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  • Do You Have "Staying Power"?

    Contributed by James Lee on Oct 17, 2012
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    If there is anything our world needs, today, it is for Believers to have what I call “Staying Power”

    If there is anything our world needs, today, it is for Believers to have what I call “Staying Power” I can’t believe the number of men my age who are giving up the ministry and find something else to do. People are leaving the Church for no apparent reason. Just a generation more

  • Dynamics That Effect Christian Service-2

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Mar 15, 2012

    2 of 3. Paul warned Timothy of the dynamics required to fulfill his charge. Believers must be aware of the dynamics surrounding the fulfillment of their Christian service. What are some of these dynamics? Christian service must embrace...

    DYNAMICS That EFFECT CHRISTIAN SERVICE-II—1Timothy 1:18-20 Attention: Linda & Jill were chatting over coffee. "I've been experiencing a strange & painful side effect from coffee. I'm fine when I drink it black, but if I use cream, or sugar, or both, I get a stabbing pain in one eye, more

  • Dynamics That Effect Christian Service-3

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Mar 20, 2012

    3 of 3. Paul warned Timothy of the dynamics required to fulfill his charge. Believers must be aware of the dynamics surrounding the fulfillment of their Christian service. What are some of these dynamics? Christian service must embrace...

    DYNAMICS That EFFECT CHRISTIAN SERVICE-III—1Timothy 1:18-20 Attention: Jan. 13, 2012—Francesco Schettino, the captain of the Italian cruise ship Concordia, fled his sinking cruise liner before all the passengers were off. His negligence led to the deaths of 32 of the 4200 more

  • Don’t Ship-Wreck Your Faith Series

    Contributed by Gordon Weatherby on May 4, 2013
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    Timothy had a major challenge in ministering to the Church at Ephesus. To accomplish that task Paul told him he needed a strong faith in Christ. If he didn’t have that, it was possible that he, himself could become a spiritual ship-wreck. We too need tha

    DON’T SHIPWRECK YOUR FAITH 1 Timothy 1:18-20; Dorn Ridge May 05, 2013 Audio Link to sermon: INTRODUCTION: 1.) I have titled this morning’s message: “Don’t Ship-wreck your faith.” 2.) Paul was writing to a young minister some advice for ministering to the more

  • Avoiding A Shipwreck Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Jan 26, 2015

    We must avoid shipwrecking our faith at all costs! You must maintain the right course; do not assume the ship will steer itself!

    Avoiding a Shipwreck (I Timothy 1:18-20) 1. The Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized and sank after striking an underwater obstruction off … Tuscany, on 13 January 2012, with the loss of 32 lives. Costa Concordia… is one of the largest ships ever to be abandoned… more

  • Your Conscience And The Holy Spirit

    Contributed by Bishop Prof. Julius Soyinka on Nov 25, 2013
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    God has given every one a conscience, but it can only be reliable when it is submitted to the rule and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our conscience is like a clock which only work correctly if it has been previously set correctly.

    Study Text: 1 Timothy 1: 18 - 20 Introduction: - When you're tempted to do the wrong thing, do you listen to your conscience or do you just ignore it and keep going? - How can people commit horrible crimes if they have a conscience? What is our conscience, according to the Word of more

  • Winning The Spiritual Battle (Part 3) Series

    Contributed by Dan Proctor on Jul 14, 2014

    Here in our text, the Christian life is likened to a battle. Every believer must war a good warfare. How can we do this? The apostle Paul lays out a strategy for us.

    Winning The Spiritual Battle (Part 3) 1 Timothy 1:15-26 Introduction: 1. Many preachers today make a living off of telling people what they want to hear. They tell people that it is God’s will that they be prosperous, healthy, wealthy, and basically have a more

  • No Soldier Left Behind

    Contributed by Kevin L. Jones on Jun 14, 2014
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    As Christian soldiers, are we shooting our own wounded or are we willing to do what it takes to rescue the prisoners of war and see them restored and ready for battle?

    No Soldier Left Behind Genesis 14:13-16 In recent weeks one story has been at the forefront of the news. I am referring to the story of Bowe Bergdahl an American Soldier who has been “held captive” in Afghanistan for 5 years. This story has been filled with controversy. Many are more

  • Unknowingly Shipwrecking Your Faith Series

    Contributed by Barry O Johnson on May 16, 2017

    This is the sixth message in the series on Faith. Many Christians allow ministers to speak into their lives without "fact checking" what they say against Scripture. This can cause them to shipwreck their faith.

    This is the sixth message in this series on Faith. The underlying theme of the series has been our responsibility for faith either manifesting or not manifesting in our lives. For a person to say “I have faith” and not produce “faith results” means that person is not walking in faith the way he more

  • Struggles, Shipwrecks, And Satan

    Contributed by Jason Jones on Feb 19, 2018
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    Paul issues three cautions of the Christian life

    Text: 1 Tim 1:18-20, Title: Struggles, Shipwrecks, and Satan, Date/Place: WHBC, 2.11.18, AM A. Opening illustration: Job’s life and struggles B. Background to passage: Paul has dropped Timothy off at Ephesus to handle some problems with false teaching in the church there. Some were more serious more

  • First Timothy Chapter One Series

    Contributed by Tom Shepard on Mar 9, 2018
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    This is a verse by verse study of First Timothy chapter one.

    1 Timothy Chapter 1 (What you will find here are my notes from a Bible Study I am attending on 1 Timothy. I hope they will prove helpful. AMP – Amplified Bible. MSG – Message Bible. BBE – Bible in Basic English. The main text I am using is the New American Standard more

  • Keep The Prophecies Series

    Contributed by Steve Shepherd on Jan 24, 2011
    based on 57 ratings

    Paul tells us why to keep the prophecy, meaning the scriptures. 1- Scripture will put fight in the fight 2- Scripture will give a good conscience 3- Scripture will strengthen your faith

    INTRO.- ILL.- Wilma didn't get much of a head start in life. A bout with polio left her left leg crooked and her foot twisted inward so she had to wear leg braces. After seven years of painful therapy, she could walk without her braces. At age 12 Wilma tried out for a girls basketball team, but more

  • High Seas 3 - Hymenaeus Series

    Contributed by Dan Cormie on Jul 16, 2011
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    Is your life standing on the solid rock foundation of Christ, hearing, knowing, and acting upon His word; or are you unwittingly building on something else?

    Dakota Community Church July 17, 2011 High Seas 3 - Hymenaeus Luke 6:46-49 46 “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? 47 I will show you what he is like who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice. 48 He is like a man building a house, who dug down more

  • Getting Motivated For Ministry

    Contributed by Joe Jones on Feb 19, 2001
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    How do we get ourselves inspired to fully jump into the calling that God has placed on our lives?

    "Getting Motivated for Ministry" 1 Timothy 1:18,19 2 Timothy 2:3-7 It takes a great deal of effort in this day and age to "get motivated". We all tend to get so busy, become involved in so much, travel in so many directions that our bodies, our minds and our spirits are exhausted. Many of more

  • Sail On!

    Contributed by James May on May 30, 2001
    based on 74 ratings

    Life is compared to sailing on a sea of time as we journey toward our ultimate destination. Let’s make sure we are on the right ship.

    Disclaimer: Due to the large amount of sermons and topics that appear on this site I feel it is necessary to post this disclaimer on all sermons posted. These sermons are original to the author and the leading of the Holy Spirit. While ideas and illustrations are often gleaned from many more