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  • Between "The Rock" And A Hard Place

    Contributed by Dr. C. David White on Apr 27, 2002
    based on 127 ratings

    Life is slippery, stressful and full of obstacles, but Jesus is our Rock, our Fortress and our Deliverer.

    Between "The Rock" and a Hard Place 1. Has life ever dealt you a hard blow? Got any enemies? Limitations? (Don’t Go Anywhere!!!) 2. David had killed a lion, a bear and a giant as a young boy. (Invincibility of youth?) 3. David’s enemies had taught him his strengths, limitations and God’s more

  • War And Morality

    Contributed by Robert Leroe on May 29, 2004
    based on 41 ratings

    The Scriptural criteria that determine whether a particular war is morally acceptable. “My country, right or wrong” is not a Christian motto.

    War and Morality…a Memorial Day weekend sermon by Pastor Bob Leroe, Cliftondale Congregational Church, Saugus, Massachusetts Scripture text: II Samuel 22 Historian Stephen Ambrose (Band of Brothers) observed: "During WWII, when soldiers from any other army, even our allies, entered a town, the more

  • Be Exalted

    Contributed by Anthony Perry on Jan 24, 2009

    David looks back upon his life and recognizes the faithfulness of God. His thanksgiving turns into praise and his praise turns into worship.

    King David’s life was a life in which we all can relate. David had great disappointments and great times of joy and happiness. He had inward and outward struggles, great sins and times of moral clarity and purity, He had loves and loves lost, but David recognized one constant and sure thing more

  • The Gospel According To David Series

    Contributed by Pat Damiani on Jul 19, 2006
    based on 34 ratings

    Last in a series on the life of David. David expresses the gospel in his song to God.

    We’ve spent the past couple of months now looking at the life of David, a man after God’s own heart. As I said at the very beginning, perhaps the greatest value of David’s life is that he shows us that it is possible to live out our spirituality here in the real world. It’s not always easy; it’s more

  • They're Playing Our Song

    Contributed by T. Michael Crews on Nov 29, 2006
    based on 22 ratings

    Exposition of 2 Sam. 22

    They’re Playing Our Song 2 Sam. 22 It might be a song on the radio; it might be a song you made up. It might be a song nobody else ever heard, or it might be a Top 40 hit. Whatever the tune or the words, somehow it captures the love between you and that special someone. Ever since people have been more

  • Prayer Against Enemy Attack Series

    Contributed by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid on Jul 23, 2014

    God will stay the course in the day of the enemies' attack and give you grace until truth and salvation finish.

    Prayer Against Enemy Attack by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (July 24, 2014) “And David spake unto the LORD the words of this song in the day that the LORD had delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies and out of the hand of Saul” (II Samuel 22:1, King more

  • God, My Refuge Series

    Contributed by Perry Greene on Mar 28, 2017

    God provides a place of refuge near to his heart in Jesus.

    1. God made an interesting provision of “the City of Refuge” in Deuteronomy 4; Numbers 35 which was played out in Joshua 20 • Murder was a violation of the Commands of God (Exodus 20, et al) and resulted in capital punishment • What about the accidental death by an individual? • Avenger of blood more

  • A Song Of Praise Series

    Contributed by David Owens on Jul 20, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    In spite of all that David has been through in his life, a song of praise has always been on his lips. In 2 Samuel 22, David sings a song of praise that teaches us about how we can always depend on God.

    Introduction: A. How many of you like to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles? 1. One day a man went to the DMV and stood in line for what seemed like eons. 2. When it was finally his turn, the clerk typed his name into the computer and said, “That’s odd.” 3. “What’s wrong?” the man more

  • David’s Song Of Praise

    Contributed by Gordon Curley on Dec 4, 2010
    based on 4 ratings

    David’s Song of Praise (PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request - email:

    David’s song of praise Reading: • 2 Samuel chapter 22 verses 1-51. • 2 Samuel chapter 23 verses 1-7. • At least seventy-three of the psalms are assigned to David, • But his last one is found here in 2 Samuel chapters 22-23. • The phrase in chapter 23 verse 1: “These are the last words of more

  • Be Grateful To God Series

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Mar 12, 2017
    based on 3 ratings

    Acknowledge God in all our successes, believe God is our security, and count on God to see you through.

    Included in the Epilogue of this book is a song of thanksgiving written by David. • The author says David sang it; he did not simply tell God that he was grateful, he sang it. Can tell he was happy and glad for what God has done. • This song is Psalm 18, with some words changed or rephrased, more

  • David's Song Of Deliverance Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Jan 14, 2021
    based on 1 rating

    Second Samuel 22:1-51 teaches us to praise God for his deliverance.

    Scripture Chapters 21-24 of Second Samuel form an epilogue to “The Life of David.” The epilogue is in the form of what is known as a “chiasm.” That is, the first and last section are parallel to one another, the second and next-to-last section are parallel to one another, and so on. There are six more

  • Y Al Final... Series

    Contributed by Kelly Cabrera on Nov 19, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    Aprenderemos principios espirituales sacados del cantico de David que fortalecerán nuestra vida. Este pasaje David lo escribió en el tiempo que tomaría su lugar en el trono de Israel. En el resume lo vivido desde su llamado hasta este momento y el mover d

    Y AL FINAL… 2 Samuel 22:1 1 Habló David a Jehová las palabras de este cántico, el día que Jehová le había librado de la mano de todos sus enemigos, y de la mano de Saúl. I. UBICÁNDONOS EN EL TIEMPO David escribe este Salmo poco antes de ser nombrado rey de Israel, en momentos que ya había more

  • Reflections Of A Faith-Filled Man Series

    Contributed by Troy Borst on Nov 10, 2022

    David sings and his heart is revealed about what he believes about God. Do you believe what is right about God?

    THE VERY RELATABLE LIFE OF KING DAVID REFLECTIONS OF A FAITH-FILLED MAN 2 SAMUEL 22:1-51 #kingdavid INTRODUCTION Today is our last sermon in this series on the Very Relatable Life of King David. I have enjoyed digging into David’s life these past weeks and I hope you have been challenged by what more

  • Stable, Secure And Supportive – That Is God Our Rock, Forever Series

    Contributed by Ron Ferguson on Oct 22, 2022

    We have a great treasure. Christ is our ROCK in every storm of life. We look at some scriptures about God being our Rock, and our Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ is our shelter, stability, security, shade, support, and solace. Rock of Ages, cleft for me.

    STABLE, SECURE AND SUPPORTIVE – THAT IS GOD OUR ROCK, FOREVER DID YOU HAVE A ROCK? Years ago there used to be this fad – pet rocks. How many remember this craze? A quote from “Nostalgia Central” might jog your memories (if you are of my generation!) [[“The Pet Rock was probably the biggest more

  • King David’s Theme Song Series

    Contributed by Brad Beaman on Sep 2, 2022
    based on 1 rating

    We will look at King David’s Theme song. This song has extremely high praise of God and is filled with metaphors. Some of the metaphors describe God as, a Rock, a Fortress, deliverer, refuge, shield, salvation, strength and lamp.

    You probably can sing a television theme song, and someone could name that tune right away. The theme song identifies the show. Even when the older shows are gone their theme song live on. If any of us sang Gilligan’s Island or Beverly Hillbillies, then the rest of us could sing along. Do you more