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  • Is Rebellion Ever Justified?

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Jun 15, 2016

    Considering the events leading up to Absalom's rebellion and seeking to learn from his actions.

    “After this Absalom got himself a chariot and horses, and fifty men to run before him. And Absalom used to rise early and stand beside the way of the gate. And when any man had a dispute to come before the king for judgment, Absalom would call to him and say, ‘From what city are more

  • Becoming A Heavenly Rebel

    Contributed by Shawn Miller on Oct 31, 2016

    We are called to be Heavenly Rebels! We are to rise up against the established institutions of secularism and to rebel against the "god of this age" (2 Cor. 4:4) and take a bold stand for Christ. Here are 3 scriptural ways how to be a heavenly rebel.

    Becoming A Heavenly Rebel Introduction:  The word "Rebel" is defined as  "to rise in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or ruler." The ultimate rebellion is to rise up against the ultimate authority, which is God.  And those who do, will pay the ultimate price, which is more