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  • Defenders Of The Faith?

    Contributed by David Wilson on Aug 30, 2012
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    We are NOT called to defend THE faith, but rather to stand up for OUR faith.

    Defenders of the Faith? One of the most frequently misapplied verses in the Bible is I Peter 3:15-17. It is often taken out of context and used to prompt believers into being defenders of the faith! It says, “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give more

  • A Life Of A Clear Conscience Series

    Contributed by D Marion Clark on Aug 10, 2012

    How do we live in an unjust world?

    Introduction Peter’s epistle begins in such a nice way. He tells of all these wonderful blessings we have, how we are such special people; then, just when we are feeling so great about the Christian life, he throws these water balloons at us, that splash us with sobering exhortations. more

  • Be Contagious! (Week 2) Series

    Contributed by Scott Bayles on Jan 1, 2013
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    This is the second of a 4 part series adapted from Willow Creek’s Contagious Christian Evangelism Training course.

    BE CONTAGIOUS: WEEK 2 Scott Bayles, pastor Adapted from “If Jesus Lived in My House,” by Lee Strobel As we begin week two of our “Becoming a Contagious Christian” series, let me share a story from Lee Strobel—one of the authors of the Contagious Christian training materials. It’s not actually more

  • Why We Believe

    Contributed by Rick Pendleton on Jan 23, 2013

    Most Christians believe because their parents did and they have since birth. But what reason can we give to those who are not already convinced?

    Why We Believe What evidence can you present for your faith that Jesus Christ is son of God, lived on earth, died on cross, resurrected, saved us from sin, etc? 1. Eyewitnesses 2 Peter 1:16 1 John 1:1 2. Preaching to eyewitnesses would be silly, if they knew better. Acts more

  • What Is Our Hope? Series

    Contributed by Andrew Gamblin on Feb 12, 2013

    What is our universal story of hope? It is the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    For the entire month of January, we are going to focus on this thing called evangelism. Now to me that word is sometime scary and evokes many different emotions. For those of you with the spiritual gift of evangelism, you may get a little excited because this is right up your ally and you’re more

  • What Is My Hope? Series

    Contributed by Andrew Gamblin on Feb 12, 2013

    What is my personal story of hope? Where do I see hope through Christ?

    Last week we talked about the reason that we all have hope. We talked about the fact that God wants us so desperately and so passionately that He would die for us. And he did. And that is our story of hope as the body of Christ. But tonight, I want us to bring that point in a little closer to home. more

  • "Apologize" For Jesus

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on May 25, 2014
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    Apologize for Jesus 1) Describe his help. 2) Declare your hope.

    Has anyone ever had to apologize for you? Maybe it was the time when you put a frog in your teacher’s desk at school. The prank got a few laughs when the frog jumped out causing your teacher to scream, but it also earned you a trip to the principal’s office. That was followed by a call more

  • The Value And Power Of Your Testimony

    Contributed by Rev. Matthew Parker on Jun 22, 2014

    A brief unpacking of 1 Peter, looking at Peter's encouragement to always be prepared to give an answer for our hope.

    The Value and Power of Your Testimony - 1 Peter 3:15-16 - June 22, 2014 We’ve just heard the testimony of a follower of Jesus Christ. Joanne has shared her heart - what God has done and is doing in her life. And I hope you’ve been encouraged by her words. I hope you have perhaps been more

  • Open Doors Of Opportunity (2) Series

    Contributed by Perry Greene on Aug 25, 2014
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    Are we open or closed as a congregation? Is the work and worship about us only or do we include others?

    1. St Catherine's Monastery One of the oldest monasteries in the world is Saint Catherine's. Built by Emperor Justinian to protect the monks in the region, St. Catherine's sits at the foot of Mount Sinai in Egypt. The walls are made of granite and are between 8 and 35 meters tall. Up until last more

  • Four-Part Harmony Series

    Contributed by Troy Borst on Feb 10, 2016

    The Apostle Peter commands us to “live in harmony” with the people around us which means we are sympathetic, loving, compassionate, and humble when we want to be and especially when we don’t want to be and the people we deal with don’t deserve it.

    FOUR-PART HARMONY 1 PETER 3:8-17 INTRODUCTION The passage that we are going to read today has at minimum about 10 different sermons in it. This morning I am going to preach all ten sermons to you so get comfortable! I locked the doors and ordered in lunch. The passage is rich with more

  • Sanctification: My Goal Changed Series

    Contributed by Archie Norman on Jul 27, 2016

    What is Biblical Salvation

    1. Man's participation in sanctification A. Right view of God - I Peter 3:15 B. Right view of teachers - II Timothy 2:15, 21 C. Right view of self - I Thessalonians 4:3-4 D. Right view of potential - Romans 8:13 2. God's process of sanctification A. The Word transforms my mind with more

  • Seek Peace Series

    Contributed by K. Edward Skidmore on Jun 1, 2015

    Chapter 3 of First Peter shows how to seek peace, in the home, in the church, and in the world.

    Seek Peace (1 Peter 3) INTRODUCTION: In chapter 2 of First Peter Jesus is given as an example of obedience and submission to God’s will. Then, 1 Peter chapter 3 begins with the phrase, “…in the same way …” The instructions in chapter 3 about husbands and wives more

  • Master Of My Heart? Series

    Contributed by Paul Clemente on Jul 8, 2013

    who is really the MASTER in my heart?

    The purpose in gathering together this morning is to worship God, who eternally exists in Three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit! Worship is giving worth to someone or something! As we sing, as we pray, as we study His Word, we are to give worth to the Triune God! Of more

  • Our Main Calling Series

    Contributed by Paul Clemente on Jul 1, 2013

    We are to do good, why, and how can we?

    We continue to learn from the first letter of the Apostle Peter. Through Peter, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God speaks to all Christians including us and those who will follow us. We have the Word of God which is eternal but instructing to impact daily life! So far we have noted that in spite more

  • Wayfaring Strangers Part 14-" The Fair Is In October " Series

    Contributed by Randy Edwards on Jun 5, 2018

    part 14 0rf our 1 Peter study

    Wayfaring Strangers A study of 1 Peter Part 14 “The fair is in October and we don’t have tickets” 1 Peter 3:13-17 Today we are going to continue our study of 1 Peter titled wayfaring strangers Last week we looked at Peter’s checklist of spiritual maturity As he prepared us for the more