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  • What Does It Take To Be A Servant?

    Contributed by Blake Inscore on Sep 26, 2008
    based on 14 ratings

    There are many different ways to serve, many ways that we as followers of Jesus Christ can bring him glory, but it all starts with a “willingness” on our part to be his servants.

    Introduction: What does it take to be a servant? That’s kind of a strange question, because we don’t always have the best perspective about what a “servant’ really is. Jesus referred to himself as a servant when he said: “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to be a servant and to ...read more

  • Wherever There Is Darkness We Should Provide The Light Series

    Contributed by Dean Courtier on Oct 30, 2008
    based on 19 ratings

    Halloween is full of darkness so we must provide light through worshiping Christ.

    The Truth Behind Halloween Tonight we have some decisions to make. We have some decisions to make concerning Halloween. Is Halloween harmless or harmful? What is it actually a celebration of? What is wrong with letting children dress up like a ghost, or Dracula, or witches to go ...read more

  • Get Real! Series

    Contributed by Scott Kircher on Nov 2, 2008
    based on 64 ratings

    Getting Real about the reality of who Jesus is and the reality of living the Christian life

    Get Real! 1 John 1:1-10 Slide Have you ever witnessed people who appeared to be pretenders in the Christian faith? Their words don’t match what they say they believe Or Maybe what they say they believe doesn’t match what the Bible says, yet they say they are Christians. There are ...read more

  • God's Vision For His Church Part Ii

    Contributed by Clarence Eisberg on May 30, 2009
    based on 7 ratings

    Pentecost: Our witness takes place in a post church society... 2nd sermon of two.

  • It's Time To Rip The Roof Off This Place!

    Contributed by Travis Hearn on Nov 27, 2013
    based on 7 ratings

    A sermon urging listeners to bring people to Jesus.

  • What Can We Bring To Earth And To Heaven?

    Contributed by Dana Chau on Mar 22, 2002
    based on 6 ratings

    Learn to make your Christian witness count on earth and in Heaven.

    We are in the section of Paul’s letter to the Christians at Philippi Community Christian Church where Paul is encouraging them to grow in their likeness to Christ while he continues to accomplish his work for Christ, even in a prison cell. If any of us have ever said, "We can’t do what God has ...read more

  • We Are What We Eat

    Contributed by Tammy Garrison on Aug 12, 2002
    based on 39 ratings

    This concludes a sermon series on Paul’s letter to the Romans. God’s call of grace on our own lives calls us to be Christian witnesses to others. Our attitudes, behaviors, and actions reflect on our Christian witness.

    Bibliography: Becoming a Contageous Christian by Bill Hybels, Can We Talk? by Robert Tuttle This summer, we have been traveling with Paul, taking a trip down the Roman road of salvation. On our journey, Paul has taken the time to share with us the following things: 1. There is nothing you ...read more

  • The Un-Named Maid Series

    Contributed by Darren Rogers on May 18, 2008
    based on 31 ratings

    Do people know that you are a Christian? How is your testimony at home and in the workplace?

    The Un-named Maid – 30th March 2008 am 2 Kings 5:1-3 The prophet Elijah is named 29 times in the New Testament while Elisha is named only once Luke 4:27 And many lepers were in Israel in the time of Eliseus the prophet; and none of them was cleansed, saving Naaman the Syrian. Naaman was ...read more

  • Is Your Life Worthy Of Imitation?

    Contributed by Jehu Hernandez on Aug 12, 2011
    based on 4 ratings

    Paul’s life was worthy of imitation. We can make the biggest impact on those around us when we’re role models for them.

  • Mister, Are You Jesus?

    Contributed by Melvin Newland on Sep 3, 2009
    based on 194 ratings

    Let me ask you: "How would things be different if Jesus came & took your place?" Whether we realize it or not, that is exactly what He wants - to make Himself known to others through our lives. (Powerpoints available - #300)

  • Survivor 5: How To Protect Your Torch Series

    Contributed by Geoff Baggett on Oct 14, 2002
    based on 79 ratings

    This is the fifth message in my SURVIVOR series, focusing upon protecting our credibility and Christian witness (10-13-02)

    Opening *Enter with the “Survivor Torch” and “Survivor” theme music playing. Say: Every week on the Survivor reality series, you can see the tribe members carrying a torch similar to this one. They carry it with them to the “Tribal Council,” where that must vote one person out of their tribe ...read more

  • Part 4 - Genesis 21:22-34 - What You See Is What You Get! Series

    Contributed by Ross Cochrane on Aug 30, 2010
    based on 15 ratings

    What would it look like if I were to LIVE MY LIFE in such a way that people could see THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN ME? Abraham lived his life like this. At one point a king called Abimelech comes to him and says, "God is obviously with you, helping you in every

    Part 4 - Genesis 21:22-34 - WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! I was talking with a Jewish friend at work the other day. She said "I don’t like evangelicals!" I said that it was unfortunate because I was one, and that she was working for an evangelical organisation. She said "I don’t like people ...read more

  • Freedom's Influence Series

    Contributed by C. Philip Green on Jan 19, 2009
    based on 13 ratings

    This message describes how we gain the right to be heard in a pluralistic society by communion with Christ and the power of a changed life.

    Freedom’s Influence (Galatians 1:11-24) Once upon a time, a man walked into a little mom-and-pop grocery store and asked, “Do you sell salt?” “Ha!” said Pop the proprietor. “Do we sell salt! Just look!” And Pop showed the customer one entire wall of shelves stocked with nothing but salt – ...read more

  • The Reputation Of God

    Contributed by Bruce Howell on Jan 22, 2009
    based on 9 ratings

    The importance of uderstanding how our actions and attitudes reflect upon the character of God and how His reputation affects the world at large.

    THE REPUTATION OF GOD Ezekiel 36:16-23 Back in my high school days, booing at sporting events was strictly forbidden because the principal believed it would tarnish our reputation. Failure to adhere to this standard was dealt with quickly and severely. What a ...read more

  • Who Do You Believe? Introduction (Session 0) Series

    Contributed by Dean Courtier on Jan 23, 2010
    based on 11 ratings

    There may be times when you find it difficult to reconcile God’s truth to your own opinion or worldview, God’s truth is eternal, it does not change, our understanding of the truth does change as we allow God to work in our hearts and minds. These sessio

    Who you believe: Introduction In this series of studies we continue our quest to establish what is true about God, the Bible and us. Ask ten people the question “What is a Christian?” and you will probably get 10 different answers. Some answers may contain a grain of truth, ...read more