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  • The God Of The Second Chance Series

    Contributed by John Hamby on Aug 13, 2001
    based on 178 ratings

    A look at four things about God’s call to Moses to service.

  • God Calls Moses Series

    Contributed by Jeff Simms on Oct 31, 2004
    based on 47 ratings

    To examine God’s call on Moses life and to emphasize that God calls each of us to work with Him for a specific purpose

  • The Land Of God's Promise

    Contributed by Tammy Garrison on Sep 8, 2001
    based on 36 ratings

    We are the land of God’s promise. In the call of Moses, we see God’s concern for the pain and condition of our lives.

  • God's Answers For Our Excuses

    Contributed by Stephan Brown on Sep 28, 2001
    based on 68 ratings

    A look at the excuses that Moses gave God for not accepting his call and the answers that God gave Moses to those excuses. Parralels the call of Moses with our call to evangelism and shows how Christ gives the same answers to our excuses. This sermon is v

  • Dangerous Compromises

    Contributed by Kenneth Trent on Dec 25, 2002
    based on 44 ratings

    The compromises Pharaoh submitted to Moses are basically the same type of compromises that Satan submits to God’s people today.

    DANGEROUS COMPROMISES “And do not give the devil an opportunity.” Ephesians 4:27 NASB The compromises Pharaoh submitted to Moses are basically the same compromises that the devil submits to God’s people today. Satan realizes that if he can get the children of God to compromise what God has ...read more

  • Tabernacle Series Part 1: The Outer Walls Series

    Contributed by Jimmy Stewart on Jan 8, 2003
    based on 51 ratings

    The tabernacle of the old testament was a type of the new testament Christ. In part one, we look at the significance of the outer walls of this fascinating work of history.

    THE TABERNACLE A SERIES ON THE NEW TESTAMENT MESSAGE Exodus 25:1-9 As we look into the Old Testament, we see a time when God had delivered his people out of Egyptian bondage. He had a great plan for these people, which included the ability to commune with them. He wanted to develop a life ...read more

  • The Consequences Of A Hard Heart Series

    Contributed by John Hamby on Sep 12, 2001
    based on 121 ratings

    Pharaoh’s four responses to God when he is commanded to let the Children of God go, illustrate the consequences of a hard heart.

    A Study of the Life of Moses Sermon # 7 “The Consequences of a Hard Heart” Exodus 7-10 Dr. John R. Hamby Proverbs 29:1 states the biblical principle, “He who is often rebuked, and hardens his ...read more

  • Made Holy, Able And Ready By God

    Contributed by Eloy Gonzalez on Mar 14, 2004
    based on 72 ratings

    Lent 3: Moses walked on holy ground and was commissioned to accomplish God’s purposes. We consider holiness, qualifications and efficacy of ministry in this message.

    There’s a cute little story of Moses appearing in the Rose Garden of the White House. When the White House staff recognized this important visitor, they quickly rushed in and told the President. He too was impressed and so he rushed out to welcome Moses. But to everyone’s shock, the very moment ...read more

  • The Call

    Contributed by Gary Washburn on May 31, 2002
    based on 24 ratings

    What does it mean to be "called" by the Lord? This confusing idea has kept many people from recognizing God’s call upon their life. How do you know if God is calling you?

    The Call Romans 1:1 Intro: Have someone demonstrate deer call. Turkey call. Then have telephone ring as a type of call to someone. (Have someone act this part through a micrphone, “This is the Lord speaking.” Lord I did not know you used cell phones. “I use a variety of ways to call people.” ...read more

  • Getting Rid Of The Past Series

    Contributed by Richard Hall on Sep 29, 2005
    based on 15 ratings

    God wants to set us free from the failures of the past

    Not Enough-Just Enough-More Than Enough Getting Rid of the Past Sermon 1 Exodus 3:1-4:17 Intro—set this up Ephesians 3:20, Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, according to his power at work within us, to him be the glory in the church and in ...read more

  • Exodus 24 - How Close To God Would You Like To Get? Series

    Contributed by Ross Cochrane on Dec 28, 2009
    based on 24 ratings

    Imagine being drawn into the presence of God on Mount Sinai. What an incredible experience. Aaron, Nadab and Abihu worshiped at a distance but Moses got up close and personal. What about you? How close to God do you want to go?

    Exodus 24 - As Close as You Choose to be. Imagine being drawn into the presence of God on Mount Sinai. What an incredible experience. Aaron, Nadab and Abihu worshiped at a distance but Moses got up close and personal, as God called him to receive the stone tablets of the laws of God, signed off ...read more

  • The Call Of God

    Contributed by Michael Sanes on Oct 15, 2003
    based on 23 ratings

    It is God that calls, it is for His purpose, to fulfill His plan.

    The Call of Jeremiah Jeremiah 1:4-10 Intro: All throughout the scriptures we see God calling men and women to the work of the Kingdom, but some had very special and unique callings. Some included God Himself being very personal with people. It is God who calls, and it is for His purpose, ...read more

  • Should We Wear Collars

    Contributed by Steve Malone on Jul 21, 2003
    based on 34 ratings

    Today as we examine the 8th chapter of Leviticus we will discover four similarities that teach us that the Priesthood of the Old Testament is like the Royal Priesthood of the New Testament in certain respects.

    "SHOULD WE WEAR COLLARS" TEXT: LEVITICUS CHAPTER 8 INTRODUCTION By now many of you are over half way through your reading in the book of Leviticus. How are you doing? Do you feel a little weary and worn from struggling through all those passages? Are you having a hard time seeing ...read more

  • Where Is God Now?

    Contributed by Tony Grant on Oct 31, 2005
    based on 4 ratings

    God uses people and processes to work toward the end of suffering; God uses us.

    Where is God Now? Exodus 3:13-15 04/17/05 2423 words 13 But Moses said to God, "If I come to the Israelites and say to them, ’The God of your ancestors has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ’What is his name?’ what shall I say to them?" 14 God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM." He said ...read more

  • Another Night With The Frogs

    Contributed by Melvin Maughmer, Jr. on Feb 10, 2005
    based on 38 ratings

    Why would anyone want to stay in the same old condition. You don’t have to spend another night with the frogs in your life.

    “Another Night With the FROGS” Exodus 8:1-15 One of the biggest conflicts a person has within themselves is procrastination. Procrastination means: to put off intentionally or habitually the doing of something that should be done. Procrastination literally is a thief of time. The ...read more