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  • The Rise And Revelvancy Of Christian Apologetics

    Contributed by Alex Mcfarland on Jun 28, 2006
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    “We already know that we’re not supposed to take drugs, have sex, or drop out of school. Sometimes adults think we’re just a bunch of goofballs, only interested in pizza and concerts. But kids in our youth group really do want to learn all about Chris

    The September morning air felt cold as I walked from my car toward the flagpole. Across the school property in front of me, I was encouraged by the large gathering of students that I could see in front of the building. “Wow… a pretty impressive group at this hour,” I thought as I glanced at my more

  • Apologetics

    Contributed by Michael Grant on Oct 6, 2016

    A Study in Christian Apologetics

    Apologetics? An Outline What is Christian apologetics? First what it is not!  It is not the art of learning how to apologize for your faith! It is not arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. The English word, “apologetics,” comes from the Greek word, apologia, more

  • Lesson 48: Preach Apologetics Series

    Contributed by I. Grant Spong on May 6, 2018

    Basic elements of preaching to defend the Christian faith

    Lesson Goal Introduce some basic elements of preaching apologetically. Lesson Intro In Philippians 1:7, 17 Paul defended the Christian faith. Defending the Christian faith has a long history. Those who have a particular gift in this area have served the church well throughout Christian history. more

  • Foundations For Apologetics Series

    Contributed by Dr. Joel Perttula on Aug 12, 2020

    The word apologetics can be intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. This series will remove the anxiety you may have when it comes to giving a defense for your faith.

    WELCOME Good Morning. Welcome to church! Whether you are listening online or you’re here in person; we’re glad you’ve connected with us! SERIES INTRODUCTION The word apologetics can be intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. This series will remove the anxiety you may have when it comes to more

  • Lessons In Apologetics #9: Theism

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Nov 8, 2011

    Lessons In Apologetics #9: Theism

    The next worldview examined by Geisler in "Christian Apologetics" is Theism. Theism is the belief that a transcendent God created the universe as a reality distinct from Himself but which He actively sustains through both a system of natural law which He created and through divine intervention at more

  • Lessons In Apologetics #5: Deism

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Oct 26, 2010
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    Lessons In Apologetics #5: Deism

    The tests or methodologies of epistemology are just the first step into the realm of Apologetics. These, in turn are applied to the assorted worldviews. The first worldview examined will be Deism. As with Christianity, Deism believes that God created the universe and set it up to operate in more

  • Lessons In Apologetics #2: Rationalism & Fideism

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Jul 7, 2010

    Lessons In Apologetics #2: Rationalism & Fideism

    The next epistemological methodology is rationalism. Of rationalism, Geisler writes, "Rationalism is characterized by its stress on the innate a priori ability of human reason to know truth. Basically, rationalists hold that what is knowable or demonstrable by human reason is true (29)." To the more

  • A Review Of "The Case For Christ"

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Feb 1, 2010

    Digestible Evidential Apologetics

    In the field of apologetics, leadership is often taken by scholars in the discipline of philosophy as such academics are often inclined to point out the inconsistencies of various belief systems and the rational superiority of the Christian faith. While such efforts will always be at the forefront more

  • Minding The Times: An Exposition On Postmodernism, Part 2

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Jun 14, 2009

    Minding The Times: An Exposition On Postmodernism, Part 2

    The human mind and spirit cannot endure for very long the chaotic vacillation of such lawlessness before the individual eventually cries out for answers to the extremes of licentiousness and total control. Throughout much of the Modern Era, the Christian apologist could appeal to a shared respect more

  • The Cultural Impact Of Worldview & Apologetics

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Jan 28, 2020

    The Cultural Impact Of Worldview & Apologetics

    Here at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Apologetics as an evangelistic endeavor and intellectual theological outreach finds itself in something of a paradox. When the West thought of itself in terms of resting on broadly Judeo-Christian assumptions, the discipline was not as desperately more

  • Unity: The 21st Century Apologetic

    Contributed by Dan Brown on Dec 3, 2006

    The unity of the body of Christ should draw the world to Christ.

    Sermon-8/19/01-Col. 2-Unity: the 21st century apologetic Key Idea: The Unity of the body of Christ should draw the world to Christ. Hook: Told from time we’re children-Christ comes into your heart-true, but can make Him seem small, fit in here need to also emphasize what else happens at the more

  • We're Missing The God Behind The Word: Who Are You Really God?

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Jan 12, 2023

    It's astonishing how we can miss this simple connection. We can get so focused on belief in scripture, a worldview, a depiction of reality, which is all good stuff, that we can all together miss that the goal is to know the real God who behind all this information.

    The thing we need to discover is this: Who is God, really? That is the chief question. Nothing else really matters. We've been in evangelical Christianity, and the apologetics movement, ever focused on a list of things we ought to believe. It's very informational. This is all exceedingly more

  • The Purpose & Scope Of Apologetics

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Dec 6, 2015

    The Purpose & Scope Of Apologetics

    Apologetics exists as a field of Christian study to aide the believer in understanding his beliefs, why critics refuse to ascent to these eternal truths, and how these beliefs apply to broader intellectual concerns. Upon hearing of these applications of the discipline, those unfamiliar with such more

  • Why Belong To A Church? Series

    Contributed by Paul Clemente on Oct 4, 2009

    A Christian not belonging to a local church is a disobeying Christian and there will be consequences.

    Have you heard what’s coming to Milwaukee in January 2010? The Dead Sea Scrolls will be on exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum! How awesome is that, as we have been talking about defending our faith! We can see in person one of the greatest evidences of the Word of God! The writers of the Dead Sea more

  • Lessons In Apologetics, Part 1: Introduction & Agnosticism Series

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Jun 21, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    Introduction & Agnosticism

    For anyone pursuing a degree in Apologetics that was given a dollar for every time they were asked "What is that, learning how to say you are sorry" upon answering the question of what it is that they study so many times, many would have financed a considerable portion of their academic pursuits. more