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  • Ministry And Money: When The Budget Wants To Bully You

    Contributed by Todd Stiles on Nov 22, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    Discover two gems helpful to balancing ministry and money in this short sermon aimed to help church leaders stay faithful not fearful.

    Pastoring in America means dealing with the dollar. It’s what we have to come to grips with in a culture where “church” has largely become a business. In fact, some shepherds tragically view Washingtons and Lincolns just as necessary, if not more, than the Holy Spirit, people, or the Bible. Which ...read more

  • Managing Money Series

    Contributed by Paul Clemente on Jan 11, 2016

    There are serious consequences in mishandling money!

    Money is the root of all evil! True?? This is often misquoted! 1 Timothy 6:10 is the truth which states that the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. We talked about this a few weeks ago from the end of James 4; money is a necessity for living; but the love of money, being money ...read more

  • Godly Principles For Financial Money Management

    Contributed by Hylton Davidson on Mar 15, 2013
    based on 5 ratings

    Based on Solomon’s biblical advice on, we are going to look at some of God’s principles of financial freedom.

  • Save Me, I'm Drowning! - Debt

    Contributed by Jerry Shirley on Oct 8, 2010
    based on 100 ratings

    God threw His Son into the waters of sin to save us from drowning. Now, what can He do for us who are drowning in debt and financial bondage? Here's the steps to freedom! Link inc. to formatted text, audio/video, PowerPoint.

    Save Me, I'm Drowning! Nehemiah 5:1-19 http://gbcdecatur.org/sermons/Drowning.html If you saw someone drowning and God said the only way to save them was to throw in your child, would you do it? I wouldn't. But that's exactly what God did in order to save our souls. We were going under, ...read more

  • Where Do You Turn - Finances Series

    Contributed by Jamey Stuart on May 15, 2008
    based on 3 ratings

    in this message i talk about how to get out of financial trouble following sound biblical principles.

    What we saw this week was pretty startling, wasn’t it? People’s most prized possessions; their homes, their cars, the stuff with which they fill their homes – scattered about, destroyed and left in the open. It’s sobering to think that in a matter of moments everything that you have worked so ...read more

  • Financial Planning 101 Series

    Contributed by Andy Flowers on Mar 9, 2009
    based on 7 ratings

    Biblical guidlines for money management.

    Title: Financial Planning 101 Text: Nehemiah 5 Three Keys to Successful Money Management I. Be careful how you borrow- 1-5 a. Don’t borrow more than you can afford b. Don’t borrow foolishly c. Save for the rainy days II. Be faithful in how you budget- 6-13 a. Stick to godly ...read more

  • Other People's Money - Pt. 4 - Dollars And Sense Series

    Contributed by Steve Ely on Nov 13, 2014

    Your neighbor attends church wanting instruction and supernatural response in every important area of life . . . relationships, direction and success, but we they don't want anyone to talk about money.

    Other People's Money Pt. 4 - Dollars & $ense I. Introduction I have learned there are certain things that just don't go well together. Some of this I learned in school and others just by observation. Some of you will learn this in a month or so . . . being a teenage boy and having a girlfriend ...read more

  • “transforming How I See And Use Money” Series

    Contributed by Dave Mcfadden on Nov 10, 2014
    based on 1 rating

    God wants to teach us how to be biblically shrewd with money.

    Jesus talked more about money than heaven or hell. Half of His parables are about money. In Matthew, Mark and Luke, one out of every six verses is about money or money management. Why? Because money influences our lives for either good or bad. If you don’t learn to manage your money, it will ...read more

  • Financial Freedom Workshop - Session 1

    Contributed by Aaron Mishoe on Sep 27, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    Money management series created using materials from Crown Financial Ministries and Dave Ramsey’s books. Find complete free workshop at www.LisbonWC.org/free.htm

    Find the full series including Powerpoint, worksheets, and answers key at www.LisbonWC.org/free.htm Welcome! FINANCIAL FREEDOM WORKSHOP Session 1 Developed using the books: Your Money Map: A Proven 7 Step Guide to True Financial Freedom and The Total Money Makeover PURPOSE FOR THIS ...read more

  • What's In Your Wallet?

    Contributed by Richard Pfeil on May 11, 2005
    based on 123 ratings

    A stewardship message that teaching that giving it to God, not to a budget, a cause, or the church.

    What’s In Your Wallet? TEXT: II Corinthians 9:6-8 Sunday, October 6, 2002 Now I know that you know that next week is Consecration Sunday and this is kind of a primer for it. I know exactly how Christians feel about Consecration Sunday and all kinds of things like it. It is the ...read more

  • Making My Stewardship Practical Series

    Contributed by Pat Damiani on Nov 18, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    Being good stewards in the kingdom of heaven requires implementing some practices that promote our stewardship.

    This morning we’re going to wrap up our five week series on stewardship in the kingdom of heaven. We began five weeks ago by establishing four foundational principles. Since these are so important, let’s review them one more time: Foundational principle #1: • God owns ...read more

  • How Rich Are We?

    Contributed by Ricky Johnson on Sep 12, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    A sermon to share with the congregation the need for serious and steady prayer concerning our church’s annual budget and the giving of the church.

    The internet is a wonderful source of information; although some is trivial, some useless, some is motivational, and some mind-numbing. Just for fun I went to a site called "Global Rich List." On this site there is a block where you insert your annual income, click on another button and it will ...read more

  • How Do You Spell Success?

    Contributed by Scott Carmer on Sep 4, 2005
    based on 11 ratings

    Success in ministry is not necessarily found in fancy programming and big budgets, but in moving out from worship into service.

    How Do You Spell “Success? Mark 9:2-9 September 4, 2005 I remember having coffee some years ago, with a friend who had recently retired from active ministry. He told me that he had worked hard and had been appointed to successively larger and larger churches. “But,” he said, “the one thing ...read more

  • Fulfilling God's Vision

    Contributed by Ray Ellis on Jan 23, 2006
    based on 5 ratings

    This message focuses on fulfilling God’s vision for the Willow Vale Community Church. The message was given at a church vision dinner to present the 2006 budget.

  • Are We Doomed? Get Real? Time Mangement

    Contributed by Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Apr 8, 2017

    Let us address a real problem, time management. Many budget their money but few hold themselves to a Godly time management system. We will be accountable. He who kills times, kills himself.

    DOOMED? GET REAL? WE ARE BUT STEWARDS OF TIME... By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. Kyfingers@aol.com He who kills time, kills himself... LET US ADDRESS OUR PATTERNS OF TIME MANGEMENT? In Greek there are two words pertaining to time: 1. CHRONOS: this is seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, ...read more