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  • The Process Of Moral Degradation

    Contributed by John Kapteyn on Oct 18, 2000
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    1. What are some of the components of the processes toward moral degradation? We live in an age when

    1. What are some of the components of the processes toward moral degradation? We live in an age when some are trying to halt the decline of moral decay yet few seem ready to acknowledge the truth of the Bible’s warning signs. Those who do not develop a saving faith in Jesus Christ and grow in more

  • Exchanged For Truth Series

    Contributed by Dennis Davidson on Mar 15, 2011
    based on 52 ratings

    When man's rebellion against God grows strong, he determines to go his own way. God will allow man to have his own way but turns him over to the results of following his own way.

    ROMANS 1: 24-28 (32) EXCHANGED FOR TRUTH / THE TRUTH EXCHANGE As God put a homing device in migratory birds so that they know to fly to warmer weather when the temperature gets too cold, so He has put within man the homing device so that they should fly to Him away from evil. But God also more

  • No –isms Here!

    Contributed by The Rev Deniray Mueller on Jan 30, 2018

    there are no ISMS' in God's Kingdom

    In this election year, we have constantly heard mean, nasty, degrading speeches as part of the Republican debates and primary election ads. We have heard: • women reduced to human incubators by removing their ability to make decisions about their own bodies, • candidates accused of more

  • Weaving A Woeful Web

    Contributed by Craig Benner on May 13, 2011
    based on 14 ratings

    Did you hear about the man who created a trap and then became the prey of his own invention. Herod is a prime example of that man. Unfortunately, there are many others in this world who are doing the very same thing.

    The Weaving of a Woeful Web Mark 6:14-29 (Matt. 14:1-9) Jesus was going around working miracles and wonders. Everyone was taking notice. Many were speaking up and expressing their opinion of who they believed that He was. Some believed Him to be a prophet, others said that He was Elijah. more

  • The Seriousness Of Sin

    Contributed by Jerry Flury on Apr 21, 2013
    based on 8 ratings

    We tend to treat our sin lightly calling it shortcomings, errs, mistakes. In Mark 9, Jesus gives a series of warnings to His disciples: in verses 43-48, He warns of the seriousness of sin and its dire consequences.

    The Seriousness of Sin Mark 9: 43-48 Evangelist Billy Sunday used to say, “One reason sin flourishes is that it is treated like a cream puff instead of a rattlesnake.” We tend to treat our sin lightly calling it shortcomings, errs, mistakes. We catalogue them into big sins (e.g. more

  • Three Temptations For Three Needs Overcome With Three Answers From Jesus

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Jul 20, 2010
    based on 16 ratings

    The Lord Jesus shows how to overcome temptations before they derail, degrade and disappoint us.

    Three Temptations for Three Needs Overcome By Three Answers from Jesus (Matt. 4:1-11) Most people forget that it is not a sin to be tempted but to yield to temptations. Remember temptations are merely opportunities to sin, but God always provides a way of escape so that we can handle any more

  • I Hope You Dance

    Contributed by Joe Harding on Jun 21, 2001
    based on 28 ratings


    I HOPE YOU DANCE EZEKIEL 22:1-8, 23-30 FATHER’S DAY JUNE 17, 2001 INTRODUCTION: FATHER’S DAY INTERNET STUFF LYRICS TO THE SONG, “I HOPE YOU DANCE” BY LEE ANN WOMACK (? spelling, but correct name and title). TRANSITION THOUGHT: Today’s text speaks to us of the reality of today’s culture. more

  • Giving: God's Way: Biggest Myth About Giving

    Contributed by Dr. Madana Kumar, Phd on Jun 30, 2015

    Prosperity Gospel has degraded Christian Giving into a Barter system. Let us look at one of the biggest myths about giving. "

    Giving, God’s way: Myths about Giving 1Samuel 15:1-23 Let me start with some simple statistics. A Gallop Poll of Church Members reported that 17% say that they tithe-- but only 3% actually do. 40% will give nothing in a year. Tithers make up only 10-25 percent of a normal congregation. more

  • Communication Series

    Contributed by Rick Thiessen on May 11, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    After the courtship and story book wedding, a marriage ensues and communication that was so easy before starts to degrade. This has much to do with male and female differences and needs.

    SE050408 AFTER HAPPILY EVER 1. Communication INTRO If you’ve ever read The Little Mermaid story or watched the Disney version, you might think this is every woman’s fantasy. It’s a wonderful, romantic fairy tale of a beautiful girl falling in love with a handsome, rich and dashing prince, more

  • A Graveyard Revival

    Contributed by Wayne Lawson on Apr 30, 2013
    based on 8 ratings

    We don’t know how this man got into the condition that he was in. A person that is degraded and weakened by sin will open themselves to the devil.

    TITLE: A GRAVEYARD REVIVAL SCRIPTURE: ST. MARK 5:1-8 What an exciting text hidden in the midst of the New Testament. This narrative is shared by three (3) of the synoptic gospels. The writer Mark provides us with the most detail of all the writers. • Matthew gives the account 7 more

  • What Is Man?

    Contributed by Martin Holland on Jan 15, 2012
    based on 1 rating

    Mankind has be degraded in so many ways by society but God's perspective of man has not changed. So what do God think about mankind?

    What is Man? Psalms 8:1-9 Society has done everything to degrade the life of man. There are people in our society that either believes that they are better than others and then there are those who look down on themselves and feel worthless. Psalms 144:3 LORD, what is man, that thou takest more

  • Ignorance Is Killing Us!

    Contributed by Kelly Durant on May 4, 2015

    Ignorance takes on many forms concerning the basic functioning of relationships and society, but most of all ignorance of the Word of God is causing our society to implode! Ignorance is wastefully degrading our organized systems and causing undue damage!

    Ignorance Is Killing Us! By Kelly Durant 5-3-15 Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy more

  • The Woman No Man Wanted

    Contributed by Norris Harris I on Mar 15, 2003
    based on 116 ratings

    Leah is a type of woman which no man seems to wants. She was able to overcome the debilitating reputation of not being wanted. I want us to take a good look at her because clearly here was a woman who was able to live thru the degrading experience of bein

    James Walker, in his book “Husbands Who Won’t Lead & Wives Who Won’t Follow”, wrote: “Deep within each man and women is a common longing: the desire to find comfort, companionship, and fulfillment.” I concur with that statement. For all of us, regardless of sex or age, want to be loved, accepted more

  • The Man And His Message Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Jun 27, 2017

    Confessing sin is more than just speaking words; it may involve a broken heart. The mature Christian and those living close to God, recognize that their sin is degrading and offensive to a Holy God. Deep sorrow will flow from the heart when sin is confe

    -AD 25-27- Judean Wilderness The Man and His Message (Isaiah 40:3) Matthew 3:2-12, Mark 1:2-8, Luke 3:3-14 All four Gospels quote Isaiah 40:3, and they assign it to John the Baptist, therefore I will accept their testimony. John the Baptist would fulfill this prophetic verse. A voice of more

  • Fear

    Contributed by Jerry Shirley on Oct 30, 2010
    based on 66 ratings

    The devil is the sinister minister of fear. It's the opposite of faith, which is what pleases God. Fear Degrades our Lord, Destroys our Lives, and Delights our Enemy. Link inc. to formatted text, audio/video, PowerPoint.

    Fear Nehemiah 6:9-19 In chapter 6 it's the devil's last ditch effort to stop the good work on the wall. We have seen him use distraction and slander, and now fear - [worry, anxiety, nervousness.] Twice in our passage we see 'afraid' and also more