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  • Slow Fade PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Oct 23, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    The consequences of sin and disobedience and God's grace upon repentance.

    Welcome, beloved, to this gathering where we seek to draw from the inexhaustible fountain of God's Word. It is indeed a privilege to stand before you today, in the unity of our faith, to share the profound wisdom that the Lord has graciously revealed through His Word. As we turn the pages of our more

  • Important Safeguards For Life Series

    Contributed by Timmy Gibson on Nov 6, 2006
    based on 1 rating

    2 Things that will help us all avoid the pitfalls in life.

    TITLE: 2 Important Safeguards in Life WELCOME: Good morning! Welcome to Olathe Life Fellowship. Thank you for choosing to spend a part of your weekend with us here this morning. The ushers are coming down the aisle to pass out our Sunday morning attendance sheets. If you are a first time guest more

  • Missing The Mark

    Contributed by James Chandler on Mar 7, 2006
    based on 8 ratings

    The bullseye is God’s righteousness, we have all missed the mark and sinned. We have all been like David and let sin into our lives. This message addresses sin, it’s consequences and the need for repentance.

    Sin 2 Samuel 12 1. We have all missed the mark. God’s bull’s eye is righteousness. Living right for God. From Adam on, all men except Jesus himself have missed the mark We should thank God when he sends people into our lives that help us more

  • God's Grace For The Guilty

    Contributed by Ted Sutherland on Mar 10, 2002
    based on 146 ratings

    The great thing about God is that though we are all guilty we can still be declared righteous. And the sin is totally forgiven as well as forgotten.

    I. Guilt Exposed A. What he did B. How could he C. Why did he D. What now (consequences of sin) II. Grief Expressed III. Grace Experienced Three keys to handling life’s problems A. You can’t change the past B. You must live one day at a time in the present C. You must trust God for the more

  • The Tragedy Of Lost Potential

    Contributed by David Taylor on Apr 22, 2003
    based on 137 ratings

    Because of sin, there are many who will come to the end of life askig the question, "What if," or "What could I have been?"

    Introduction: Bernard Shaw, the winner of the 1925 Nobel Prize for literature, played the “What If” game before he died. A reporter asked him if he could live his life over, and be any person he has know, or any other person in history, who would he be? Mr. Shaw replied, “I would be the man more

  • David & Bathsheba Series

    Contributed by Chris Appleby on Nov 29, 2003
    based on 46 ratings

    Here we discover, once again, the two central elements in the way God deals with his people. Here we find God’s justice and mercy going hand in hand as he deals with a failed leader.

    Someone asked me the other day, "Why do we have to have all these stories from the Old Testament. They’re so gruesome!" Well, the reason we have to hear these stories is because they’ve been put here to tell us about God. You see, these aren’t just stories about David, or Saul, or Samuel. They’re more

  • The Cost Of Cheating Series

    Contributed by Denn Guptill on Jan 30, 2004
    based on 25 ratings

    This message looks at David’s affair with Bathsheba and what it cost him.

    The Cost of Cheating! Let me tell you a story. It all started with a man; figures doesn¡¦t it? He wasn¡¦t just any man he was the most powerful man in the nation, top political dog. He was it, he had arrived, he had it made and he was on the top of the heap. But he hadn¡¦t done it by himself, more

  • Excellence In Integrity, Part 2 Series

    Contributed by Joey Nelson on Sep 20, 2003
    based on 52 ratings

    Peter Deison has noted THREE MAJOR EVENTS in the life of David. It’s my contention that these THREE MAJOR EVENTS demonstrate for us what integrity is. We will take these in reverse chronological order and we’ll deal with the first of three events today.

    INTRODUCTION Opening Statement: I have been talking to you about Leadership and Service Excellence. After introducing the theme of Excellence, our first sermon was on Excellence in Influence. Last week, we began talking about Excellence in Integrity. Today, I want to continue to talk to you about more

  • Truth And Consequences

    Contributed by Wesley Bishop on Mar 15, 2004
    based on 67 ratings

    This is about God’s forgiveness.

    Last week we looked at the sin of David. He had an affair with the wife of one of his best soldiers. She wound up pregnant. He tried to cover it up. He sent her husband back to the war carrying his own death sentence. In verse 24 of chapter 11 we find the words of the messenger to the king, more

  • Guilty As Charged Series

    Contributed by Victor Yap on Jun 12, 2004
    based on 31 ratings

    David, Pt. 11 of 15

    GUILTY AS CHARGED (2 SAM 12:1-25) A man who was caught stealing a horse couldn’t believe his ears after the arguments were made, the evidence was presented, and the trail was over - the presiding judge had sentenced him to hang. He was understandably miserable, upset, disgruntled, bitter and more

  • A Wayfaring Man

    Contributed by Philip Harrelson on Sep 26, 2004
    based on 17 ratings

    This sermon illustrates that those involved in adultery will always destroy many things in their lives.

    The Wayfaring Man 2 Samuel 12:1-6 And the LORD sent Nathan unto David. And he came unto him, and said unto him, There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor. 2 The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds: 3 But the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which more

  • Guard And Protect Against The Enemy

    Contributed by Greg Newton on Feb 26, 2004
    based on 6 ratings

    There are so many things that Satan is throwing at the Believer and we must guard ourselves from his attacks

    “Guard and protect against the enemy” Intro: Do we see that through the Word of God that Satan tries every way that he can to bring destruction into the life of men and women by taking control of their life. In the garden, Satan wasn’t after the elephant or even the lion. He understood authority more

  • Surprising Grace

    Contributed by Jon Mackinney on Aug 10, 2004
    based on 5 ratings

    We think of God’s grace as the forgiveness of our sins, but it is far more than that. David experienced the full gamut of the grace of God in response to his sin.

    Passage: 2 Samuel 12:1-14 Intro: When we think of the word “grace”, the vast majority of believers focus on the forgiveness of our sins. Il) “Wonderful grace of Jesus, greater than all my sins.” “Marvelous grace of our loving Lord, grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt.” Etc. 1. great more

  • Justice Will Prevail

    Contributed by Nathan Robertson, Jr. on Nov 2, 2000
    based on 114 ratings

    This sermon is about the Justice of God.

    When people talk about the attributes of God you are almost certain to hear about God's Love, God's Mercy, and God's Grace. I guess you could call these the "popular" attributes of God. There are also some that are not so popular. I would call them the forgotten attributes of God. These would more

  • From On Fire To In The Mire

    Contributed by William Yates on May 17, 2002
    based on 44 ratings

    This sermon addresses how even a "good" Christian can fall away from God

    Many people this spring have been flocking to the theatres to see the new Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones. These new movies in the Star Wars epic follow the story of how Anakin Skywalker turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader. In the new hit TV show, Smallville, we see how Lex Luther more