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  • Les Routes De Foi

    Contributed by Patrick Berthalon on May 30, 2011

    Some exemples of faith in Hebrews 11

    LES ROUTES DE LA FOI. Hébreux 11. 4-7  Nous avons tous notre idée sur ce qu’est une « vie de foi. » Nous prenons comme modèle Abraham, Moïse, David, Paul et, bien sûr, Jésus. Mais en nous focalisant sur tel exemple, nous risquons d’appauvrir notre perception de la foi. more

  • On The Profit Of Believing

    Contributed by Augustine Of Hippo on Jun 1, 2011

    A classic sermon by St. Augustine.

    1. If, Honoratus, a heretic, and a man trusting heretics seemed to me one and the same, I should judge it my duty to remain silent both in tongue and pen in this matter. But now, whereas there is a very great difference between these two: forasmuch as he, in my opinion, is an heretic, who, for the more

  • We Walk By Faith Series

    Contributed by Rodney Johnson on Jun 4, 2011
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    This is the introduction to my series "We Walk By Faith". In this message I focus on the confusion concerning faith and how that everyone has some faith operating in their lives.

    We Walk By Faith - Introduction Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:7; Hebrews 11:1; Romans 12:1-3 Introduction: Before I get into the heart of the message, I want to share a story with you that we discussed this past week during bible study that I read recently. “There was a man who tied a more

  • You’ve Got To Have Faith?

    Contributed by Gordon Curley on Jun 4, 2011
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    Are we trusting Jesus? (PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

    SERMON OUTLINE: • Distance (7:24-30) • Deliverance (7:31-37) • Defective faith (8:1-9) SERMON CONTENT: Ill: • Some time ago the ‘Reader’s Digest’ magazine told a story; • About a company who mailed out some special advertising business post cards. • Glued to the postcard was a more

  • Joy In Believing Series

    Contributed by Gary Stebbins on Jun 7, 2011

    During this series we will be looking at Paul’s letter to the Philippian church. Paul founded the church at Philippi and wrote the letter during a time of imprisonment in Rome. One of the themes in the book is joy. (some thoughts taken from a series by Cr

    Philippians Pt5- Joy in Believing Study of Philippians- letter- meant to convey life. Last week looked at v2.16- Word of Life- Jn 5:26 (NASB) “For just as the Father has life in Himself, even so He gave to the Son also to have life in Himself; We were created to drink of this same more

  • We Walk By Faith Part 2 Series

    Contributed by Rodney Johnson on Jun 11, 2011
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    Part two of the series focuses on how we develop a belief that leads to faith.

    We Walk By Faith ¡V Part 2 Developing A Belief Scriptures: John 20:24-29; Matthew 24:23-25 Introduction: In the introduction to this series last week I shared with you that faith is an unquestioning belief; complete trust or confidence. By definition faith can only exist where more

  • Missing Jesus Series

    Contributed by Ryan Daffron on Jun 13, 2011

    Every church can experience the fullness of Jesus by avoiding the ATTITUDES of those in Nazareth. For a video of the sermon -

    Intro: ATTITUDES about life really impact a great degree in which we experience life – The control on a plane that keeps the plane on track is called “attitude”. ILUSS: It is crazy how we all can have different attitudes about the same thing – it is what makes us unique more

  • You’re No Wimp

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on Jun 20, 2011

    You’re No Wimp 1) God the Father has infused you with a spirit of power 2) God the Son has made you indestructible 3) God the Holy Spirit is your personal bodyguard

    Do you know who this man is? (Show picture of Hu Jintao.) According to the March 2011 edition of US Forbes magazine, he’s the most powerful person in the world. This is the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, ruler over one-fifth of the world’s population. Jintao has been described by the more

  • The Curious Case Of Nicodemus Series

    Contributed by Chuck Gohn on Jun 23, 2011

    An exposition of Nicodemus’ enounter with Jesus. I opened with an illustration from the movie: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." It was a good tie in because the movie is about a man who was born old, which is on par with the question that Nicodemus

    The Curious Case of Nicodemus How many of you like movies? I like movies, but don’t go to the movies as often as I use to especially since I received a subscription to Netflix a while back. One of the movies I recently rented was called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It is a strange movie more

  • Touching On Jesus

    Contributed by Mark Aarssen on Jun 23, 2011

    Do you need Jesus to pay a house call to someone you love? Or do you yourself find a need to reach out to Jesus and quietly almost secretly put out your hand in the hope that you can just catch the hem of His garments to be healed?

    Touching on Jesus Matthew 9:9 - 9:26 Today’s scripture passage shows us the need we all share – to be touched by God in our time of crisis and also to reach out to Jesus in faith trusting that by touching Him we can be made whole. Jesus sets up this entire chain of events by more

  • Have A Separated Faith ---Like Abraham

    Contributed by Dr.w.samuel Legon on Jun 29, 2011

    Stronger Faith in the Lord

    HAVE A SEPARATED FAITH ---like Abraham Heb.11: 8By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. 9By faith he sojourned in the land of more

  • Faith

    Contributed by Jb Hall on Jul 1, 2011

    This sermon helps you understand what faith looks like operating in one's life.

    Faith Hebrews 11:1 Preached by: JB Hall Introduction: Efforts to explain faith often fall short because it is an intangible that cannot be experienced with the natural senses, or felt in your spirit. It is in essence, the heart’s work toward the promises of God, and toward the more

  • The Lamp Of Life

    Contributed by Jason Bonnicksen on Jul 11, 2011
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    God gives to us to light the path beneath our feet.

    INTRO Let me ask you a couple of silly questions. Have you ever walked down a darkened hallway in the middle of the night, and then stubbed your toe, or bumped into a wall or something else? How about this one: have you ever walked outside at night without the use of artificial light and more

  • The Shield Of Faith Series

    Contributed by James Parker on Jul 14, 2011

    This week we will look at the first piece of armour we are directed to take, the shield of faith. Let’s read through are scripture again and pick up the next piece at verse 16...

    The Whole Armour of God Ephesians 6:10-18 The Shield of Faith As you know we are looking at this scripture in Ephesians 6, that tells us of the whole armour of God. We started severaal weeks ago talking about this preparing us for battle. We saw that just as a soldier is prepared, so must we more

  • “a Way In A Manger”

    Contributed by Timothy Proctor Sr. D. Min on Jul 14, 2011
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    God is still a "A Way Maker", He still a "Make Away" and He's still the Way, the Truth and the Light, to all things!

    “A Way In A Manger” Luke 2:8-20 Intro. This month more than a billion people will celebrate Christmas. Amid candlelight, carols and the smells of cedar and incense, the old story will unfold again: Gabriel’s visitations, the journey to Bethlehem, the arrival of the more