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  • The Divine Fire

    Contributed by Mark Aarssen on Jun 13, 2007
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    It is clear from our Jewish roots and the early church that Pentecost is about a new spiritual experience. It is about a promise and it is about how we are changed when we receive this promise of the Holy Spirit. It is also about a harvest.

    The Divine Fire We look back today at the first evidence of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the early days of the Christian Church. This movement by the Holy Spirit is a promise fulfilled by Jesus and a promise fulfilled by prophecy as St. Peter tells us from Joel Chapter ...read more

  • The Divine Fire Of The Holy Lord

    Contributed by David Heflin on Feb 13, 2007
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    In this sermon, we look to one of the greatest texts in the Scripture and discover how Isaiah’s encounter with a holy God must become ours.

    The Divine Fire of the Holy Lord Is. 6:1-8 PSCOC 2/11/07 Introduction: The perils of idealistic youth. When I was a young preaching student I was full of zeal for serving the Lord. The problem was is that I was also full of pride. I remember a particular song that I really identified ...read more

  • Heaven And Hell According To The Bible

    Contributed by John A. Peck on Nov 7, 2009
    based on 7 ratings

    Heaven and Hell in the Afterlife according to the Bible.

    Heaven and Hell Sermon for Sun. Nov. 1, 2009 Gospel Reading: Luke 16:19-31 Heaven and Hell according to the Bible Today’s Gospel is the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus and each receiving a foretaste of their life to come at the Resurrection. The Rich Man is still ordering others ...read more

  • Keep The Fire Burning!

    Contributed by Michael Mccartney on Jul 8, 2015

    The fire of God must be kept burning in our lives because that is what helps us to sustain our soul and spiritual life. His fire enables us to live a life of blessings.

    Keep the fire burning! Thesis: The fire of God must be kept burning in our lives because that is what helps us to sustain our soul and spiritual life. His fire enables us to live a life of blessings. Testimonies: Beth and Tom about how the Convention ignited a fire in their hearts. Scripture ...read more

  • Prayer Is The Key Series

    Contributed by James May on Apr 18, 2006
    based on 9 ratings

    #13 in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness Series. Getting ready to beyond the veil requires that we pass by the Golden Altar of Incense in Prayer. God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

    Lesson 13 – Prayer is the Key Tabernacle in the Wilderness Series The Altar of Incense By Pastor Jim May There were two altars in the Tabernacle of Moses, the Brazen Altar and the Golden Altar of Incense. The Brazen Altar was for the Burnt Offering and was located in the Outer Court ...read more

  • Spiritual Growth Series Series

    Contributed by Alexander John on Jul 5, 2007
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    LESSON 8: THE ROLE OF SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES IN SPIRITUAL GROWTH “The Disciplines are God’s way of getting us into the ground; they put us where He can work within us and transform us. By themselves the Spiritual Disciplines can do nothing; they can only get us to the place where something can be ...read more

  • Just Pray

    Contributed by Randall Lavere Ii on May 1, 2007

    Does God hear my prayers? the answer is a resounding yes !!! the most powerful message I’ve ever ministered.

    Just pray already. Last Sunday night we talked about overcoming anxiety. We gave biblical steps to beat depression, worry fear, and fretfullness. 1.-seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you. 2-Ps. 34:14-seek peace and pursue ...read more

  • Worship Series

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on May 12, 2008
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    What is Christian Worship - part 9 in Spiritual Disc. series

    Spiritual Disciplines: Worship February 24, 208 It’s Sunday morning at 9:23 a.m. and a young mother shouts upstairs to see if her five year old has finally brushed his teeth and found any socks that match. Emptying unfinished cereal bowls in the sink, she checks the clock one more time, ...read more

  • "A World Shaking Experience"

    Contributed by Marilyn Murphree on Feb 5, 2004
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    The contrast of God’s Holiness with our sinfulness brings us to the place of forgiveness.

    Iliff and Saltillo UM Churches February 8, 2004 A World Shaking Experience Isaiah 6:1-8 INTRODUCTION: Today’s scripture describes a world shaking experience for the prophet, Isaiah, that he never forgot. (See Isaiah 2:10-22; 37:16, 40:12-26; 57:15). The vision that made such an impact on ...read more

  • The God Burners

    Contributed by Ajai Prakash on Jun 3, 2010
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    All vain-glory, ambition, ignorance, and pride, would be done away by one view of Christ in his glory. This awful vision of the Divine Majesty overwhelmed the prophet with a sense of his own vileness. We are undone if there is not a Mediator between us an

    Opening illustration: Story of a passionate British underground evangelist in Salalah, Oman. Introduction: In this figurative vision, the temple is thrown open to view, even to the most holy place. The prophet, standing outside the temple, sees the Divine Presence seated on the mercy-seat, ...read more

  • Holy Hurricane

    Contributed by Tony Grant on Oct 24, 2005
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    On a "windy" day in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit blew through the lives of the apostles and "electrified" them for Christian Service.

    Holy Hurricane May 15, 2005 Acts 2:1-6 2382 words 1 When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. 2 And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. 3 Divided tongues, as of ...read more

  • The Heart Of Worship

    Contributed by Anthony Zibolski on Sep 4, 2018

    The heart of worship is not an event, it is a relationship with God. At the heart of worship God can change our lives.

    The heart of Worship Revelation chapter 4:8-10 Introduction- As we go to God’s Word this morning, I have been praying that God would get a hold of our hearts. I am not wanting to pray a generic prayer like teaching a young child a prayer before a meal. I am praying that we have an encounter ...read more

  • His Hair Began To Grow Again

    Contributed by John Gaston on Jan 11, 2016

    Samson was a type of the believer. He was 1). A Man Moved by the Spirit, 2). A Man who lost touch with God, and 3). A Man whose walk with God (hair) was Restored.

    HIS HAIR BEGAN TO GROW AGAIN Jdg. 13,14,15,16 INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR 1. The longest recorded hair belonged to a monk in a monastery in India. His hair in 1949 was 26 feet long. The longest beard belongs to a man in Norway, measuring 17 ½ feet long. The longest beard of a bearded lady, Janice ...read more

  • The Doctrine Of Angels #2 Series

    Contributed by Rusty Tardo on May 23, 2009
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    An essential study for all who preach the Word of God. It is vitally important to have a Biblical understanding of the unseen world around us

    ANGELOLOGY The Doctrine of Angels #2 The Nature of Angels #2 Dr. Russell K. Tardo This study of the Doctrine of Angels, will cover not only the holy angels, but also unholy angels, i.e., the demons and the devil, all spiritual beings. There exists a spiritual world, the spiritual ...read more

  • Challenge By Fire

    Contributed by Daniel Olukoya on May 9, 2011
    based on 20 ratings

    The Almighty God has many names that people use from time to time to adore, admire, worship and praise Him. However, God Himself has names by which He wants to be called. Many men of God had one form of description or the other of God in the Bible.

    The Almighty God has many names that people use from time to time to adore, admire, worship and praise Him. However, God Himself has names by which He wants to be called. Many men of God had one form of description or the other of God in the Bible. The Bible also tells us that there are many gods ...read more