I See? 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Cascades Fellowship CRC, JX MI March 1, 2009 Series: The Church in Crisis When I was in high school, there was this girl – let’s call her “Edith”. Everyone called her Big “Ed” because she was on the heavy more

  • Who Am I More Important Than? Series

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on Jan 30, 2011

    Divisions are never good in the body of Christ. But when the divisions take place over a celebration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, things get serious real fast. In this lesson, we learn about avoiding the things that separate us, and clinging to that

    Among the many problems of the Corinthian church was division. Earlier in the letter he talked about division around choosing one leader over another. In the second half of chapter 11 he focuses on another type of division that was splitting the Corinthian church: the division of rich and poor and more