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  • Drunk In The Church

    Contributed by Jason Jones on Oct 16, 2011

    Exposition of 1 Corinthians 11 regarding Paul's thoughts regarding their error and their ideal.

    Text: 1 Cor 11:17-34, Title: Drunk in the Church, Date/Place: NRBC, 10/16/11, AM A. Opening illustration: In spite of his tendency to project sometimes speculative imaginative scenarios in his more popular study You Wretched Corinthians! Hans Frör well captures the connection between 11:2–16 more

  • Communion Revisited

    Contributed by Martin Wiles on Apr 12, 2012

    A doctrinal examination of the Lord's Supper.

    A. It is said Jesus and some of his followers must have been Southern since they used the word Supper instead of Dinner when referring to the Lord’s Supper. B. There has been a great deal of misunderstanding about the Lord’s Supper or Communion throughout church history with several more

  • Discerning The Body

    Contributed by John Kapteyn on Oct 17, 2000
    based on 19 ratings

    We are warned not to partake of the Lord's Supper in an unworthy manner - that is unless we discern or recognize His body . What does this mean?

    1. Special occasions often celebrated by a special meal. The host spends much time preparing for the meal. The Lord’s Supper is a special meal in which not the host but the guests are to prepare themselves. 2. Have you prepared yourself for this meal? Did you listen to the call for more

  • Check Your Troubles At The Door And Leave Them There

    Contributed by Brian Garner on Mar 10, 2003
    based on 19 ratings

    There’s no trouble we face that Jesus can’t fix.

    This morning, I’d like you to consider a building project for the church. No, I’m not thinking about a new pavilion, or additional classroom space. Not even an expanded office suite with cappuccino bar. No, the addition I’m proposing is much more practical than that. Let’s start a building more

  • Looks Of The Lord's Supper

    Contributed by David Fox on Nov 11, 2001
    based on 100 ratings

    What is communion really about?

    5 Looks of The Lord’s Supper I Cor. 11:17-34 Explanation: This Morning we will be partaking The Lord’s Supper. Often we may receive the bread and the juice without really understanding what this act of obedience is all about. Let’s take a look at this passage of scripture to see what it is more

  • A Look At The Lord's Table

    Contributed by Rick Macdonald on Aug 7, 2001
    based on 39 ratings

    The Lord’s Table is a powerful occasion for faith’s confession. In partaking we not only confess before heaven that we believe, but also that we have not forgotten.

    Title: A Look at the Lord’s Table Text: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 By: Pastor Rick MacDonald Date: February 4, 1996 1. Conduct: {17} Now in giving these instructions I do not praise you, since you come together not for the better but for the worse. {18} For first of all, when you come together as a more

  • What Should I Be Doing During The Lord's Supper? Series

    Contributed by A. Todd Coget on May 1, 2003
    based on 318 ratings

    The purpose of this sermon is to cut through traditions and get to the spirtual purposes for the ordinance and give practical ways to accompish these purposes.

    1 Corinthians What Should I Be Doing During the Lord’s Supper? 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 May 4, 2003 Intro: A. [Communion Misunderstood, Citation: Terry Fullam, "Worship: What We’re Doing, and Why," Preaching Today, Tape No. 102.] I’m thinking of a small-town church in upstate New York. They’d had more

  • Rightly Obsrving The Lord's Supper

    Contributed by Tim Huie on Apr 22, 2008

    When we celebrate communion, it must be done with the right attitudes and purposes if it is to honor Jesus.

    . Illus of footwashing in Alabama town • Several churches got together once a year to do it • Got out of hand- carnival, drunkenness, sex, rowdiness • Have to hire extra policemen each year • Started good, degenerated into something sinful. 2. Same thing had happened in Corinth. Lord’s supper was more

  • Examination Before Communion

    Contributed by Ed Wood on Jun 24, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    A Communion Devotional.

    EXAMINATION BEFORE COMMUNION 1 Cor. 11:17-34 INTRO: Many times we partake of the Lord’s Supper without understanding the full meaning of this ordinance. It is the most sacred of all the ordinances we practice because it represents the shed more

  • Let Us Break Bread Together Series

    Contributed by Shawn Drake on Feb 18, 2003
    based on 58 ratings

    This is the 14th sermon in the series "Church On The Rocks". This sermon looks at the importance of The Lord’s Supper in worship.

    Sunday Morning February 23, 2003 Bel Aire Baptist Church Series: ¡§Church On The Rocks¡¨ [#14] LET US BREAK BREAD TOGETHER 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Introduction: 1. When we come together to worship, what types of things do we do? „« Sing „« Pray „« Fellowship „« Read Scripture „« Study more

  • Respecting God's Order Of Things Series

    Contributed by David Owens on Jul 8, 2008
    based on 15 ratings

    As Paul addresses the problems at Corinth, he now begins to address the problems in their worship.

    Introduction: A. You know, funny things happen in church from time to time. 1. Whether it be the collection that gets dropped and the coins that roll around. 2. Or the fussy child that has to be taken out of the auditorium and shouts on the way out, “I don’t want to go out…somebody help me!” 3. I more

  • Expressions Of Love

    Contributed by Joseph Rodgers on Mar 5, 2006
    based on 5 ratings

    This message focused in on how baptism and communion are expressions of worship to God’s. We show Him love because He first loved us.

    Expressions of Love March 5, 2006 Baptism and Lord’s Supper Intro: I am reading a book entitled, The Air I Breathe, by Louie Giglio. In the book Louie defines worship as “the pursuit of that which you value most.” I like that b/c I believe our greatest purpose for living is to honor God through more

  • Prepare To Meet Thy God

    Contributed by Adam Deibert on Feb 10, 2005
    based on 14 ratings

    Our first and foremost purpose in gathering together is to meet with Jesus. This is especially true when we come for Communion. (Best preached the week before Communion)

    (Note: prior to preaching, discreetly place an empty chair on the platform, off to one side) •In the last few weeks, I’ve had several people call me about when we’re having Communion •It’s customary in the Seventh-day Adventist church to hold Communion on a quarterly basis; and those who have been more

  • Discerning The Body

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Feb 3, 2006
    based on 34 ratings

    Communion service for Black History Month: discerning the body means seeing our connectedness, understanding one another, and living in hope beyond our history. For Montgomery Hills Baptist Church; reworking of message done in 2000 at Takoma Park Baptist

    Several years ago my wife and I went with a group on a tour of Italy. It was a wonderful experience, most of it. Most of it, but not all. The part that was less than wonderful came when we had a few free hours in Florence. Margaret and I decided to set out on our own to find the Uffizi Palace more

  • Seated At Christ's Table Series

    Contributed by Guy Glass on Nov 29, 2005
    based on 4 ratings

    This message deals with the thought that Communio is all about God and not about us. Additionally, the Corinthians church was acting in such a way that communion was divisive and thus did more harm than good for the local church.

    SEATED AT CHRIST’S TABLE 1 CORINTHIANS 11:17-34 INTRODUCTION: Last week we looked at the beginning of this chapter as an introduction to this section of 1 Corinthians, from chapter 11 through chapter 14. The major thought is that of public worship, and our propriety or activity in that worship. more