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  • God Of Unexpected Divine Appointments

    Contributed by Palitha Jayasooriya on Nov 19, 2014
    based on 44 ratings

    This sermon shows that God has 'Divine Appointments' for His children in the midst of different situations

    THE GOD OF UNEXPECTED DIVINE APPOINTMENTS I once read a story in a magazine of an atheist who loved nature & had gone on a hike on a nature trail. As he kept admiring the scenes around him, he lost track of the trail and when the time came for him to get back, he realized that he was ...read more

  • Disarmed, Not Ready To Arm!

    Contributed by Charlie Roberts on Nov 28, 2010
    based on 5 ratings

    How many of you have ever experienced a God moment, and He met your need at just the right time in just the right way? There are a lot of people this morning who never have, they are running on empty discouraged and in depression over issues the devil h

    Disarmed, not ready to arm 1st Sam 30:1-8 NKJ 1. Now it happened, when David and his men came to Ziklag, on the third day, that the Amalekites had invaded the South and Ziklag, attacked Ziklag and burned it with fire, 2. and had taken captive the women and those who were there, from small to ...read more

  • Against All Odds

    Contributed by Richard Cook on Aug 20, 2009
    based on 5 ratings

    Sermon to encourage listeners to press through their circumstances because God can bring you out on top.

  • Don't Quit Now

    Contributed by Dan Cormie on Feb 26, 2008
    based on 8 ratings

    The dog days of summer are coming and with them the desire to take a little break, but will you take a vacation from God?

    Christianview Church July 16, 1995 Don’t Quit Now 1Samual 30:3-20 When David and his men came to Ziklag, they found it destroyed by fire and their wives and sons and daughters taken captive. So David and his men wept aloud until they had no strength left to weep. David’s two wives had ...read more

  • Recover Your Losses

    Contributed by Olorunnisola Oni on Sep 15, 2007
    based on 16 ratings

    The sermon tells us how we can recover whatever the enemy steals or has stolen from us.

    Introduction: At one time or the other, some of us if not all of us have lost one thing or the other to the enemy. As children of God and because of His mighty hand of deliverance on us, we can recover whatever the enemy has stolen from us. This morning, we will use the example of David to see ...read more

  • Aggressive Or Slothful

    Contributed by John Mccurry on Aug 15, 2007
    based on 5 ratings

    Encouraging believers to be more aggressive in our witness for Christ

    Tuesday, May 29, 2001 AGGRESSIVE OR SLOTHFUL 1 Samuel 30:7 & 8 It is time for the Pentecostal Church that has been the witness of Holy Ghost fire in this world to become aggressive in reaching the soul the clock is ticking. In your Bible the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, Moses ...read more

  • Just Wait Until The Men Come Back

    Contributed by Kevin Williams on Jun 24, 2007
    based on 18 ratings

    The role that men play in true worship is essential to the survival of the church.

    The city has been burned down to it’s very foundation. Once proud, solid structures had been reduced to fragile rubble. If you look around you can still see embers slowly burn what is left in the camp. If you lift your nose ever so slightly you can still smell the stench of smoke blowing in the ...read more

  • We Shall Recover It All

    Contributed by Stephen Robinson D on Mar 6, 2007
    based on 49 ratings

    A sermon of encouragment when it seems like the devil has you defeated. You can have your stuff back!

    My bro & sis we are living in the last and evil days. My bros & sis we are living in a crazy time. We are living in a world where people are running around out of control. We live in a world filled with people plotting terroristic attacks on our country We live in a world where some of us ...read more

  • Facing Your Giants: Slump Guns Series

    Contributed by Max Lucado on Nov 1, 2006
    based on 104 ratings

    These sermons served as the foundation for Max’s newest book, Facing Your Giants. It is never too late to get up when you have been knocked down.

    “Slump Guns” 1 Samuel 30:1-6 These sermons served as the foundation for Max’s newest book, Facing Your Giants. THEME: It is never too late to get up when you have been knocked down. Introduction: In Max Lucado’s book, Facing Your Giants, he relates the story that was not David’s ...read more

  • How To Encourage Yourself In God Series

    Contributed by Brian Atwood on Feb 3, 2006
    based on 194 ratings

    Ways to overcome challenges and keep enjoying life.

    We’re beginning a new series today on Loving the Life You Live. Don’t you love those times in life when you are really enjoying God’s blessings and experiencing God’s joy? Don’t you just love it when you love the life you live? Then there are those other times, times when life is ...read more

  • Keep On Fighting

    Contributed by David Dewitt on Nov 8, 2005
    based on 103 ratings

    This is a message for our annual Veteran’s Day Service

    Keep on Fighting 1 Samuel 30 November 6, 2005 Veteran’s Day Message Morning Service Introduction On November 11, 1918, a treaty was signed by the Allies and the Germans to end the hostilities of World War I. In 1938, congress passed a bill to declare November 11 Armistice Day to honor the ...read more

  • Encourage Yourself In The Lord

    Contributed by Ron Hicks on Sep 6, 2005
    based on 64 ratings

    God could pour blessings upon you any time He pleases, but sometimes He wants you to come and get them yourself.

    ENCOURAGE YOURSELF IN THE LORD 1 Sam 30:1-7 30:1 And it came to pass, when David and his men were come to Ziklag on the third day, that the Amalekites had invaded the south, and Ziklag, and smitten Ziklag, and burned it with fire; 2 And had taken the women captives, that were therein: they ...read more

  • Honey, I Shrunk God, Honey I Shrunk God's Word.

    Contributed by Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Sep 15, 2003
    based on 44 ratings

    Sometimes our doubt and unfaithfulness can reduce the effectiveness of God.

    WELL, HONEY I JUST SHRUNK GOD! HONEY, I SHRUNK HIS WORD! By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. Kyfingers@aol.com TEXT: Romans 4:13 ... faith has been made void, and the promise made of none effect. James 5:15 The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much. Psalms 107:20 God sent His ...read more

  • Stolen Property

    Contributed by Jeremy Houck on Jul 27, 2003
    based on 149 ratings

    We can get back what Satan has stolen from us if we want it. Taken from Jim Cymbala’s book Fresh faith.

    The other day I was standing in line at the grocery store and the woman in front of me was wearing on of those backpacks with a toddler in it. As I stood there I noticed a large sign on the backpack that read. “This child tends to shoplift,” it read. “Please inform mother.” In the spiritual ...read more

  • David, Man Of Renown Series

    Contributed by Chris Appleby on Apr 27, 2003
    based on 49 ratings

    Here is an example both of God’s providence and God’s grace in action as David’s wilderness years approach their conclusion.

    What we find today is an example both of God’s providence and God’s grace in action as David’s wilderness years approach their conclusion. David has been with the Philistine king Achish on their way to attack Saul and his army, when God intervenes in a providential way to release David from his ...read more