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  • The Power Of God's Love

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Oct 24, 2019

    As we continue to look at Ephesians, we look at the power of God's love.

  • Stronger Together

    Contributed by Pedro Trinidad on Oct 14, 2019

    My knowledge is limited in the area of trees, but I did I little bit of reading into the root system of trees. Why the roots? Because I wanted to know how is it that trees grow, how they are fed, and what allows a tree to remain healthy in order to compare it to the Christian life.

  • My Neighbor (And Me) Series

    Contributed by Perry Greene on Sep 30, 2019

    What things does God want for my neighbor (and me)?

    1. Review Prayer Conference with Daniel Henderson a. 20-25% of congregation attended b. Impacted by learning about prayer c. The Month of October : PraYukon and Beyond [] 2. Paul’s Prayer – Ephesians 3:14-19 14 For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, 15 from whom every more

  • Family Comes From The Heart Of God

    Contributed by Stephen Aram on Aug 31, 2019

    It can be hard to understand what God is like, but Genesis tells us that we are created in God's image and we know that God is love. When we love our families and others, we experience something important of what God is like.

    Open your bulletins and look at the two Bible verses at the top of our worship liturgy for today, in the box that says, “Words to Ponder.” We have all heard those two verses many times before, but I want to be sure you understand some amazing things in them this morning. Could we read them more

  • Holy Tornado, Batman Series

    Contributed by Donald Mcculley on Jun 10, 2019

    While our past is history and our future is a mystery, let me show you, from this text, three things God, in His mighty power, desires for our church.

    Holy Tornado, Batman! Ephesians 3:14-21 Introduction: Robin always had a way with words, didn’t he? This message has nothing to do with Batman or Robin. It does have to do with “power” (tornadic power). Three times in this passage you will find the word “power”. If you have access to power more

  • The Abc's Of Prayer Series

    Contributed by Donald Mcculley on Jun 10, 2019

    Paul offers some valuable insights into the area of prayer.

  • The Challenge - The Potential Series

    Contributed by Donald Mcculley on Jun 10, 2019

    How about a sermon for the New Year or new church year. There is before us a challenge, an opportunity, an open door. Are we up to the task?

  • Core Value 6 - Praying And Worshipping Series

    Contributed by Allan Quak on Mar 21, 2019

    This sermon uses Ephesians 3:14-21 to give biblical teaching on the NEC core value of Praying And Worshipping where we seek “To rely on the power of God by being a community which glorifies God in all that we do.”

    You can listen to the full sermon here:- Note that I preached on our Core Values in 2010 - four of the six messages were very different to what was preached then, but this one is very similar. As such I have removed the older sermon and just updated it. more

  • Maximize Your Spiritual Riches Series

    Contributed by Shawn Drake on Mar 13, 2019

    This is the 10th sermon in the "Accounting" series from the Book of Ephesians.

    Series: Accounting [#10] MAXIMIZE YOUR SPIRITUAL RICHES Ephesians 3:14-21 Introduction: Having 6 kids, 3 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law, and 1 grandchild changes your perspective on things. Every single one of them is completely different than the others, (including the twins). As I watch them more

  • Fullness Of God's Love

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Mar 9, 2019

    We need to recognize the power of God's love and how He desires to love us.

    Fullness of God’s Love Ephesians 3:14-21 March 3, 2019 What kind of a Christ follower are you? How’s that for a loaded first question? In all sincerity, if you are a Christ follower, do people know that? Do they know it from the way you live your life? Do they know it from the words you speak? more

  • Rooted In God's Love

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Feb 22, 2019

    Continuing to look are our call to accept the Spirit of God in our heart, which changes who we are called to be.

    Rooted in God’s Love Ephesians 3:14-21 February 24, 2019 I don’t usual give homework assignments . . . but last week I did. My hope after last week’s message was that each of us would take time to allow God’s Spirit to fill our spirit. We would seek to draw closer to Him as we passionately more

  • Rooted In God's Love

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Feb 18, 2019

    We need to recognize the power of God's love for us, which should compel us to passionately serve Him. part 1 of 2

    Rooted in God’s Love Ephesians 3:14-21 February 24, 2019 Has your mind ever wandered? I would assume for most of you at some point, maybe it’s already started - - - your mind will wander during this message. I don’t want to plant any wandering seeds, but it happens, doesn’t it? You’re in a more

  • 8. The Fall Of Man Series

    Contributed by Gary Regazzoli on Nov 2, 2018
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    Created with self-determining freedom

    [IN GOD’S IMAGE 8 – THE FALL OF MAN] This message is part of a series of 90 sermons based on the title, “In God’s Image – God’s Purpose for humanity.” This series of free sermons or the equivalent free book format is designed to take the reader through an amazing process beginning with God in more

  • The Holy Spirit Of Witness And Division Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Oct 21, 2018

    The Spirit empowers, but the Spirit also divides. Because the Holy Spirit causes us to change our lives, and to summon our family and friends to the Christian way of life, conflict often emerges in relationships.

    Thursday of the 29th Week in Course 2018 The phrase, “fire that Our Lord came to cast down upon the earth” is reminiscent of an encounter Jesus had in his earthly life with James and John, sons of Zebedee. Some town had refused hospitality to Jesus and the disciples, so those two asked Jesus for more

  • The Call To Worship God In Spirit And Truth

    Contributed by Dr. Craig Nelson on Oct 5, 2018
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    An insightful look and the reason for Worship and its Benefits to the Believer

    “Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father. You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews. But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will more